Working Toward Your Lifestyle Dreams


Working Toward Your Lifestyle Goals

Everyone has their own idea of what they consider to be their “Dream Lifestyle“.

Often people relate the term ‘lifestyle’ to someone dressed in name-brand clothes traveling the globe without a care in the world, sailing on yachts with all the toys, flying on private airplanes, getting limos rides and own a line up of expensive luxury vehicles, own 3 or 4 gorgeous custom built homes here and there, vacationing at famous exotic resorts on secluded islands, enjoying fine dining and have millions of dollars flowing into their bank account on a regular basis.  This is their way of life.  It’s what they do.

In reality, for a select few, sure.

What most people want, is a simple, meaningful, free, lifestyle.  They want the joys and rewards of their own “lives by design”.

  • To be full time parents
  • To spend time with grandkids
  • To travel
  • To not have to consult the checkbook if they want to buy something reasonable
  • To own a good car or two
  • To own a home they love in the neighborhood they love.
  • To be able to homeschool or send the kids to private school.
  • To eat healthy.
  • To experience culture.
  • To give to causes they believe in.
  • To be debt free.
  • To have money work for them through passive income streams.

It’s totally possible and I’m really excited to share this article with you.

I’ve created a life by design.  

I wake up when I’m done sleeping, go to bed when I’m tired, and spend the day doing what I want and with whom I want.  I take several vacations a year and give to causes I believe in.

Don’t you think that’s what most people really want?

I want to offer ideas for you to be able to do the same.

More and More, Families Are Planning Lifestyle Living

How Does One Create A Lifestyle?

Unless you have investment properties and other vehicles bring in passive income, you’re at the mercy of a job for your income.

If you want to create a lifestyle, there’s only only solution I know of.  Entrepreneurship.

The way to creating a lifestyle for your family is through home based entrepreneurship.

Those who truly want freedom and lifestyle, it’s there for the taking.

For those who cannot see themselves in business, a debt free and well planned savings and investment program may be the closest thing you have to achieving a little bit of what you’d like to do, but it’s not going to be dream lifestyle.

So What Does Lifestyle Look Like For The Ordinary Family?

Many things.  For Starters, we all have a lifestyle.

The lifestyle most lead today is one of

  • charging on credit cards for stuff they don’t really need
  • borrowing money for newer, slicker cars
  • going further in debt day by day
  • living paycheck to paycheck
  • struggling constantly
  • living at poverty levels
  • wondering what tomorrow will bring
  • stress, sleepless lights and health problems relating to that
  • 30 days away from bankruptcy

That’s a “way of life” for most families.  They make a conscious or subconscious decision to live that way.

Even most professionals and 6 figure earners with college degrees and fabulous credentials live this way.  (By the way, 6 figures a year . . . . well, that doesn’t go very far.  It used to.  But today, it doesn’t and the “new rich” is looking for 7 figures a year.  They are the younger generation and they’re reaching it in relative short periods of time.  They recognize that going into debt for a career they don’t want is not the right path for them.  So they opt for entrepreneurship instead.

Since the economy has gone to pot, there’s been a huge influx of people who have answered the wake up call.   They have been hit with a brick on the head and realize they need to get a handle on their finances or end up on homeless row.

While some families continue to live in denial and are going through the motions in a numb, ‘sweep it under the carpet’ attitude, others genuinely desire a different life and to discover a new way to do things.

They want security and freedom to choose how they spend their time.

They’re looking at all their options and entrepreneurship keeps coming up as the only solution.  I’ll show you below as we brainstorm ideas.

I’ve talked to many individuals who have been laid off and now that they have time on their hands.  They can see what a slave they’ve been to their jobs.

They’ve lost their sense of family, vacations, sleeping in, hobbies, and spending time doing things they enjoy.

Their lives had revolved around trading time for money and paying monthly bills.  It’s like their purpose in life was to work and pay bills, work and pay bills, work and pay bills.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, like zombies.

As these individuals nurture the inner entrepreneur within themselves, they are planning for their future in ways they never have before and have described their “dream lifestyle” in various ways.

They don’t want to go back to work.  And if they are working, they want to come home and gain freedom and financial security.

And, at this point in time, they recognize that becoming a skilled entrepreneur is the way to do that.

For some, it means they are debt free and don’t need to consult their bank accounts if they wish to eat out, buy clothes, take a trip, give to charities, etc.

