Wisdom For Success- Your Product is a Portal by Mark Hoverson

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Wisdom Of Solomon

Are You Blessing Your Customers?

Mark Hoverson has been a mentor and dear friend of mine for years.   Here's we are pictured above hanging out by the pool and fireside at his house in Arizona.  His wife Shannon in the middle. 

Mark and I met at an internet marketing conference in Minnesota the fall of '07.  We partnered together in a home based business offering a travel product.  

Over the next couple of years, we built our businesses respectively and believed very much, that every family should have our product  It was so good for families. They deserved to have it.  It would prove to be a blessing in their lives.

Why am I sharing these sentiments?

In the video below, Mark shares that if you're in sales, you have to believe that you are blessing the customer with the product you're selling.

It's a win for you because you receive the blessing of money from the sale.

It's a win for the buyer because they received the blessing of the product you sell.

If you don't believe that, you'll self-sabotage and people will sense something isn't right and not buy.

Mark is going to share what it means to offer a portal by which your customers can walk through to have what they want,

Your product should allow your customers to become their "future selves".

What the heck does that mean?

The product we found and offered served as a "portal" that was so good for people, for families, for individuals to utilize to accomplish what they want, that it caused our businesses to grow.

People see your product as a portal for various reasons:

  • Some wanted time freedom
  • Some wanted financial security
  • Some wanted to be able to travel 
  • Some want all the above

King Solomon Wisdom

In the video below, Mark Hoverson shares a smidget of ancient Biblical wisdom of King Solomon. 

You want to pay close attention to the 11 minute mark where he goes into the importance of having a portal  that you can offer that will pour out blessing to you and others. 

It's life transformational stuff and you deserve to hear it.   It's super powerful and will change your entire perspective on selling.


This was a profound message for me and I hope you take away great insight as well.  Let me know in the comments below.

Here's To Blessing Your Customers!

debbie turner

PS:  If you want to explore the portal that Mark and I walked through back in 2007, you can learn about the travel product here.  



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