Why Would Someone Join You Rather Than Joe Guru?

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Why Would Someone Join You Rather Than Joe Guru?

I was chatting with a ‘now friend’, the other day who joined under me in my primary business opportunity years ago, like… 8 or so.  He JUST told me during that conversation that he was considering joining Joe Guru but then he came across me and just liked me better.  That was cool. I never knew that!  Awe, awesome, right?

Then, yesterday, I found myself talking to another friend and this same conversation came up.  We were discussing the fact that people worry too much about their competition and not feeling worthy or good enough for people to join them in their home based business.  They can’t fathom someone joining with them rather than Joe Guru.

So, I thought it was an important topic to write about today because that’s twice in the last week this has come up.  It’s the universe telling me someone needs to hear this message.  Maybe it’s you or someone you know.

Rewind to 2007…

Oh how I remember being brand new like it was yesterday!  It was uncomfortable, I was fumbling and a lot insecure for ONE reason.  I was comparing myself to those who already had success and not feeling good enough.

I thought to myself,

“Why bother?  That’s my competition.  Why on earth would anybody want to join me, a newbie, over a big ole’ sparkling guru?”

I fussed with this inner turmoil for awhile, I’m not gonna lie.

But then this happened.

Someone I had spoken with about my primary opportunity joined under me instead of “Joe Guru- Mr. Leader- Cool Cat Communicator” and I was shocked actually.  I just knew I got lucky.

But then it happened again.

And then again.

And then again.

And I was out doing the same thing I always did, just being me.  And Joe Guru was doing his thing and just being himself.

Well, inquiring minds want to know and I wanted to know why this was happening.

I gathered up a little courage and asked those who signed up under me when I knew they were “sponsor shopping” within my company.  I asked this question:

“What was your deciding factor in joining with me rather than Joe Guru?” (not mentioning names)

The answers varied.

  • We just liked you.
  • We related to you.
  • You seem more real.
  • We feel like we know you.
  • We’re more comfortable with you.
  • You seem more approachable.
  • You’re a foster parent like we are.
  • You’re a scrapbooker and so am I.
  • You love to camp and so do we.
  • We like your softer tone.

Interesting isn’t it?  It was all about RELATING.

Joe Guru and myself were doing some of the same things.

  • Making videos
  • Building our lists and emailing regularly
  • Hosting company webinars
  • Hosting our own private webinars
  • Attending and mingling at the same company events.

But, he was and still is…

  • He is very well spoken, me, not so much.
  • He can do impromptu presentations, I can’t. I’m a more prepared kind of person.
  • He’s a great story teller, me, eh… still working on it
  • He’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert
  • He’s on stage a lot, me, just a few times
  • He’s created his own products, me, just one

When people called me, they often held no punches when telling me they are also talking to Joe Guru about joining under him.  I just said, “Okay, great”.  I knew the power of the connection and relating and I understood abundance.

Some will join Joe Guru and some will join me.  It has nothing to do with me not being good enough.  It’s all about one person relating to the other.  And there’s enough for everyone.

This concept isn’t new because it’s how we find and develop friendships.

Fast forward 10 years and here’s what I learned.

This is the good stuff.  This is the info that pumps confidence into my spirit and I hope it does for you too.

1)  You never have to worry about there not being enough to go around.  There’s plenty, so stay in an abundance mindset.

2)  Joe Guru may be bigger than life all over social media, on stage, winning awards, making millions, driving 6 figure cars but let me just say this.  Not everyone relates to this individual.

a) Some may see him/her as a bag of brag.

b) Some may see him/her as too brass and loud.

c) Some may see him/her not available (and often they are not.  They hire assistants to take their calls, answer emails, and set up a support system.  If you want access to them, it’s usually in the form of paid group coaching or one on one at 15K a day.

d) Some may recognize that their personalities are just too different.

3)  People are going to join you in your home based business because of you.  YOU.  So ask yourself these two questions.

a) How are YOU showing up in your business?

b) Who are YOU being?

The more you show up authentically, the better your results will be, the more fun you’ll have and the more confident you’ll get.  Pretty cool, eh?

And, think about this… people everywhere are waiting for you to show up in their lives.

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People are waiting for you to show up in their life.

I promise you, there are a bazillion people on the internet and they are searching for a business opportunity and an individual to join with.  While many find what they are looking for, there are just as many that haven’t found their combination yet.

Many of these people still searching are JUST LIKE YOU.

They are seeing the Joe Guru’s in the world but they don’t relate to them on an personal level.  They are waiting for someone JUST LIKE YOU to come along.

This is powerful my friends.  You matter.  You stepping out and putting your message out there online and sharing about who you are, what you’re up to and who you’re looking for is vital.

Stop and think about this for a minute.

Because of YOU, someone else now has a direction to go to create the life they love.

You change lives.  You impact others.  You provide opportunities.  Thank you!

Tell Your Story

By you just being you, you will attack those that are like you to you.  That’s a mouthful I know!  Read that again.

People are drawn to people like themselves with things in common.  This is why telling your story matters.  Over the past several years, people tell me they joined me for this very reason alone.

They joined me because…

  • I’m a foster parent and so are they.
  • I was a legal assistant and they were too.
  • I was a real estate agent and they were too.
  • I love camping and so do they.
  • I love scrapbooking and so do they.
  • I’m a Christian and so are they.
  • I’m a boomer and so are they.
  • I have a special needs family members and so do they.
  • I enjoy scuba diving and so do they.
  • I have pets and so do they.
  • We’re a karate family and so are they.

Do you see how fun this is?  When I talk to people, or they read my “Meet Debbie” on this blog, they get to know me a little bit and gain a sense of who I am as a person.  All these things above are mentioned.  My “Meet Debbie” pages have served me very well over the years.  Make sure you have them on your blog too!

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Why is this so powerful?

Because people want to do business and hang out with those who have things in common.

Joe Guru was being himself.

I was being myself.

We both drew people to us based on who we are.

There is no competition because there’s only ONE you!

THAT is beautiful.

THAT is powerful.

The take away message here is be yourself.  Continue to grow in your personal development and become the best version of who you are but that’s not going to change the things you love to do.

If you love skiing talk about it.  Others who love to ski and are looking for a home based business will be drawn to you.

If you love golfing, talk about it.

If you love cooking, talk about it.

If you love raising children, talk about it.

How do you talk about it?

In real life, wouldn’t what you love to do come up naturally in conversation?  Keep it real in business as well.

Talk about these things on your “about me” page on your blog.

Bridge what you love to do with your business and that your business allows you to do the thing you love.

Mention it in your emails, “Hey I’m heading out to the ski slopes this weekend but before I do, I wanted to shoot you this quick email to share a fast, snappy business tip for you.”

Just be YOU.

Talk like YOU.

YOU are amazing.

YOU have value just in being you.

YOU are enough, right here, right now.

Understanding what I discovered through my own personal journey in the home based business industry and understanding the power of “attraction marketing”, this article should be very encouraging and freeing.

It gives you permission to be yourself, not to worry about Joe Guru getting all the sign ups and money.

This should really put a smile on your face, a beat in your step and empower you to just get out there and be yourself.

All the best, All the time my friend…

Much love!

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