What Moves You To Tears And Passion And Purpose?


Hello my friends and readers and visitors…

If nobody has told you today that you are awesome, you are beautiful, you are powerful and you are loved… I will tell you.


So whats inside of you that moves you to tears… feeling your passion and understanding your purpose and destiny?

Tears are often a reflection of your passion and purpose when you start sharing that and explaining why you do what you do.

I’m not saying you cry all the time, but what I am saying, or rather asking…

… what is it inside of you that is ….

… so important for your life

… so important that you HAVE to do it

… so important that your life depends on it

… so important that your family’s lives depends on it

… that so compels you

… that thing that will haunt you all your life if you don’t do it

… so powerful that it drives you to do whatever you need to do

… so powerful that you can’t be stopped

… so powerful because you know that you know that you know lives will be changed when they hear YOU

… so powerful at your heart passion level that it makes your eyes tear up… or at least water a bit

Are you living a purposeful life?


What is that for you?


That’s the heartbeat of the person who has a message and a story that must be told to others because they know it will impact lives.

That’s the heart of the individual who can’t get it out of their mind that they should be doing something more with their life.

They know that working the 9-5 to build someone else’s dream for 50 years and walking away with peanuts is not their highest calling.

It’s not what they deserve.

It’s not fulfilling.

It’s not their purpose and destiny.

So you know what?

The say “that’s enough darn it!” and they start living their life on purpose.

Because the truth is, there are a bazillion people in the world just like you.  And they are stuck and a rut, of a robotic life feeling hopeless and tired and out of options because they haven’t heard the message YOU have.

And your message is that there’s more to life than what you have settled for!

And as YOU begin to live YOUR life on purpose, others see YOU and hear YOU and they start to sit up and pay attention to what’s going on in their own lives.

And because of YOU stepping out and sharing YOUR heart and feelings about the things you’re passionate about, about how YOU AND THEY deserve better, they start believing it.

And for the first time in their life, they see a vision for themselves that bigger than anyone has ever awakened them to.

And because of YOU, they can begin to take control of their life and say “darn it, I’m going to have the life I want!



water rippleYOU become the ripple effect of everyone around you.

You are the stone that’s thrown into the lives of others and they in turn toss a stone into the lives of others.

BE THE RIPPLE … just like when you toss a stone into a calm pond, the ripples of that go to the water’s edges all the way around.

The way you do that is to step up and effect a change in yourself.

You DECIDE that no longer will you live a status quo life.

NO longer will you accept the way you’ve settled for what you have.

You CAN choose to be your own boss with just your laptop, write your own check, spend your own time, by sharing your passion for life.

What is it that’s so important to you, that you will do anything you have to do to get it done?

For me, it’s freedom to be me!

It’s freedom from the boss!

It’s freedom from the income caps!

It’s freedom from the down economy!

It’s freedom from being limited in choices!

What is it for you?

My friends, it’s your time.


Make a decision in favor of yourself and say enough is enough and it’s time for you to step into your freedom, your passion, your destiny and be the person that others are waiting for.



That’s a great question.  And if you’re asking that question, you’re on the right track to your best future.

I had to ask that question in 2007 when the real estate market crashed.  I had been a successful real estate agent for years and never thought the economy would hand me a pink slip.

I could have crawled in a hole and went back to the 9-5 and took less than I was worth, but I didn’t.  I said “darn it, I’m not gonna let this economy control my life!”

And I didn’t!

I knew others were making great livings from home using their laptops.  And they could do it, darn it, so could I!  Period ….  P E R I O D!

I’m a baby boomer and didn’t know anything about computers or marketing on the internet.




But I was willing to learn because I wanted it bad enough.

My passion welled up inside of me.

  • I rebelled against the system that says you have work for someone else all your life.
  • I rebelled against having to dress up everyday to for a job.
  • I rebelled against someone telling me when to wake up and when to eat and when to go home and when I take a vacation.
  • I rebelled against the wages someone wanted to pay me, that was an insult!
  • I rebelled against the status quo and what society dictated for the people
  • I rebelled against the old school thinking… “go to school, get a job, go in debt and shut up cuz that’s they way it is”
  • I became more passionate than ever to fight for freedom in my personal life.

And when I began to share my passion with others, guess what?

They wanted it too!

And because I took steps for my freedom, they did too!


So where you do YOU start?

I recommend you start where I did.

1)  Make a decision you want personal freedom to live your passion and purpose.

2)  Bathe in personal development and growth DAILY

3)  Start a laptop business, meaning you just need a laptop and a product

4)  Start hanging out and spending time via Facebook, conference calls, live events with those who are like minded and are fighting for the same personal freedoms and who have already achieved what you want to.

5)  Decide you will never, NEVER give up.

6)  Learn new skills.  Discover how to market.  Get that education.


Where can you get all this under one roof?


empower network life



Empower Network

Empower Network is about EMPOWERING YOU.

Giving you exactly what you need.

Everything you need to succeed is here.


Don’t spend any more time wishing, thinking, researching, dabbling, exploring, trying to find something that will work.

Empower Network works.  JOIN HERE, RIGHT NOW.

It’s worked for me and thousands of members.  We created 10 millionaires so far and everyday, more and more are getting closer.  I’m on my way.

Income disclaimer, Empower Network makes no guarantees of income.  It’s based on your efforts.  You have to work.  Let’s be adult about this.  See our live income statement here.

And remember, it’s not about the money.

It’s what that money can do for your family and your community and the part of the world that you reach out to.  You can be a life changer.  And it starts with a decision to change YOU.

To be your best you.  

To be a more powerful you.

To have the life you want to live.

You deserve it!

You’ve Got This!





I’m cheering you on my friend!  Empower Network has been the greatest opportunity for growth, for freedom, for change that I have ever been a part of.  It has by far, been the best decision of my life in terms of creating the life I want.  I know what’s in store for you.

Have an empowered day!

internet marketing home based business


PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love this stuff and I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!  





  1. Moises Suazo says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Sometimes we’re just looking to be steered in the right direction, and you’ve always laid out the game plan.

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