You Are Paid Big Bucks By Becoming An Overcomer


You Are Paid Big Bucks

By Becoming An Overcomer


As you start your home based business, you don’t know what you don’t know if you’ve never done it before.  Agree?

As well as, if you have tried it before and failed, you don’t know what you don’t know.  Agree?

There was something missing that you didn’t know.

Makes sense, yes?  Common sense says YES.

You want to acknowledge that when you embark on a home business journey.  You’ve got to learn some things and be prepared to get “stuck” on some things as you move through to your success.

I believe you’re smart enough to know that!

You’ll be working your butt off and no doubt run into snags you have to figure out.

I believe you’re smart enough to know that too!

challengesHeck, I just ran into a snag and it took a minute to figure out the solution and I’ve been in the business and messing around with domains since 2007!

Being in business is a never ending changing and learning journey.  But the pay is your dreams!

Things change.

Technology advances.

Old school marketing changes.

Where people hangout changes (people are your clients)

But I my snag case from yesterday, I stayed focused and determined to find the answer to this problem I was having and now seeing the answer, it’s laughable.  It usually is.

I’ve posted a video for you below to see what my challenge was and the “how to” to do what I was trying to figure out. You won’t believe how SIMPLE it is to do what I was “stuck” on.

How many times have thought something was hard only to find out it’s super easy and want to just slap yourself?

Your home business will be like that too.

And here’s the thing, I can now help others on this very thing so they don’t have to go through the problem solving for this particular matter.


Example of My Challenge


What I was trying to do is called domain mapping.

One of the blogging platforms I use to promote my “No Boss Lifestyle” brand is the Empower Network platform.  With that platform, I have 10 blogs I can create.

And each blog will have it’s own affiliate link URL… but these URL’s are ugly.

For example…

Your first blog URL will be (yourusername)

So mine is

Well, when you do a little simple 2 step gig with your hosting company, you can dress it up and turn it into another address….

You simply “forward your domain” and add “CNAMES” which Empower Network gives you … you get a brand new domain (web) address.

I turned my first one into because I teach people how to live the “No Boss” Lifestyle.

If you look at the URL, it’s really my domain but you can’t see that.  You can only see the nobosslifestyle.

This little change deal  is called domain mapping.  


So yesterday, I wanted to add ANOTHER blog and domain map it to my Empower Network blog platform.  So this would be number 2.  I bought the name and I want to use it to put training on it.

I assumed it was the same directions that I used for the first one so naturally, I did the same thing that I did for… for my new domain…….

… but guess what?

It didn’t work!

I got this ugly results of a URL that looked like this:

This is the message I got…




Well.. I knew that wasn’t right!

(but it was… I just didn’t know what I didn’t know!…keep reading)



But come to find out, the 2 through 10 blog domain mapping process is a little bit different in that there’s 1 more step to setting up your blog with EN. It’s a super simple, super easy deal.

But raise your hand if you it’s not simple if you don’t know what you know! Right?!

  • I researched it.
  • I googled it.
  • I went through the knowledge base on the Empower Network website.
  • I posted it in the Faebook Group where my team hangs out.

I couldn’t find anything.

So I guessed.

I took action (because it was night time when I did this and support was closed).   I can’t break anything… so I took my best common sense guess.

And it didn’t look right.  But actually, I did the right thing and didn’t know it.

What I didn’t know was where to go and what to do next. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I called Support in the morning and they walked me through the one little super simple step and BAM! Problem solved.

But here’s the thing.

Most people would have just quit.


You can’t quit when you run into snags that help you grow up as an entrepreneur.

If you raise your hand and say…

“I want to have a successful home business… I want to live on the beaches of the world and have this great lifestyle” and then in the next breath say, “I quit, this is too much work. I quit this is too hard.” …

… then you never really made a decision to have what you say you want. PERIOD.


It dawned on me this morning when I woke up to more sales and income in my inbox than most make working 40 hours+ a week…..

