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Why I Joined ViSalus

January 30, 2012 by  

why join VisalusHey Friends….

Yes, it's true, I've joined ViSalus Sciences (Body By Vi)…. and I'm very happy with my decision to do so.

You know, during the holidays and over the course of the first couple weeks in January I've been reflecting on 2011. 

I had a good year and while I feel blessed about that, there were a couple of things I had on my goal list that I did not accomplish. 

1)  Releasing the extra 40 pounds I'd put on over the course of the last several years

2)  Adding a low ticket primary business income stream to my portfolio.

Here's the story behind my decision to join ViSalus


It wasn’t until I reached my 40’s that I began having a weight problem, although at the time, I didn’t see it as a weight problem.  I viewed it as “I gained a pound here and there” yet over the course of 12 years, I had managed to go from 130 lbs to 168. 

I would look in the mirror and not like who looked back at me.  I didn’t feel myself.  I didn’t recognize myself.  I didn’t want to have my picture taken any more while among family and friends having fun, making memories.  This was sad for me because my passion is scrapbooking, documenting our lives.  But somehow this wasn’t enough for me to really take action and do something about it.

During this time I watched my mom suffer 2 heart attacks and 2 strokes.  That experience became a stark reminder to me that my body is one of the greatest gifts I have been given in this life and I have, over the years, neglected it.   As a result, my own health and wellness was not good. 

I needed to do more than just say it was part of my New Year’s resolutions as I had done on so many other occasions, only to begin the next year with the same resolution on my list. 

I really wanted 2012 to be the year of my health restoration.  This year I’m expecting my first grand baby and wanted to feel good about being in pictures and a renewed interest of a healthy long life to enjoy her and the many more that would follow.

January 19th I received an invitation by some online marketing friends (I work from home as an online marketer for the past 4 years), inviting me to participate in a 90 Day Health Challenge. They explained to me that 3 young (in their early 30s) business entrepreneurs had come together and formed a company with the common cause of making a significant impact on the health & wellness of people around the world, by creating a 90 Day Health Challenge.

The Health Challenge was designed for every health goal, from losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing energy or just getting fit, they have a program for all. Their health challenge has spread like wildfire in North America and has become the #1 Health Program with nearly 4,000 people joining each day. From body builders to “lazy boy loungers” and everyone in between, people are swarming to participate. The reason… because it works and it is so simple.

Oddly enough, I had learned about this company 7 months prior was already taking 1 shake a day just for the nutrition, not the weight loss (as I was still eating junk food and doing my late night snacking…. you know how it goes). 

So, I got serious and decided to participate in the 90 Day Challenge with my friends on January 19.  I began the challenge weighing 168.5 lbs.

As of today, March 12th update, I have lost 15lbs, (weighing 154.4lbs) and feel healthier than I have in a very, very long time and I'm down a full pant size.

At the time of this writing and the update, I have more I would like to accomplish during my 90 Day challenge, but I am more than grateful to those who invited me to participate with them. Truth be told, I have tried many programs over the years and this is, without a doubt, has been the most effective and the easiest thing I have done.

I enjoy two meal replacement shakes each day (one for breakfast and another one for lunch) with some healthy snacks in between and a healthy dinner. The shakes have a marketing tag line, “a shake mix that taste like a cake mix…”  And I have to say, it's true.  They are delicious as well as full of nutrition that our bodies need. 

The other night I watched a YouTube video of Ryan, one of the founders of this 90 Day Challenge share a very tender but powerful experience. His greatest mentor and influence in his life was his step-father. Back in 2009, Ryan spent a week in the hospital by his step father’s bedside watching him die in his early 60s. As Ryan was sharing this touching experience, he was very emotional because he felt he had failed his father by not insisting he take care of his health. It was after his father’s death that he became more driven and passionate about the Health Challenge and strongly encourages everyone who participates to share it with others.

After watching his emotional plea, I realized I had a choice of either relishing alone in my personal great feelings from my challenge results or I could invite others to participate with me as my online friends had done. I have decided to do as they have done and share the challenge with others.

I felt like not only could I accomplish my goals of finally releasing this weight, but also offering that opportunity to others.  Additionally, this is the low ticket home based business opportunity I've been looking for.

You can learn more by listening to the following 5 minute recorded Body By Vi, Health Challenge recorded call – 507-726-3700. 

Also, by visiting my health challenge website at

I would like to share with you a sample of the shake and introduce you to this very delicious and easy way to help you accomplish your health goals.  Give me a call to request a sample.

So whatever goals you may have, losing weight, building muscle, having more energy or just plain feeling better by getting more nutrition into your body, I hope to hear from you.

I invite you to take the 90 day challenge with me as a customer and/or become a promoter and build a business with me.

Check it out here  >>> CLICK HERE

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