Your Financial Situation Won’t Change Until You’ve Had Enough

When you get really tired of being “sick and tired” that’s when things begin to shift and change for you.

It’s a matter of you, and only you, making that simple decision that things have to change or continue the way they have been.

When you’ve had . . .

*  Enough alarm clocks
*  Enough “not having enough”
*  Enough of going to the mailbox only find bad news
*  Enough people telling you what to do and when to do it
*  Enough of “settling” because you can’t afford to do anything else
*  Enough of not being able to give to worthwhile causes
*  Enough of having to tell your kids “we can’t, no money”
*  Enough of someone else raising your kids cuz you’re working

. . . then you need to make some decisions for yourself.




Continue to do what you’re doing and get the same results.  Learn to be content and happy with that.

OR . . .

Make a decision to do something different and have more, be more, do more, give more, live a life of


Continue to let other people dictate how you’re going to live, when and where you can vacation, if you can have sick days off of work, whether you can attend your child’s awards party at school, coach that little league team, what kind of car you drive, what kind of home you live in, what your retirement account will look like, and basically how you live your daily life.  (Those “others” that I’m talking about who do that are called employers.)

OR . . .

Make a decision that you’re the one who controls your destiny.  You have total power over that. Many people can’t make a decision to change.  They complain about everything and then some, but they continue to do
the same thing, hang with the same people, go to the same job they hate, fight the same traffic they hate, have the same daily routine that brings no fulfillment, and so on.

If you just keep having the same ole’ pitty party rather than taking steps to move forward, you’ll always find someone to party with ya.

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