WordPress Thread Comment Plugin Video Demo

The WordPress Thread Comment Plugin is handy for displaying your blog comments in a presentable fashion.

wordpress thread comment pluginI wanted to show you how it displays on your blog with the WP Thread Comment Plugin and without any comment management plugin.  I did a short video below but I wanted to give you the quick visual with and without.

On a side note, my friend Ken Pickard,  is the one who caught my backside when my comments looked really terrible.  I had installed the WP Thread Comment Plugin but for whatever reason (duh), it was not activated.  So thanks Ken for bringing that to my attention.

You know it's important how your blog looks and how your comments are organized and displayed are part of that.  You want to make sure your comments are nested, meaning any replies under the initial comment are aligned right under it.  This way you can keep conversations with each commenter organized and continuing without confusion as to who's replying to what remark.  Below are before and after images of my blog comment section with the WordPress Thread Comment Plugin.


What a mess! 

Notice how when I replied to Dr. Bob Clark and to Dave, that both of my replies were at the bottom rather than under each comment respectively.

wordpress thread comment plugin


Here's how to fix it:

1)  Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

2)  Click on Plugins…. Add New

3)  Search for "Wordpress Thread Comment"

4)  Click install

5)  Find it on your plugins list and click 'ACTIVATE"

That's it!




Ahh, much better!  Wouldn't you agree? 

As you can see, my reply falls right in line under each comment.  So now it's much more of a conversation and we know who's talking to who.


wp thread comment plugin




Here's a 7 Minute video showing you "real life" before and after and a shout out to Ken for thanks.



Have you used the WP Thread Comment Plugin or something different?  Would love to hear, besides… I love it when you leave your footprint here and say hi…:)


  1. says

    I learned a lot from your post WordPress Thread Comment Plugin Video Demo. Thanks for sharing Debbie. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Debbie. Take care, Michael

  2. says

    First off thank you so much for the shout out. This is what family aka "Tribes" are supposed to do for each other. You have helped me out so much in the past by just being supportive as well as great listener and friend.
    Having nested comments gives your comment section a cleaner look as well as an energetic sense of community. We can clearly see who you are talking to. I also love the way you added pictures and video. The visual aspect to this training post is perfect.

    Thanks for always sharing your best.
    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Ken, you’re welcome, but like you said, it’s the beauty of tribes and supporting each other while providing great value to our blog readers.

    Thanks for your friendship and the heads up my comments needed attention! :)


  4. says

    Hi, Debbie! I like your video but I have a question. How can I set up the wordpress thread comment in Spanish? There are some sections that the thread cannot be dispaly and I wonder why … I want that everybody leave their comments in all sections, but it's not possible. I hope you can guide me to set it up correctly. Thanks in advance 

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Hummm, I’m not able to assist you with that one Tonatiuh. Sorry. Perhaps if you google it or get with the creator of the plugin they can assist you.


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