What Is The E-Lifestyle and How Do You Get Started?


Ahhhh… the e-lifestyle. 

It's fabulous. It's freedom. It's choices. 

I promote the e-lifestyle and I have thousands on my list who want to hear about it. 

They dream about it. 

They wish for it. 

They talk about it.

But for whatever reason, MOST won't do anything to move toward it.  I'm hoping this blog will help those who want to make 2012 a better year, to take action and do something. 

Sometimes I think the dreamers sitting on the sidelines feel that success or having an e-lifestyle is only for "other people" and not them.  I'm here to say it IS for anyone who has the energy to pursue and vision to see.

What is e-lifestyle? 

It's simply having choices to live your life on your terms, having the freedom to decide how you'll spend your day and with whom and where.  I "e" part of "e-lifestyle" is creating the life you want by having an online business.  You just need your laptop and a product to promote. 

And when you discover ways to market online that create replacement income from your job, you now have choices.


Choices Like:

Go to bed when you're tired and get up when you're done sleeping. 


When was the last time you were able to do that?  Sounds like something insignificant doesn't it?  And people usually are allowed to experience this during their one week a year vacation or perhaps on the weekends.  But imagine yourself doing that every day.  It's your lifestyle.  It's what you do. 

What would it feel like not "have to go to bed" simply because you're a responsible person and you know you have to be fresh for work the next day?  If you didn't have to go to bed and you were engrossed in a good book you didn't have to put down, or working on your hobby and totally enjoying yourself, watching a great movie and would love to see the end, wouldn't that be great? 

Then imagine waking up when your body was done sleeping.  Again, time didn't play a part.  There's nothing like getting up when your body is fully rested.


You're not rushing off to work. 

Imagine glancing out the window at 7 am seeing people having to start their cars in the freezing winter, because they had a job to go to.  You on the other hand grab your first cup of  your favorite steaming hot coffee, wrap yourself in a cozy bathrobe and have absolutely no place to be. 

You spend the morning having breakfast with your kids and spouse.  You talk about what's going on that day, you share an extra hug and a high 5 as the kids get ready for school.

You have the privilege taking your children to school and they don't have to mess with a 6:30 am pick up from the bus.  Your kids get to sleep an hour and a half longer than the 'bus kids', they love having a relaxed breakfast with you and feel quite special that they don't have to put up with the junk that goes on on school buses these days.

You have time to work out and care for yourself.


Imagine the kids are off to school and you take the next hour or two and head to the gym or to play tennis or a game of golf.  Isn't it great to get in "me time"?  When was the last time you did that? 

So many grown ups have long put their interests and hobbies, their health to the side for the sake of "not enough time or money".  You deserve better than that.  You know if you're health and state of mind fail, your family suffers. 


You sit down and get some good focused work in. 

Don't live in a fantasy world thinking that an e-lifestyle means you don't work.  You work.  You just work smarter, not harder.   And, you work from the comfort of your home, or wherever you happen to be. 

You check emails, you help your business partners, you put out content that will promote your business.  If you've outsourced some of the work, you can check on that.  You have your business running on automation with high touch relationships with your prospects so you're generating income around the clock with the various income streams you have.


You pick up the kids from school.  Again, you've saved the kids from having to ride the bus and it saves them valuable time in the day from that atmosphere.  You are privileged to help with homework, after school activities, you can attend their baseball games, their dance recitals, their church and scout activities. 


You enjoy dinner together without stress from job demands.    How nice it is to relax and share around the family dinner table.  Mom and Dad are not stressing about job deadlines, bills to pay or not being available for important family things with the kids.  Can you image what that would feel like?



You spend time with family.  When was the last time you played a game as a family? 

Tossed the football with you son or has a tea party with your daughter? 

Are these all important things being put off for lack of time and energy? 

So many parents are dog tired by the time it gets to be evening.  They've been on the go since early morning, fighting traffic, working hard at the office, running home to get dinner and kids activities done and they are tired.  Exhausted may be a better word. 

Imagine not feeling that way because you've set up businesses and streams of income that work for you, instead of you working a job.  See the difference?


Later on you check on your business, return calls, respond to emails, make a list of things to do tomorrow.   You may put in a couple hours of working on a project.


