Your Mind is a Garden That Needs Constant Weeding


Your Mind is a Garden

Your Thoughts are the Seeds

You can grow Flowers

Or you can grow Weeds

If you can remember this little poem every time you have a situation where you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, you can train yourself to pull that weed immediately.

As we journey through life and our business, we all know that our life is made up of thoughts, that in turn cause us to take a certain action.

We also know that as thoughts will cross our minds, some will be good and nourishing to our soul and others will be bad and cause us to sabotage the things in life we are trying to accomplish.

It’s a know fact that what you think about and dwell on will manifest it’s result.

So if you are thinking bad and negative thoughts like…

  • There’s no money to pay the bills
  • I’m always broke
  • I’m always sick
  • I have no friends
  • Doors of opportunity never knock
  • this business is so dang hard
  • I can’t lose weight

Well, guess what?  This is how your life will look.  These are WEEDS.

You want to keep your garden in beautiful and weedless condition.  You want to water it, fertilize it, and keep the non-serving bugs away.

As you build your business, the weeds that will pop up will look like this

  • Nobody cares about what I have to say
  • I can’t generate leads
  • I don’t have a direction
  • I can’t figure stuff out
  • I’m stuck
  • It’s too hard
  • There’s nobody to talk to for help
  • Technology sucks

Truth is, this is only true for YOU.  And the good news is YOU can change the TRUTH anytime you want.  Take this same list, pluck those weeds and fertilize your soil (your mind) with this life giving water:

  • People are grateful to me because I shared my message
  • I generate leads easily and plentifully
  • I always have a plan of action
  • I can figure stuff out because I’m resourceful and I enjoy it
  • I always get off of stuck and on my way quickly
  • It’s easy
  • Technology gives me the freedom I seek for an online business.



Here’s what to do with this new list now.

1. These are affirmations you want to say to yourself everyday.  Refuse to listen to the negative aspects of your thoughts.  Pull those weeds immediately and replace them with the above.

2. Take responsibility for moving your business ahead.  This means you are connected to groups (typically on Facebook) where you can get to know others and make friends in the business.

3. Create a plan of action for your business.  How many hours each day/week are you committed to building your business?  What method of advertising will you use?  Work your plan.

4. When you run into a snag, go to your support group on Facebook and ask your questions.  Most of the time you’ll get an answer.

5. Utilize Google for asking questions.  It’s amazing the help on there!  Reach out to YouTube, Facebook, your company, your manuals, your training platforms and if necessary, a one on one coach for a half hour.  This will help you get off stuck and prove to yourself that you are an independent entrepreneur and can be resourceful.

6. Everything seems hard when you don’t know how to do it.  Riding a bike, driving a car, making lasagna, playing the piano, painting, woodworking, and marketing your business.  Once you learn it, it’s now easy.  Simple as that.

7. Technology is what’s allowing you to have home based business options that will give you the freedom in your life you desire.  Embrace it, love it, appreciate it.  Don’t repel it.

I hope I’ve given you some things to think about today.  Come up with a strategy that you will use anytime negative thoughts about quitting, not being good enough, being too old or too young, or not being smart enough, or worried about what others will think of you, and so forth.

You deserve your dreams.  Set your goals and create your plan of action.  Work your plan and course correct along the way.

I believe in you!





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