For others, it may mean that Mom and Dad are both home full time which allows them to be fully engaged in their children’s activities.

It means that hobbies are pursued with a passion.

It means that relationships are good because nobody is fighting about money.

It means there are no more alarm clocks, rushing around in the morning to get ready for work, exchanging time for money, fighting traffic twice a day and coming home exhausted.

Every family has their own idea of dream lifestyle.

Plan Concept

Creating a Plan of Action Toward Your Lifestyle

Planning and taking action on that plan is key.

If lifestyle is truly what you desire, it takes commitment, resolve and planning, and simply doing whatever it takes.

Keep in mind I’m not a financial planner or adviser and you should consult with your professional counselors to discover what’s best for you. Do not take this as legal advise, but rather the use of common sense. 

Here’s some tips to help you get started:

1)  Take an Inventory

Start with assessing your current income/outgo. Make a list of every penny that goes out.  You may be very surprised at the size of the hole in your boat.

2)  Stop Spending Unecessary Money

Reduce your spending to just your “must” pay items. Here’s some examples to help you with a reality check.

Examples of “must pays”

*  rent/mortgage
*  loan installments
*  credit card payments
*  insurance
*  food, gas, necessary phone & utilities

Examples of “wants” to do away with, at least until you’ve reached your budget goals for getting out of debt and putting together a savings plan.

* eating out
* regular entertainment (find free stuff to do and spend time with family)
* dry cleaning that’s really not necessary for “dry cleaning”
* maid service
* lawn service
* nail manicures and pedicures
* buying clothes and stuff because it’s on sale
* extra phone and “add ons”
* Movie and TV other than basic
* Magazine subscriptions, newspapers, etc.  (Go online)
* Stopping at Starbucks™ on the way to and from work

If you actually tally what you spend in these areas, you may find you can free up a bunch of cash right here.  If for example, you stop every morning on your way to work for a Starbucks™ Latte’ for $4, that’s $80 a month!  Instead, treat yourself to the DIY so you’re not going without, but you’re saving a lot of money.

Let’s look at some very common spending habits with two working individuals, working 5 days a week, eating out 12 times a month during weeknights plus weekend entertainment.

This Is Spending Per Month

$160 – Morning Starbucks ($4 x 2 people x 20 work days)
$400 – Lunch ($10 x 2 people x 20 work days)
$120 – Afternoon soda/coffee/snack ($3 x 2 people x 20 work days)
$200 – Weekend entertainment ($50 x 4 weekends)
$240 – Eating out dinner weeknights ($10 x 2 people x 3 times a week)
$200 – Stuff that doesn’t matter or you don’t need
$1320  saved, just being aware of the spending.  This can be much higher for a family of 3 or more.

Pack your lunch, make our own coffee, opt for free entertainment and stop buying stuff.

3)  Pay off credit card debt.

Begin chipping away at your credit cards and putting 10% of your earnings into a savings account so if an emergency pops up, you can be a cash payer rather than charging more on your credit cards.

What kind of a dent can you make in getting out of debt when adding the wasteful spending toward your goal of living a lifestyle?

When adding an additional $1,320 a month toward debt reduction, you can start seeing a difference you can feel good about fairly quickly. There’s nothing like choosing between dinner and a movie or paying off a credit card.  It’s a great feeling to be out from financial obligations!  There’s freedom in that!  There’s empowerment in that!

4)  Re-assess your situation after you’ve cut out the wasteful spending and paid a few bills off.

Add up your monthly expenses now and compare that to your income.  Here’s what’s amazing.  Most people find that they can now manage their outgo very comfortably and have excess they are putting into savings.  Having extra money doesn’t mean you go out and buy more “stuff”.  It means you’re getting a handle on finances and your goals toward living life on your terms.  You are more and more, having options instead of your back against the wall day in and day out.

5)  Put enough into savings that you have 8 months in reserve.

 This is your emergency money and should not be touched unless it’s truly an emergency, and then replace it as soon as possible.

In my situation, once all the credits cards were paid and I had 8 months in reserve, I started sleeping better.  There’s such peace in that!


Options for Creating Additional Income

Now that you’re on your way to a better lifestyle, let’s look at some options for creating additional income.

1) Ask your boss for a significant raise.

It’s not likely in this economy, but I won’t say that’s not an option.