After a great day, go to bed when you're tired.


Plan vacations when you want.  See the world, stay in resorts that feel like second homes, vacation homes rather than cramped hotel rooms.  If you don't give your kids the opportunity to travel, who will?  You can be the person to open up ideas, and cultures, and foods, smells, sounds and experiences for them.  Let them swim with dolphins in Mexico and scuba or snorkel in the Grand Caymen Islands.

Plan more family outings.  Right in your town or within a couple hours drive, there are many things to do and see.  Explore. 


Stay the weekend out of town often and live life more fully.  Give your kids the opportunity to discover and experience many things.  Go white water rafting, hot air ballooning, catch a train, visit a museum or art gallery, explore a new town, see a historical site.  Go canoeing, fishing, camping and hiking. What's in your area within a half day drive so not to interfere with the kids' school? 

Have the kids plan with you.  What fun!

Play in your hobby industry when you want.  Remember as a kid you couldn't wait to dink around with your hobbies and interests?  And then we grow up and get married, do the job and kids things and somewhere in there the hobbies disappear?  An e-lifestyle allows you to get back to things you once enjoyed so much.

No boss.  No time schedule other than what you want to do.  The great thing about enjoying an e-lifestyle is that you can pick and choose what you want to do when you want to do it.  It's not that work suffers, it's just done when you're ready to do it.  You're an entrepreneur so you're responsible.  You know there's work to be done but you know that your faith, your family and your health come first.  You get your work done around your schedule, and it all gets done.

This is what an e-lifestyle is.

And It's available for anyone making the decision that it's what they want and then implementing a plan to get there.

We all have the same opportunity to create that in our lives. 

The question is what to do about it and how to get started. 

There are so many ways to get started with your e-lifestyle. 

I can share with you what I did to create mine as one option.  For me, I wanted to create multiple streams of income.  I was watching businesses fold, banks shut down, mega companies go under that have withstood the last 100 years.  I understood through watching our economy collapse that there was no guarantee about any one business staying around forever.  Things happen. 

I wanted to create income from online business opportunities.  I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket but also have a solid game plan so that I wasn't chasing too many rabbits.  Here's what I did and the programs I choose:

I choose ONE high ticket, high valued product to offer through the direct sales model. 

global resorts network

Global Resorts Network:  Unbelievable product and value for the consumer. 

I receive commissions of $1K, $3.250, and $7700. These kinds of one time commissions significantly impact the daily income.

Remember when I said to travel more and take vacations?  This membership will cause you to go on vacation.  Without it, vacationing is too expensive and you're family is cramped inside a little hotel room stepping over each other and suitcases.  The membership allows you to travel around the world and only pay $298-$799 for a 7 night resort stay… We're talking full furnished condos, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms with full kitchen, living rooms, a couple bathrooms, laundry, the works.  It's really like having a vacation home in over 5,000 locations worldwide.

These are timeshare properties WITHOUT owning the timeshares… Sneaky, I know.  We have the "hidden path" that nobody knows about and it causes families to travel and vacation because they can.  It's super inexpensive yet they stay in fabulous resorts. 


I choose tools and resources that helped me to learn how to market online, how to create and preserve my wealth and where I can quickly get the income I need to scale up my marketing on my businesses.

Here's what works for me and has given me the "college" education I need without the college tuition:

MyleadSystemPro - This is an attraction marketing system and includes capture pages, tracking, video hosting, fan page integration and several streams of income inside.  This is a platform for individuals who have a network marketing or MLM or even direct sales product and are trying to attract others for their business.

MLSP teaches you how to lead with value by having free giveaway trainings on how to market that you can utilize.

This is an affiliate program that pays out based on how many others you have referred.



elifestyleEmpower Network - This is everything you need to be successful online.  The company is an internet marketing training, leadership development and team building educational platform.

There are several products inside the company all offering 100% commissions and made up of several teams for working closely together.

Gives me the cash flow to promote the other business ventures without taking money from that to reinvest.   This has been the biggest and best resource that's allowed me to get where I wanted to be quickly.

I recommend this to absolutely everyone who wants to make money online.  This is an independent program regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar business, network marketing affiliations, you're a doctor, lawyer, hair dresser or just a mom or dad or college kid who wants to make money online.  It's cool.  And you can get started for just $25/mo plus $19.95/mo for your affiliate fee.   Learn more here.



