What’s a Blogger Entrepreneur?

what is a blogger entrepreneurWhat’s a Blogger Entrepreneur?

Hey Debbie, What’s a blogger entrepreneur?”

I get asked that sometimes and thought I’d just write a little bit about that because who knows, you may be interested in starting a home based business doing just that or at the very least, adding it to what you’re already doing to market your business.

First, I want to clear up a few misunderstandings about the perception of a blogger entrepreneur.

Let’s do that with a little TRUE or FALSE game.

1)  You have to be an expert writer.  FALSE

This is so not true.  You don’t have to be an expert writer but you DO need to be transparent about the topic you’re writing about.

You see, blogging is about sharing what’s on your heart and mind.  It’s like writing a letter to a friend.  It’s a 2 way conversation between you and your readers.

Blogging got it’s name from being a ‘web log’.  A diary of sorts.  But today, everyone uses blogs to share their life, their business and the things that matter to them.

As I’m here writing this, I’m just talking to you as if we’re sitting here in my living room by this big picture window looking out to the yard where my dog is romping around and we’re having a glass of iced tea.

I’m writing like I talk and because we all talk differently.  You could write this same blog conversation and it would have a little different perspective or tone or sentence wording.  I’m not an expert writer, I’m just writing from my heart about things on my mind.

2.  Your grammar has to be perfect.  FALSE.

Blogging is not about perfection.  It’s not about perfect sentence structuring or spelling.  It’s not an assignment your English teacher gave!

Rather, it’s like you writing a letter to someone and it should be with that enthusiasm that you write.

If you have difficulty spelling and are embarrassed about it, run a spell check or have a friend or family member scan it for blaring errors and then publish it.  I always run a spell check which will catch most glitches.

It’s important to be able to communicate your message. Others being able to understand what you’re saying, of course, makes a difference. Most readers read blogs because of  the information, the humor, the entertainment, etc. So occasional grammar mistakes are forgiven.

If your readers are unable to understand your point, its time to improve your writing skills.

Another thing to keep in mind, is because you have your own way of talking, you’ll use your words.  We all have our words that we use to express ourselves.  If you want kids to read it, just keep it clean because we want to set an example.  Other than that, be you.

This is very important to understand because how you come across, your writing style, your tone of voice, these things will make up your BRAND.

3.  Blog writing has to be long drawn out time consuming pieces of content.  FALSE.

Blogging is about being as long as it takes to get your point across.

As I’m writing this, there’s a few points I want to make and then I’m done.  I’m going to publish it and I expect the entire blog post took me about 15 minutes.

There will be other times when you want to spend more time on your blog post to help readers get the full picture and understanding of what you’re saying.

Some of your articles will be short and some will be long.

4.  You can blog about anything you’re passionate about.  TRUE.

The idea is to blog about things you’re passionate about and share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, expertise in that passion.

The question came up to expert blogger Neil Patel about blogging about several topics on the same blog.  He recommends that you pick a passion and go with the one passion on a blog.  Write content all about that one passion which is why it must be a passion.

Can you image trying to write content on a topic you don’t know about, aren’t willing to learn more about, or are excited and interested in?

It wouldn’t work.  Blogging, writing about your passion, should flow easy and be fun.

On this blog, I share personal development, ideas, stories and help other people catch a vision for what’s possible for them along with how to be successful in a home based business.  All of this goes together.  You can’t have success without personal development and vision so it’s congruent with my audience.

I have another blog that’s 100% content around my travel product to cater to my travel lovers.

Notice how I keep my Debbie Turner brand around being successful in business and my travel blog around my travel product.

NOTE:  While you can blog about anything, you want to make sure there’s readers for your topic.  

So, in other words, if I loved underwater basket weaving and wanted to blog daily about that, how many other people are interested in that topic?

Right.  Nobody.

So make sure it’s a topic where there are lots of other people interested in the same subject matter.

blogger entrepreneur.

What a Blogger Entrepreneur Does

A blogger entrepreneur makes money blogging

You can blog from the beaches of the world.  This is just another reason I was attracted to blogging entrepreneurship! I can grab my laptop and head out into the world where all I need is an internet connection.

It’s a lifestyle that makes work, not work.

It’s sharing your heart and ideas that you love to talk about and when you can do it from the beaches,  the lakes, the mountains, the deserts, the resorts, the cities of the world, well, to me, it’s perfect.

To make money from blogging, you can do a couple of things.

1)  In whatever topic of conversation you’re writing about, there may be products on the market that you’re an affiliate for, meaning when you recommend them and someone buys, you get a commission.  This is called affiliate marketing.

2)  You may have a home based business and represent a specific product for which you can offer that.

3)  You may be using tools in your home based business or other entrepreneurial endeavor that others would find beneficial.  Tell them about those and if they buy from your link, you make a commission.

You refer products you use and like to others in your normal conversation.  It’s no different than referring a great restaurant or sporting goods store.  Well, except those places don’t give you commissions on your referrals.  But, if you had an affiliate program to a sporting goods store… well then… there ya go.

It’s about a lifestyle, opportunities, fun and friends and you deserve that.

If you like what you see, get your blog and get going.  There’s nothing quite like getting started down an extraordinary journey.

Well, that’s it!  I shared my mind, wrote it out quickly and I’m outta here!

Peace Out!

internet marketing home based business

Blogger Entrepreneur

PS:  Something else to keep in mind about blogging.  You want to build a list of subscribers who also want to create a home based business through blogging, or at least include blogging as a secondary stream of income in addition to build another business.

So for example, if you have a network marketing or MLM business that you love, you can build that using attraction marketing (giving value) and at the same time, make money blogging about your business.

You have to use tools to automate this process.  I can help you understand that too.  Click here for my article on using automation for list building and staying in touch with your subscribers.


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