Why Does One Succeed in Business and the Other Doesn’t

Let’s compare two people who have joined a home based business opportunity and seriously pull back the curtains and turn over every rock to find the truth.  They both have the same product, same company, same pay plan and the business model is such that the playing field is totally equal to all.  Let’s assume that each of these individuals chose a company that meets the four critical elements one must consider. 

One Affilate falls flat on his face and is out of business before he even starts.  The other begins to have success in the same time frame.  What gives?

For 98% of all home business owners, there are a couple key ingredients that are critical to their success that’s consistently overlooked, kicked aside and paid no attention to. And, guess what? 98% fail. It’s the 2% that build their businesses with the winning ingredients that achieve success, the recipe for which is ages old and never changes.

CASE STUDY: Let’s say both business owners have the same sponsor and they inquire of that person what they should do next to promote their business. They were told to write an article about the benefits of joining the business, submit it to an article directory, repurpose the information and make a YouTube video then email the link to their list of prospects. So, here we go, let’s see how they did.

Mr. Fail gets up at 6 am, turns on the TV to catch the morning news and dreads heading off to work.  Just the thought of it puts him in a bad mood. He listens to his favorite radio station on the way to work. Throughout the day he responds to confrontations, challenges and obstacles with frustration and anger. He’s goes to lunch with his buddies and they talk about the woes of life and maybe the latest scores of the ballgames. He fights the traffic getting home which annoys him.

Mr. Fail gets home, has dinner, visits with the family and catches the news. He knows he should write that article and make that video but he’s had a rough day and feels he deserves to watch his favorite TV show. He’ll work on his business right after his show. The show ends, but what he really wants to do now is watch another one, the previews looked great and it feels really good to just chill out. He gets up after the second show and realizes he’s just really too tired so he heads to bed having done nothing to promote his business.

The next day, he complains because nobody wants to join his business. He knows deep down that he hasn’t really done anything to promote his business though, so in the back of his mind he knows it’s his fault but he’ll never admit it. He’ll get around to doing something with the business, but today, there’s a ballgame that he can’t miss and that’s what’s got him excited to get home.

Mr. Success gets up 15 minutes early to spend time on personal development because that sets the tone for his day. He visualizes what his life will be like in a short period of time and knows he’ll be able to toss the alarm clock out soon. He’s excited about the day because he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He listens to motivational CD’s on the way to work. Throughout the day he responds to confrontations, challenges and obstacles as a problem solver, much like he’ll do when he runs his own business. He’s learned how to overcome because he’s been a student of personal development. He’s in great mood and puts positive energy into the room. He decides to write that article during his lunchtime. He gets caught in traffic on the way home but that’s ok, it gives him an opportunity to listen to the rest of the motivational CD in his player.

Mr. Success gets home from work, visits with the family, has dinner and catches the news. He’s tired now that he’s home and has had a chance to relax. His favorite show is coming on, but he really desires to provide a lifestyle and be at home with the family so he gets up and heads to his computer. He submits the article he wrote, makes a quick video of what he wrote about, uploads that to YouTube and sends the link out to his prospect list. It’s late but before he goes to bed, he makes a game plan for something to move his business forward tomorrow. He does his affirmations in the quiet of his mind as he goes to sleep.

The next day, he receives a phone call from one of his prospects who has been on his list, saw the video and has questions about getting started in business with him. Questions are answered and Mr. Success helps onboard a new business owner. He made more money today than he does working for two weeks at his job. It’s a good day. He can’t wait to get home to implement more marketing.

The contrast is clearly the level of commitment behind the two business owners. It’s the attitude, the willingness to do whatever it takes, regardless of how they feel at the time. One can see that personal development is wrapped around it all. That’s the difference. It doesn’t matter what your business is, the right frame of mind is required.

When you see someone failing and someone succeeding, compare notes of decisions and action steps each of them make on a daily basis. The one succeeding has studied, learned skills, implemented, failed forward, put fears of rejection and failure behind them and acted in spite of that. They got up a little early and went to bed a little late, forfeited or recorded a TV show that would otherwise sabotage their efforts to succeed and gave up lunch with the buddies. All these things are a series of decisions that they alone make. They are totally responsible for their success.

If it’s been said once it’s been said a million times, if you will do what most people are not willing to do for a short period of time, you will have what most people only dream about but never attain.

If you have a home business and are not succeeding, there’s one of two things going on.  First, make sure you’ve chosen a business that offers real value to the consumer, and everything about the product, the pay plan and company is what what it should be and something you can feel great about sharing with others.  Second, if you’ve made a good choice in choosing your business, then it’s not because of the product, the pay plan or company. Look in the mirror, get serious about your business and get to work on yourself and your skills.   There are several national trainers that you can plug into such as Dani Johnson, Jeffrey Combs and Todd Falcone to name a few.

Evaluate your reasons for investing in a business. Do you really want a better life or is it just a fantasy in the back of your mind? Were you serious enough to be willing to do whatever you need to do to succeed? Only you know the truth deep inside and often it turns out that one wants something great but they don’t want to have to work for it. Ouch. But, the truth will set you free.

If you’re not yet in business and are seriously contemplating becoming an entrepreneur, the place to start is personal development to ensure your mindset matches your commitment and desire to have a better life. The ‘how to’  is simply learning technical and admin stuff and others can help you with that, but the mindset you control.  You’re on your own there.

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