Where are the Best Places for Submitting Articles?

I wanted to give you a heads up on GREAT places to submit your Articles for maximum exposure. Although there are many Article directories out there, you should become an "Expert Author" at EzineArticles.com first and foremost. This is for the simple reason that it gets a high volume of natural traffic and the search engines love that.

The more articles you can submit, the more you will grow as an authority figure. If you don't know what to write about, just go to the online groups and forums. Search around in them and you will start seeing what are known as "problem statements".

A problem statement is when someone is asking a question or looking for an answer that is not right out in the open. If you don't already know, most all people are online looking for INFORMATION. People don't generally go online to "Buy" something, they go online in search of answers.

It is the answers to people's questions that you should try writing about. You will be an authority in their eyes and they will take your recommendation in the future. So go in search of problem statements at places like Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, as well as within forums related to your business, product or service and other similar sites.

I will post a blog sometime for you on how to write articles.  But for those of you who have a handle on writing articles and just need to know where to go to submit them, here's a short list.

Below you will find a list of Article Directories that I recommend you submit Articles to frequently:

(Remember, you should only submit "unique" articles to these directories. So, if you submit one to EzineArticles.com, then you should change the headline, summary paragraph, and change some wording in the body copy prior to submitting to another directory. This will keep th search engines happy and they will send you more free traffic.)

I hope you enjoyed this article.  I'd love to hear from you as to your input!


  1. Pamela Desir says

    This was very helpful information Debbie. I am totally new at this, so the “problem statement” advise was great. Thanks!
    Pamela Desir

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