You Have So Much Value!

Let me ask you ….

Do you ever have thoughts and feelings that sound something like this?….

"I have nothing to offer people."
"I don't know anything to share."
"I have no value, so why bother."

If you do, I'd be willing to bet you get down on yourself, maybe find yourself depressed, perhaps you even feel like giving up. 

I've seen this time and time again and in fact, I was just talking with someone yesterday who's been involved with a network marketing home based business for almost a year yet can't seem to gain momentum.  And the longer she's in, the harder she tries and the more burned out and frustrated she's becoming.

Additionally, she was overcome with feelings of unworthiness when comparing herself to other leaders in the industry.  And I probably don't need to tell you that this thinking leads to low self-esteem.  And, an individual with a low self-esteem can function in business.  When you get to this point, you really need to stop and regroup as it takes making some deliberate decisions to be, do and act differently. 

If you feel this way, I have fabulous news for you.  By the end of this blog, you will be in a position to shift how you think and feel and start pulling yourself together, picking yourself up and moving fast forward.

I remember back in the fall of 2007 after 8 months of zero results, I felt that same way.  So I'm speaking from experience and I assure you, I understand the pain and feelings like you're inadequate.

Here are 7 positive steps you can take to empower yourself to turn your low mojo around and get back to your spunky, confident self.

Step 1:  Stop comparing yourself to others.

The journey that you're on is one that leads to success and you'll get there in your own time and in your own fabulous way.  You've got to give yourself permission to learn at your speed, do what you can, be the best you can be and never try to be anyone but yourself. 

In fact, this is part of your branding.  You being you is what makes you different from the rest.  And you know what?  People will love you for who you are and how you are and what you have to offer.  People want to do business with people who are real and much like themselves.  So be yourself, be your best, love yourself and you'll find others are attracted to who you are being in the moment.  Here's an article I wrote with helpful steps to stop comparing yourself to others.

Step 2:  Make a list of affirmations.

Affirm to yourself out loud, positive statements about who you are and where you are going.  Commit to saying these daily.  Affirmations such as…

  • "I am worthy and deserve my dreams"
  • "I am the leader people are looking for"
  • "I have a lot to offer people and am gaining more and more value everyday"

Come up with at least a dozen positive affirmations, one's that your subconscious cannot refute.  Do not say anything that is not true.  For example if you have not had success yet, then don't affirm, "I have success".  Rather, say the truth… "I am in the process of being successful".

Step 3:  Change your mind. 

Jeffrey Combs, one of my mentors, says any time you want, you can change how you feel and what you believe.  You are in total control of those things.  If you have non-serving thoughts and beliefs, simply decide to change those. 

So, change your mind.  Decide in favor of YOU.  Do it right now.

You will also want to have a deliberate plan of action if you find yourself thinking old non-serving thoughts.  Remember, your thoughts are your reality.  A helpful article I wrote awhile back talks about pattern interruption.  You may want to read that.

Step 4:  Remind yourself God has a journey and purpose for your life and He says you're valuable

Scriptures tell us that we were knit together in our mother's womb by God and we are wonderfully made.  You were not created without value and to be powerless against a poverty mindset.   

Additionally, I firmly believe God does not give us the desire to succeed, to want more for our families and our life, and plants in us a seed of entrepreneurship without also giving us doors of opportunities and the ability to learn to persevere and commit to our dreams. 

Step 5Make a list of your value.

In terms of adding value to the lives of others, you can begin that journey today.  It's really simple. 

Make a list of things you have learned as you've begun establishing the foundations of your business.  Share your experiences, your stories, your failures and successes, regardless of how small and insignificant they seem.  They will be appreciated by those who are just now considering a business.  They will need your input. 

Share your content by way of blogging, videos and emailing your list who are most likely also looking for any help you can give.

You can also share how you use various tools and resources that you find beneficial in your business and why someone may want to consider owning that as well.  Be sure and provide your affiliate links to them so your readers can check them out.

You can share personal development topics that reflect your journey and how you've grown.  Many times as much as we tell people to reach out and grab a book or audio or course on how to better themselves, they don't do it.  Perhaps it will be something you say that will capture their attention and change their life.

Share any marketing skills you've learned.

When you watch a training or see a movie or read a book or blogs, create a piece of content about what you learned and how it applies to your business.

Step 6:  Be available to others who are a step behind you.

This is truly valuable.  People want to connect with people, not gurus who are so successful that they don't have time or desire to take their calls. 

Step 7:  Take an inventory of your products and services.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about any aspect of these, you will self-sabotage and not realize that's exactly where the root of the problem lies. 

Be aware that your lack of success may not be you as much as you think it is.  It may be your product and your subconscious and integrity won't allow you to succeed because deep down, you feel your product does not deliver in some capacity.   Perhaps you weren't expecting this to be on the list but it's definitely been the nasty culprit for many.


If you put into practice these things, you can and will turn your situation around.   These are the steps that I took and it made all the difference in the world, almost immediately. 

For me, I had to improve each step, including #7.  I had a product I was not able to believe in.  Once I aligned myself with the right product, you can't imagine how much easier the rest of the steps came and I watched my business flourish.  I look forward to hearing your success story!

As Mark Victor Hansen says… "Suck it up and decide in favor of yourself!"

Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.


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