The underlying problems are two fold:

a)  No guarantees of long term employment as your company may out of business or your boss may find you dispensable.

b)  If time freedom is a part of your lifestyle desires, you don’t have it with this option.

c)  I doubt that whatever you gain in a raise will not give you the dream lifestyle you seek.

2) Get a second job.

This isn’t really a viable solution lifestyle creation for several reasons.

a)  The amount of money you would make working a second job is at the sacrifice and detriment to your family.  Your spouse and kids need you.

b)  By taking a second job, you’re not getting the R&R you need to be healthy.

c)  You’re working more hours, not less.  This is probably not part of your dream lifestyle plan.

d)  I doubt the income you generate from a second job will not give you the dream lifestyle you seek.

3) Go back to college for additional education or new degree

So, unless your dream lifestyle is to be a doctor or teacher or work in a career that requires a degree, this would not be a solution.

a)  How much time & money is this going to cost?

b) What’s the return on that investment?

c)  Are you guaranteed job placement and income?  If so, how many years will it take to replay the loans before you can begin to keep money that you went to school to make?

d)  If time freedom is a part of your lifestyle desires, you don’t have it with this option.

e)  Working for someone else will never give you the uncapped income and freedom you want.

4) Start your own business – brick and mortar or franchise

My guess is if you were a brick and mortar person, you would not be reading this.  You’d already be doing that.

a)  The costs of a brick and mortar / franchise is a pretty hefty price tag.  $25,000 – $2 million +.  Most people I know don’t have the credit score and business plan or drive and commitment to make this happen.

b)  Even if you had the money, unless you are dead serious about success, understand that you will live and breathe your business around the clock.  This does not provide the time freedom that’s probably a part of your dream lifestyle, but I could be wrong.

c)  Demanding of your time and financial resources.  You have to get up and be in the shop.  You have employees, store displays, insurance, cleaning, inventory, rent, and about 30 other things.

5) Start your own business from home

When considering all the other options, if it’s a dream lifestyle you want… time freedom and financial freedom (however you define that), this may be your ONLY solution.

a)  The average person can start a home based business through network marketing for about $3,000 – $5,000.  Start up can be less, in fact, for as little as $250/$300, however, with this low start up, you are not positioning yourself for bigger commissions and earning potentials.

b)  With this model, there are tools, and programs and products to buy so a good start up figure for the serious entrepreneur would be about the estimated $3K – $5K on average.  Once the initial costs are paid, you are looking at roughly $200-$350 a month in recurring business costs.

c)  Network marketing / MLM / Direct sales is the best way to go.  Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump talks about this.

d)  The average person who makes no excuses and is serious about starting a business, can find this money to get started.

e)  The key to success in this model is using attraction marketing and self branding.   People buy people, not companies and products.

I have written an article about taking your passions and turning them into income which you may find helpful as well.

But again, for lifestyle living, you really need to find an income source that’s residual, meaning it comes in every month and it needs to have a leveraged component to it, meaning, you make money off the efforts of others.

A Look At Entrepreneurship – Serving The World

Unless it’s something you are truly not interested in, home based entrepreneurship can give you the lifestyle you want. With your finances and spending under control, you now have the ability to focus on new ideas and directions for creating wealth.

Entrepreneurship through network marketing is often a misunderstood industry  for several reasons.  I’ll name a few here:

** Ads claiming to have magic pie-in-the-sky and get rich promises.
** Automated systems that claim to do all the work for you so you don’t have to
** Bad decision making when choosing businesses in the first place
** Not getting the education for how to market your business and then cry scam
** Not choosing a business with a commission structure to support your goals
** Not considering the demand for your product
** Not have the resolve and commitment to grow as a person and entrepreneur
** Not doing personal development to teach you how to be an entrepreneur

Let me ask you this.

Would you go to your bank  and ask for a business loan without having a business plan?

First of all, they will kick you in the hind end out the door and tell you to come back when you’re serious.

Secondly, no, you would not do that.  You would say that’s totally irresponsible and down right silly.

Why do you think going into business from home is any different?

If you come into a network marketing home based business endeavor with no money and no expectations, you will get the same results as the guy who wants the business loan.

However, if you have the right ingredients, you’re life can radically change.  It’s very exciting!

Here’s the expectations:

1)  Be willing to learn, leave your ego at the door.

