When To Quit Your Job

when to quit your jobI was talking to an individual yesterday who had received advice about quitting what he was doing to pursue network marketing from his upline in XYZ high ticket company. 

Eeeek…I highly disagree with the advice!

  I think it's so important in fact, that I decided it would be a good topic for discussion today.

This gentleman, who I'll call Pete for the purpose of this story, was told by his upline basically this…

"Pete, if you would give up the industry you're in and focus on xyz network marketing company, putting in the same energy, you would be making good replacement income in 30 days."

Every internal flag shot straight up when I heard that.

Here's why.

There's no guarantees in any business, online offline, network marketing, brick and mortar, that you will make xyz amount of income in xyz days. 

There's too many variables for success. 

Does that mean you can't start making replacement income in 30 days?  No.  It's been done many times.  I just wouldn't guarantee it to the point where you tell people it's okay to quit your job and go full time in network marketing.


The variables in a network marketing business is this:

1)  Desire and commitment to implement and stay in the game long term.

2)  The amount of foundational set up one has to do.  For example, some network marketing companies offer all the capture pages, sales pages, website variation (based on whether you are targeting retail only or business builders only or a combination of both), follow up, training centers, etc. 

Others offer nothing.  You may have some videos you can embed on your own website or blog.  In this case, it's up to you to put your foundation in place. There's no right or wrong… it's a matter of knowing your tolerance level for getting started and your commitment to your success.

3)  How quickly you grasp technology in terms of understanding how to set up an HTML page (website page and sales page), understand the relationship and integration of an autoresponder, and while these are not difficult, for some, it's more challenging than others.

4)  How quickly you understand attraction marketing and ad copy.

5)  How quickly after you get the foundational pieces done you begin to market.

6)  How quickly you can test and tweak your marketing to discover what works and what doesn't and what needs to be changed.

7)  How quickly you master the art of having a conversation with prospects and help them make a decision about your product or service.

8)  How much money you have to put toward your paid advertising.

9)  How much time you have to devote to your business

10)  The commissions you make when you generate a sale… Are they $2 or $2K?  This has a huge bearing on your time frame.  Reason being is this. 

It's the same time, energy, effort and learning curve to market a product or service that will generate you $2 in commissions as it does to generate $2K commissions.  This is why I have chosen to highly leveraged businesses for my portfolio.  We all have the freedom to choose our products and services.  There's a lot out there about 'who to join with'… but also don't forget about WHAT the product is.

And I'm sure there's more things that I've left out but this is a fast run down just off the top of my head.

Here's what I recommend to anyone to asks me when they should go full time:

1)  When you have consistent income streams that have more than replaced your income and it comes from more than one source.  Remember, you are just an affiliate for that network marketing company, you do not own the company, nor are you a decision maker.  If the company folds or makes a decision that goes against your integrity or values, you will sabotage and in either case you may need to find another product or service rep for.  Don't be left in a vulnerable position.

2)  For the reason I stated above, I also recommend you have 8-12 months reserve in the bank which would allow you time to regroup if necessary.

3)  When these two are satisfied, you have to consider other factors such as health insurance.  Depending on your family situation, you may need to keep your job for insurance reasons for a bit longer, but then again, you may be able to find appropriate insurance without your job. 

Having said this, be smart, be savvy and you'll know when the right time to quit your job will be.

I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback as I value your opinion.  Leave me a comment below about how you feel as to when to quit your job.







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