What Is Your Brand Saying About You?

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What Is Your Brand Saying About You?

With all the discussion on personal branding in your business, specifically for my network marketing and MLM friends out there, perhaps there’s some important components being left out.Your brand is not just about how your blog looks or what services you offer.  It goes way beyond that.

As you grow as an entrepreneur and begin to put yourself out there, your brand is the cumulation of everything you do and everything you don’t do.You are always “on”.

Your Brand is always being revealed.

Your brand is your reputation.  This is true of any professional business/store/restaurant etc.

Reputations are serious and precious things.  You want to come out the gate with a good one, remain true to yourself and keep your good name and represent your  brand, yourself, well.

Tips For Checking How Your Brand Is Doing

Tip 1: Everywhere you go online, people are watching you.

Your brand is how you treat others, both those within your social status and those in another classes.  Make sure you are kind and courteous to everyone, treating everyone with respect.  Don’t ever get ‘too big for your britches” as my Mom would say.  As you become successful, stay humble and love and care for people.

Hopefully this comes naturally because it’s the nature of your spirit, your heart, your good will.   This means everyone from your business associates, to your coaches, to your friends and colleagues and to the server who waits on you at the restaurant.  It all impacts your reputation.

Tip 2:  Your brand is everything you say.

It’s what you say in a video, in an email, in a live conversation, in a blog post, in an article, in a chat.

Make sure you stay true to your personal brand by making decisions and taking actions based on who you want to be, not on the amount of financial gain or power you believe will make you happy in the future.Once you’ve created your personal brand statement and you’ve started working on your reputation, now it’s time to raise your brand awareness.  It’s time to get people to know you and want to work with you.

Tip 3:  Pictures say 1000 words. 

Be conscious of your posts and comments on Facebook, on blogs, in all social networks.  Everything online lives for ever…Do the images you upload reflect your brand properly?

Are they party pictures where you’ve had a bit too much to drink?

Be careful.

And remember, you are not the only one with a camera.  So while you may be at an event, a party, out with friends and acquaintances and you are taking select pictures that you have control over, others have cameras and won’t think twice about uploading a picture of you all in fun.  But is that what you want your clients to see?

Just be very aware of what you’re doing and what kind of pictures are being taken.

Like your photos, your words are engraved into the bedrock of the internet.  Would your current clients or prospects who are considering doing business with you be impressed with what you posted?  How is your communication, attitude and thoughts coming through?  Always be mindful before submitting content of any kind online.

Tip 4: Proofread Your Emails For Tone of Voice

Research shows that over 50% of all emails and text messages are misunderstood in their intent.  Don’t just focus on grammar and spelling but also on tone and intention.

Could others misinterpret something you wrote?

It sounds simple, but your emails are an extension of your brand.  If in doubt, ask a trusted friend to read it before you send it if it’s an important email where tone of voice is important.

Tip 5: Give Something of Value

Sharing your stories, successes, and tips makes you valuable.  If you give value, your leads and customers will more likely interact with you.  You’ll know if what you’re putting out is good stuff because your list will respond.  It’s not unusual to get several emails back from my list when I send an email out.  That’s what you’re looking for.

If you never hear from your list, re-evaluate what you’re sending.

Tip 6: Be on time

Showing up on time and being prepared for meetings shows that you are not only responsible, but it also says that you care for others and their time.

I hate it when people are consistently late.  It shows no respect for my time.  If there’s a darn good reason, an exception and apology is usually in order.  But to be consistently late and disrespectful of others’ time will put you on the fast track to them not wanting to meet with you.  It’s just unprofessional.  Show up on time for all your appointments and calls.

Tip 7:  As you achieve success, don’t flaunt; reflect on it.

Think about what past successes and failures led you to this win. Go back and think about what was done right and what could have made it better. Think about the people who helped you along the way and recognize them. Show them gratitude for their help.  Always stay in gratitude for everything you have achieved and accomplished.  Always be the first to say thank you to those who were the wind beneath your wings, at whatever level they assisted.  Even if they encouraged you… make a point to let them know how much you appreciate them and the value they bring to your life.

Tip 8: Make Integrity the biggest part of your brand.

At the end of the day, it’s how you stood for what was right, even in the face of the unpopular vote.  It’s what sees you through both the good times and the bad. It’s admitting when you made a poor mistake.  It’s doing the right thing when nobody was watching and when it would be so easy to do the wrong thing.

Your integrity makes your brand real, legitimate and authentic. It’s what keeps people loyal to you.  Maintain your integrity and all the other pieces will stick. Your brand will solidify, and  your brand will rise to the top.

Tip 9:  Always be yourself.

Being yourself is fun and easy because it’s YOU.  Your voice, your prospective, your ideas, your opinions, your personality… all matters and makes up who you are.  You’ll recruit more people by being yourself by the way.

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