You Are Not Your MLM. You Are Your Own Brand.

You Are Not Your MLM (1)

You Are Not Your MLM.  You Are Your Own Brand.

I see it all the time.  People join a home based business and they starting branding that company.

Now, I understand why they do that and truthfully, it’s not their fault for doing so because they just don’t know.  They’re following directions.  The company they are representing and their upline are telling them to do that.

Of course the company wants IT’S name out there!

When I say branding their MLM or network marketing company, I’m talking about their company is front and center rather than THEY are.  You can tell what company they rep for because they…

  • use the logo.
  • use the colors.
  • pack their blog with articles about their company info, products and “make money”.
  • pack their social media accounts with their company info, products and “make money”.
  • Everything is about their company and products rather than their own value as a leader.
  • “Buy my stuff”  “Join me”  is their call to action.

Sounds logical actually, right?  You want the world to know you have a fabulous company, products and opportunity to make money.  This model only works for the niche group who already know about your company and are looking for your specific product or someone to join with.

It doesn’t work so well with someone looking to join a home business who maybe hasn’t made up their mind who or what to go with.  People are watching you.  If you’re out there yelling “buy my stuff and join me”, they are thinking they have to do that too.

And most people don’t want to chase people.  They want people to come to them.

Here’s the problems with that model.

1)  If / When you leave that company for your personal reasons or the company goes out of business or they get hit with compliance issues, you now have what?  A blog that you poured your heart and soul into that you cannot use.  Social media accounts that are now outdated.  Colors that people associate you with that remind them of that company.

2)  More people will repel from you because they don’t want to be pressured or feel like they have to buy if they have a question or are not interested.

3)  If they know your company, they will go Google it and buy online from anyone, they don’t care and they can bypass the “loud” of your screaming your “buy my products and join my team”.

4)  Guess what?  You are REALLY not your MLM.  You are YOU.

  • You don’t make the rules for the company.
  • You don’t even have a say.
  • You don’t own the license to sell the products.
  • You are not the product creator.
  • You are an affiliate.

An affiliate simply get a referral fee when someone buys the product or a signing bonus when someone you refer joins.  Most products offer affiliate programs and you may not even be aware.  Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, lots of big name brands let you refer their products.  That doesn’t mean however, you get a say about how they run the company.

You are a number of things…

  • solutions provider
  • home business entrepreneur
  • CEO of

What do you do?  Well… here’s some ideas…

  • help people get free
  • offer solutions for home based business entrepreneurship

For Product Specific… you help people

  • feel great, look better and live longer (wellness product example)
  • vacation for as little as $398 so they travel more (travel product example)
  • create a new life through personal breakthroughs (personal development example)

See the difference?


You Are Not Your MLM (2)

Now, here’s the easy fix.

1)  Create a blog JUST for your product.  Keep your “yourname . com” separate from “yourproduct .com”

For example, my blog here that you’re reading this article on caters to basic home based business best practices.  It’s generic for anyone to come and learn and not feel pressured to approach me if they have a home based business question because I’m not pushing a specific product.

On this blog I’m branding ME, not any specific product.  I do this to build the “know, like and trust” factor.

The purpose of this blog is to help others who seek success in whatever home business they have, to provide them tools and resources and to cheer them on.

In doing so I make money from those tools and resources and have my name on their mind when they want to change companies or products and they reach out to me to ask me what I’m doing.  It’s a different position from chasing people down.  They come to me.

They also feel comfortable reaching out to me to ask me what business I’m an affiliate for and to partner with me.

I have another blog that is NOTHING BUT my home based business product.  On that blog, visitors can learn about what I offer and why they may want to make a purchase.

I’m sending people to that blog but I’m doing so through product specific social media accounts and email lists where they are looking for what I have or they are looking for a specific type of home based business product, the one I’m offering.

Blog Tip:  When you create your product blog, don’t use your company name in it.  Use an industry kind of name.

So for example, if you’re selling shakes and weight loss, don’t brand your blog to that company.  Brand it to YOU as the expert in health and wellness. Pick a domain name where if the company where to shut down or you changed the products you affiliate for, your blog is still relevant.

“” for this wellness product example.  That will always be relevant even when (not if) the products you sell and recommend change over time.

Another example is travel.  Have a travel blog in general so it’s always relevant regardless of the travel products you sell.

Another example is beauty.  Have a beauty blog in general, again so it’s always relevant regardless of the beauty products you sell.

Make sense?

2) Create separate social media accounts.  Create your personal account, your home based business generic account, and then an account for each product you represent.

You can do this on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,  and Facebook to name a few.  This way you can be very niche specific and reach your ideal target audience.

For example, I have an Instagram and Facebook account for both my generic home based business best practices and help and another for the product I represent.

By having the best of both worlds, people who are actually searching the name of your company and products and can find you.

Those who are not looking for your products because they aren’t interested in that, can find still find you based on generic home based business help, tools and resources you offer.

And, all the work you’ve done on your blogs and social media accounts don’t go to waste when you change companies for whatever reason.

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All the best, All the time my friend…

Much love!

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