What’s in your Seed?

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What’s in your Seed?

At the beauty salon last week and while I was getting my hair colored (gotta cover the greys wanting to come out) I could hear a lady 2 chairs down talk about financial lack in her family and how because they’ve always been that way, she presumes they always will be.

What struck me was her acceptance of that.

She was completely unmoved nor showed any passion at all for wanting something better for herself and her family.  It wasn’t on her radar that things could be different.

In my mind, I’m thinking she can be the change that her family needs to break that generational belief system that just because something always ‘has been’ means it always ‘has to be.’

Somewhere along the line in her family… a seed of lack, of struggle, of “9-5 is the only way and take what you get” was planted.

There just needs to be new seed.  New seed will bring new life, a new harvest.

Whatever is in you will be the same until you change your seed.  There’s no way around that.

This is often times why people fail in their business… because the seed inside of them needs to be changed.  It’s not good seed.

Bad seed is simply something that was planted inside of you that doesn’t belong.  STUFF got planted in there along the way of your life’s journey and it’s still producing a harvest of ‘same’.

Seed can only reproduce what it is.  It cannot produce what it is not.

An apple seed cannot produce oranges.  A rose seed cannot produce a daisy.

Not only that…but the seeds inside of us attract others who carry the same seed… and then people wonder why things don’t change for them.

For example…

Have you noticed when someone is negative, they attract others who are negative and then sit around and just be negative to the core… together?  We all probably know at least one person like that.

Depressed people seek out and attract other depressed people.  They relate to each other, sympathize with each other and take comfort being depressed together.

Broke people hang out with …who?  Other broke people. Why?  Because they have the same information.  They speak the same language.  They share the same seed of lack.

Those who live carelessly attract others to live carelessly.   Why?  Because they won’t judge each other.  They have the same seed of living carelessly.

What’s your seed quality?

  • Is it a seed that’s keeping you from your dreams?
  • What was planted in you years ago that maybe you’re carrying around and reproducing?
  • What seeds need to be changed for you to produce a different result?

Have you seen people jump from business opportunity to business opportunity trying to find something that works?  Truth is, it’s not the business opportunities.  It’s the individual.

It’s the seed inside of you that needs to be identified and made whole.. made good, so that you can have every thing you desire in life.

Is there something that was planted in you that should not be there?

  • … did someone tell you you would never amount to anything?
  • … did someone tell you you don’t deserve to be wealthy?
  • … did someone tell you you aren’t good enough?
  • … did someone call you names and make fun of you?
  • … did someone get the promotion you should have had?
  • … did someone violate you and you carry the hurt and anger?

These are all seeds that are planted in people and boy… can they take root!

And these deep-seeded roots can produce fruits of inadequacy, low self-esteem, not feeling worthy, unfounded fears, etc.

So many times people want to know all the ins and outs of marketing as they start their home business without giving any consideration at all to personal development.

Well, let me tell you, anyone can buy any course on how to market.  There are entire platforms that give you all the goods on marketing strategies.

The funny thing, however, is this.  People buy these courses, they have the training platforms, they take the training but….they don’t implement.  (Roots keep them planted where they’re

Those seeds of ‘stuck’ of ‘fear’ surface and sometimes they don’t even identify it.  They make excuses.  But if they can get to the root of the problem… (the root of the seeds)… they may discover things about themselves they never really consciously thought about.  And when they can identify those nasty roots, they can then take action to re-seed.

For example…someone may watch a training on solo ads and then just not do it… because their subconscious is believing this:

“Ok… I know how to place a solo ad.  But if I run the ad, someone
might call me and ask me questions and I’m not good enough so
I’d rather not risk that whole situation.  I won’t run my solo ad because
then I’m guaranteed nobody will call me.”


“If someone joins me, I won’t know what to do with them so I better
make some excuse as to why I didn’t take action.  I’ll keep watching
and learning and when everything is perfect, then I’ll run the ad.”


“If I start making money I’ll just lose it all because I’m not really
responsible with money… so I probably should just not run the
solo ad.”


“My 3rd grade teacher told me I was stupid and would never
be successful.  I remember and carry those feelings of humiliation,
and anger and it seems like everything I try to do I fail in … so maybe
he was right.  Humm.. guess I shouldn’t run the ad because I’m
going to fail anyway.”

These are seeds of defeat that our Creator never intended to be planted or take root.

So how can you change your seed?

By working on yourself harder than you have ever worked on anything before.  Your life depends on it.  And once you get the right seeds inside, it’s amazing how those will manifest into the harvests you desire.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to Re-Seed…

  • Hang around people who have the success you want.
  • Bathe in personal development audios and books.
  • Hang out with happy people.
  • Identify your deep-rooted issues and get professional help.
  • Practice daily affirmations about how unique, how deserving,
  •   how beautiful you are.
  • Focus on what you do want… not what you lack or don’t want.

If you’re always stuck, it’s probably something that got inside of your life that wasn’t suppose to be there.

And probably you’re tired of it.  You’re sick and tired of it.

Acknowledge it and release it.  Let it go.

The good news is you CAN re-seed.  You CAN change.

Make a decision that ‘no more’ will you allow those roots to keep you planted where you are.  ‘No more’ will you allow the seeds of lack, of fear, of defeat reproduce.

Your past does not dictate your future. It does not define who you are.  New seeds = new life = new results.  Keeping with the suggestions for re-seeding above will keep your seeds watered and fed and allow time for new roots to take hold and grow deep.

Decide you will take steps to change your seed.  Get a clear vision for your new life and then work like you’ve never worked before to break free… to sever those non-serving deep-seeded roots.

It’s why you hear so much about personal development in business.  Because you can learn to run your business, but it’s the seeds inside that will make or break you.

You deserve to have a fabulous, abundant life.  You were created with a purpose and a destiny.

If you are on my list and reading this, then somewhere deep down you want more for yourself through entrepreneurship.

I truly believe God does not plant seeds of entrepreneurship, of business independence, of wanting to serve others through our gifts and talents inside of us….and then not equip us with everything we need to be successful.

I believe in you and I’m cheering for you with all my heart.

You’re awesome!  You ARE worthy!

Hold your shoulders back, stand tall, share your story and you will change lives!

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