  • that I’m paid to overcome snags in my business.
  • I’m paid well for developing a “can do” mindset.
  • I’m paid well for staying in the game no matter what.
  • I’m paid well for NOT placing blame on other people or companies or circumstances.
  • I’m paid well for taking full responsibility for knowledge I learn and implement

And the more snags I overcome, the more knowledge I gain and the more knowledge I gain, the more valuable I become in the marketplace.


Snags Come in all Forms

Snags come in all forms, shapes and sizes. How about these? Ever have a challenge here?

  • time management (finding time to work on your business)
  • mindset (not believing in yourself and lack of confidence)
  • technical (figuring out how to do simply tasks you’ve never done before)
  • being resourceful (not being trained to be resourceful to find the money you need to start your business, or place ads, or to get coaching)

When you become an overcomer, look out world, here you come!


I Challenge You Today

** I challenge you today to get out of your way and what you think you believe about your abilities to succeed if what you’re believing doesn’t serve you.

** I challenge you to step up to the plate and say “toss me the ball and if I miss it, toss it to me again, and again, and again until I hit it.. and not only that, toss it to me until I hit it out of the ballpark because my dreams are worth it!”

** I challenge you today to learn something you don’t know.


You know where I got most of my knowledge from ?

1) Hanging out with those who have what I want.

Hanging out with the 7 and 8 figure earners.

How do I “hang out” with them?


  • I go to live events where they’re at.
  • I read their blogs and articles.
  • I listen to them on calls.
  • I attend seminars
  • I buy their books
  • I buy their study courses
  • I subscribe to Success magazine

I IMPLEMENT and MODEL what they teach/do


2) I search out knowledge.

First, just a foot note: you should never get a point in your life you think you know everything and stop learning.
Second, your value in the marketplace will depend on your knowledge and skillsets.

So learn! Learning is fun and exciting and keeps you on the move your whole life!

If you’re running a business.. you want to learn business stuff, right?

a) How to market
b) How to drive traffic to your website
c) How to convert that traffic to sales
d) How to develop long term great relationships with your leads, prospects, customers
e) How to write compelling ad copy
f) How to use automation so you can be living your life and not tied to your computer and phone all day
… and the list goes on.

I find out what it is that I don’t know… and get the knowledge and I IMPLEMENT and MODEL what successful business owners do.





You are where you’re at in life right now because of your best thinking and the decisions you’ve made.

If you want the big bucks… be an overcomer!

Moving forward, you have two choices.


You have accepted your thinking and the beliefs of what others have said about you and to you.

You are either willing to accept this as being as good as it gets and you keep the status quo.


You are NOT willing to accept this as being as good as it gets and you CHANGE how you’ve always thought, CHANGE the way you’ve made decisions and make a NEW DECISION to go down a different path.

And guess what?

When you do that, you’ll get DIFFERENT RESULTS.

Personally, I believe you deserve to have what you want in life.

I believe you can do anything you decide to do.

I believe you have life experiences that other will benefit from you sharing.

I believe you can inspire others to press through so they can achieve.

I believe you can overcome challenges. You’ve come this far haven’t you?!


My Challenge -

Domain Mapping Video

In your home based business, you want to Learn… Do… Teach.  So here it is.

Here’s the video I’m now teaching to my team.   I whipped this up yesterday and sharing it with my team so they can simply ‘follow along’.

This is not the same action steps you would take if this was your first domain mapping on a main domain.   These include the additional little steps to take if it’s your second domain you’re mapping on a main domain.


Pretty simple huh?

It’s just a matter of knowing what you don’t know…. then you learn it… then you teach it to help others.

Watch my 10 minute little video and ask yourself… “If I followed along exactly as Debbie shows me, can I do this?

Of course you can!

Piece of cake!

Okay my friends…. Get your challenge on!

Decide in favor of yourself and join me in this great adventure of creating the life you love without the boss.

JOIN EMPOWER NETWORK HERE and let’s get you the rest of the getting started steps so you can discover what it is that you don’t know ….

… to change your life and give you a different result.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have a “business idea” day!

internet marketing home based business


PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love all things entrepreneurship AND I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!  


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