Work and No Play Leads to Burn Out

Prevent Burn Out In Your Home Based Business

All Work and No Play Leads to Burn Out

in your Home Based Business

Work and no play is the fastest way to burnout that I know of.  Been there, done that.

Remember that old McDonald’s commercial jingle (I’m dating myself here) that goes like this:

“You deserve a break today…
So get up and get away…
To McDonalds”

Well, I can’t recommend McDonalds, but I can recommend getting up and away.

Get up and really away.  Take a vacation.  Take extended time off.  Time off from your computer, the lineup of webinars you think you can’t live without, your massive and never ending “to do” list, and put your email and phone message on vacation mode.

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Building your own business is different than the 9-5 job where you show up on Monday, put in 40 hours and on Friday you receive a paycheck (your reward.)   Then you get the weekends off because even society knows that you’ll be a better employee when you’re rested and renewed.

Being an entrepreneur requires you to show up, put in your time, and more time, and more time, and the paycheck comes after you have delivered results.  You’re not trading time for dollars.  You’re trading time for results.

So in this case, you’re building something from the ground up.  Not only that, but you’re learning as you go.  So there’s many things you’re focusing on.

  • personal development and growth
  • automation
  • content creation
  • social media
  • putting it all together
  • generating leads
  • converting sales

How long will all this take?  That depends on you.  For me, it took almost a year to figure out this is what I needed to do.  My first eight months I was doing old school which is buying leads and calling them.  I didn’t know any better.

Today, you have an attraction marketing system in MLSP at your fingertips that gives you a tremendous advantage in the network marketing and MLM industry.

You have system with Empower Network that gives you a leveraged blog already set up with products and you start blogging about whatever you’re passion is.

I didn’t have that back in 2007 when I got started.  So you’re lucky!  I could have saved a years worth of struggle had I just plugged into those.

Burned Out, Qutting and Staying The Course

98% of new home based entrepreneurs give up or burnout before they receive that first paycheck.  This is from lack of understanding that building a business is long term commitment.

It’s doing for a short period of time what others won’t so they can do what others can’t do.

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I think those 98% join a business opportunity, dabble in it and thought they could get enough money to buy a car, or pay some bills or something small like that.

It takes a big commitment and big dreams, desires and goals to start a business.

So if you understand that, and come into business with the right mindset and expectations, you’ll be in money soon enough but, you’ll also want to touch your dreams.

Your dreams is your WHY.

So go touch the lifestyle you want to have in your future.

Go on vacation.

Get away.

When you come back, you’ll be excited to continue your journey.

Burnout with Experienced Entrepreneurs

Burnout still happens to entrepreneurs who have success.

1)  They are workaholics.  Their life is very out of balance.

2)  They think the more they work, the faster they’ll have success.  Not true.  They won’t be on their game.

3)  Their team is hounding them for help all the time.   If this is you, you are not their savior.  Plug them into company trainings, company groups on Facebook, they need to get to events, teach them to outsource both technical help and assistants.

You joined your network marketing business to have a life.

You wanted more freedom.

You wanted to spend more time with your family and friends and do the things you want to do.

So step away from your computer and go take time with your family.  Go experience why you joined in the first place.

Go take vacations.  Take as many as you can.  You can always make money, but you can’t always make memories.

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One of my mentors told me repeatedly when I was starting out, to get up and away from my work on a regular basis, even multiple times during the day.  I added onto that frequent vacations and I have to tell you, it’s so key to inner restoration and good health.

  • You have to step away from your work on a regular basis to keep your sanity, priorities, perspective and balance in tack.
  • Clearing your mind and relaxing will allow new thoughts and ideas to fill your head.
  • Pampering yourself will remind you, you deserve the best in life.
  • Refueling or rebooting your body, soul and spirit will allow you to be more productive than you would have been had you not taken a vacation.

I know the drill all too well about working and not playing or rewarding yourself.  Logically, you say to yourself, “If I work longer, I’ll get more done.”

So you press late into the night… night after night after night.

You press in on the weekends, forgoing your family and friends and all the things you enjoy doing so much.

You become obsessed with the long hours, pressing in harder and harder.

In reality, you want to work smarter.

  • Establish work hours.
  • Know what you want to accomplish each day.
  • Schedule your “me” time in.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Reward yourself often.

Vacations allow you to experience “time freedom” that entrepreneurs hunger for.  When you’re on vacation, nobody is dictating your day, your alarm clock, your bedtime.  You are able to do what you want.

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself. It’s during these vacations that you come face to face with your dream of being able to live your life how you choose.  So getting away on vacation specifically, I believe is important and a reminder of why you do work so hard when it’s time to work.

I always return from vacation ready to hit it hard so I can go again in the next couple of months.  And your vacations don’t have to be long and expensive.

In fact, many of mine are hiking and camping.  I absolutely love mountain tops and summits and the challenge of getting there.  There’s something in nature that causes me to fall in love with life again, bathing myself in nature and reconnecting with God and family.  If you don’t like camping and hiking, get yourself a travel club membership like I did and stay at luxury resorts for as little as $398 for a 7 night stay.

Vacationing doesn’t have to be expensive which is important when you’re budgeting for business expenses and are not yet cash flowing like you’d like.

But get away.   Go somewhere.  Do something.

Most people jam pack their vacations with so many activities that they can’t relax and they’re exhausted by the time they get home.  Use your vacation time, or a portion thereof, to totally shut down and reboot.

Vacationing also allows you to reward yourself.  You deserve a vacation and not just one a year…. get in 3 or 4.   If you can’t get away just yet for a week a time, take a few 3 day weekends to totally shut down and keep the computer and phone off.  Throw yourself 110% into your family, your hobbies, catching up on rest, reading that book you’ve been meaning to.

When you come back, you’ll find you’re more productive, more energized and more in control of your entrepreneurial lifestyle.  So put away your computer for vacation time and leave the business at home.  If you’ve set up your automation before you leave, your business will continue to cash flow while you’re away.

Pay attention to your body and mindset as you put in long hours during the week.

Make sure you’re getting in time for hobbies and families that makes entrepreneurship so beautiful.

Quit putting harsh time limits and deadlines that are unreasonable to expect on yourself.

You’ll get there.

Life is short… enjoy the journey.

Talk about beautiful landscaping!


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How’s that for a motley crew!

What kinds of activities do you enjoy on vacation?

Where do you vacation at?

I’d love to hear about YOUR ‘down time’.

To Your Best Life!

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    Your advice is really important.  In our experience, if people do not schedule and take brakes to do family and fun things they often feel guilty.  When they are working, they  feel that they should be doing something with family or friends, and when they take a break they feel that they should be working.  So you are right on.

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