2)  Be willing to teach others what you learn.  Be a servant leader.

3)  Be yourself.  Be authentic.  People want to do business with real people.

4)  Make sure your network marketing business offers the various commissions structures of low, medium and high ticket plus a monthly residual.  This is key to lifestyle living.

5)  Be willing to change your mindset and beliefs about what’s possible for you.  This is called personal development.  It’s key that you overcome any hangups about what you can and can’t do and beliefs about having money and making money and lots of other things that will cause you to self-sabotage.

You’ll overcome these by reading every day, listening to audio every day and if needed, getting personal coaching to help you.

6)  Show up for your business.  You have to work.

7)  Adopt the “Failure is not an option” attitude.

So, evaluate your mindset, your commitment level, your desire to learn about business and what it takes and be willing to do it, no matter what.  If you can do that, read on.  Otherwise, review your options above and I wish you well in your job.

Then take the next step.

How to choose your domain name

Branding YOU, Inc.

Keep in mind that network marketing opportunities and traditional home based business put you in a position of “affiliate” or “salesman” or “representative” or “distributor”.  You do not own your own business, you just have the rights to market their product and services and receive commissions in exchange for that.

For this reason, it will be important to set up your business to brand YOU, Inc.

You are your business and your leads, your prospects and customers, they are your assets.  Companies will come and go but you will always be YOU.

In network marketing, you are really being a Solutions Provider.

Meaning, you have solutions for those seeking a home business opportunity.

You have your primary opportunity but you also tools, resources and training platforms to help them.

The fastest and easiest way to build your network marketing business is to set up a blog, create your social media profiles, and lead your brand with value.  There’s are millions of people every year going to the search engines and typing in “how to make money online”.  People are starving for information.  So give it to them.

As you start to learn how to build a business, you turn around a teach what you’re learning.  Post the ‘how to’ on your blog and give it away freely.  This makes you attractive to others who are seeking information.

Because you have been helpful, they will likely want to join you in your network marketing business.

Then you teach them how to do the same things.  This process by the way is called attraction marketing.  You can see what an attraction marketing system looks like here.

Multiple Streams Of Income

You will create multiple streams of income by doing this and should one of the streams of income go out of business, or there’s a change in policy and procedures you cannot agree with, pay plan, etc, and you want out, you are not left back at square one without any income.  You have other income coming in.

There are many opportunities to choose from.

There’s everything from cleaning supplies, to health and nutrition, to beauty, to legal services, to travel club memberships, to personal development courses, to phone services, to shopping malls . . .  everything.

A couple things to consider:

1) Make sure the company is reputable.
2) Make sure your sponsor is serious about business
3) Make sure the demand for product is there
4) Make sure the pay structure meets your dream lifestyle goals
5) Make sure your belief in the product is there
6) Make sure you read the policies and procedures and can live by them
7) Make sure you have a direction on how to market
8) Again, check your commitment level.  There’s work to do.

If your dream lifestyle only requires an additional $1,000 to $3,000 a month, then it won’t be quite as important to find a business that offers a high ticket, highly leveraged opportunity.

If on the other hand, you will require $5,000 – $20,000 – $50,000, even more per month, it will be absolutely necessary to start a business where there’s high demand for the product as well as high ticket commissions and a tremendously leveraged pay plan.

best network marketing steps

In closing, do these action steps:

Really take an assessment of where you’re at.  Are you happy doing what you’re doing?  Are you making a difference and feeling fulfilled?  Are you leaving a legacy for your family?  Just because society says, “do it this way… go to school and work a job” doesn’t mean it’s the best for you.

If you have been feeling like a caged animal, backed in a corner, and you know you deserve more, it could be you have been called to be an entrepreneur.  There’s a whole bunch of us who are completely psychologically unemployable.

You deserve your best life.  You were born with a purpose and a destiny.  Listen to your heart.  Talk to your spouse.  What do you want to create for your family over the next 1, 2, 5, 1o years.  Take these steps and you’ll find your way.

  • Define your ideal lifestyle
  • Determine what it will cost to live that way
  • Create a plan and work your plan
  • Start your home business

I wish you all the joys of entrepreneurship.  If you are happy with your job, and that’s your life’s calling, I wish you well with that.

I invite you to take a look at what I’m doing that’s provided me with the life I love.  You can do that at

Live Your Life Like You Mean It!


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