Yanik Silver’s Free “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List” E-Book

YS-CYUBLL-NteBook-1One of my internet marketing mentors and adventurepreneurs, Yanik Silver, has an absolute free downloadable book called “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List” and I thought you’d really enjoy having.
Yanik has created a blog called MaverickMBA.com which is going to be completely different than any other site for online marketers because it’ll focus on fun, freedom and financial independence…funded by the Internet.
I wanted to share this with you because I share the core value of what Yanik is sharing AND Yanik is such a giver, I wanted to make sure you were connected to him.  He offers lots of valuable information and can be trusted.  I highly recommend you follow Yanik.
For all you “dreamers” of bigger things in life, you will really appreciate this totally FREE ebook.
CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD.  It won’t be up for long.
When you sign up for Yanik’s free newsletter, he’ll also email you right away… and totally free… two more immediate downloadables.

1)   “34 Rules For Maverick Entrepreneurs”

2)  And here’s a bonus! A special 2-part interview with NY Times best-selling author, Tim Ferriss on “How to Work 4 Hours a Week, Run Your Business on Total Autopilot and Truly Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle”

Let me know how you enjoy it and be sure and leave a comment below.  If you appreciate this post, please retweet and share with everyone.

Enjoy and have a blessed week my friends.

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    Hey Debbie,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this post and especially the free book!  Sounds very interesting and informative and I´ll waste absolutely no time getting it!
    Have an awesome rest of your day,

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