The Elevation Group - gives me the strategies the ultra rich use to create and preserve wealth even if you have just a little bit of money to start with.  This is the education that the average kids growing up never hear about.  Using everyday financial vehicles to create and preserve wealth are shocking and simple when you learn the truth. 

Part of establishing your e-lifestyle is knowing what to do with your money, how to protect it from taxes, liabilities and wrong decisions.  You want to sleep well at night.  It's way more than just buying things and having material possessions.  You want to financially protect your family  and discover ways to take the money you create and get it safe and sound and working for you. 

You want to be able to take what you learn inside the Elevation Group and help your kids become millionaires.  This has been an invaluable resource for me.   This will educate you to some options and then you'll be able to have educated conversations with your personal planners.


This the lineup of programs and resources I use everyday.  I can't say enough good things about them.

Your interests and tools and resources may be very different than mine.  Go find what works for you.

The key behind an e-lifestyle is to get started.  You can't get to the finish line if you don't get started. 

Will you make mistakes?  I promise you will!

Will you feel like quitting sometimes?  I promise you will!

Will you get frustrated along the way?  I promise you will!

Will you get the other side of the rainbow?  Absolutely!  Just never quit.  It's SO worth the journey!

Set goals but don't give up if you don't achieve them on your time frame.  Just regroup and go back at it.

What's it worth to give yourself and your family an e-lifestyle? 

Only you can answer that but if you want it bad enough, you will be glad to roll up your sleeves, get started and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  Visualize being on the other side of all the blood, sweat and tears.

And really, it doesn't have to be that hard.  It's really about just taking action and being consistent.  That's all.

Consider every great businessman and woman. 

Consider every great athlete. 

Consider every great scholar. 

They paid a price of time, energy and money to get there.  

I failed when I got started and learned that failing is part of success.  No way around that.  I just picked myself up and went back at it.

I spent a lot of time and money on stuff that didn't work, on tools and resources I thought I'd use but turned out as I grew and used the tools, they weren't exactly what I wanted to use.  So I dumped those and experimented with others. 

I had setbacks.  I implemented wrong.  I didn't grasp technology quickly.  I struggled. I still struggle with that but It doesn't matter.  I've generated a full time e-lifestyle income being technically challenged and I'm a baby boomer on top of that!  I say that to inspire you.  I just never gave up on me. 

Had Empower Network been around when I got started, I would not have gone through all I did.  I'm so grateful for that program!

The reason people don't have the e-lifestyle is because they don't have the desire or energy to take the year, or 2 to figure this out.  Which is ironic.  People don't think twice about spending $120K to get through 6 years of college so they can go work a job for 40 years!

Why would they spend that time and money to learn a skillset  to feed their boss's dreams but not do that for themselves? I have no idea.  It's mind boggling. 

I was committed to spending whatever amount of time I needed to learn how to market online, how to set up automation and sales funnels and education for learning how.  Because then I would have time and financial freedom, security and unlimited options after that.  Unlike a college graduation certificate.

I choose to align my friendships with those who could support and encourage me, not shoot me and my dreams down.  I had to say good bye to those who poked fun at what I wanted to do with my life.

I bathed in personal development to rid myself of non-serving beliefs and fears and hangups about success, about money, about a lot of things.

It's never too late but if you don't take action and it's on your mind, it will haunt you all the days of your life.  You will regret never taking the chance to live the life of your dreams and provide for your family the things that only you could give them. 

Get started on your path to an e-lifestyle if that's what you really want.  Time is passing anyway.  You might as well be doing something that will leave a legacy for your family.

Find something you can be excited about offering to others.  You need a product or service.  So, what gifts and talents do you have that you can market?  Do you want to create your own products and services or do you want to join an affiliate program where the product and service is done, you just need to market it in exchange for commissions like I did?

Are you ready?

I'm a phone call or email away if you want to get started with anything I've got going.  Partner with me and let's get you going.



  1. Leroy says

    Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement.Your right on all accounts. I'm building my foundation of wisdom just in following you!! I get goose bumps just thinking of this E-life. talk soon and be blessed…………Leroy

  2. says

    Hi Debbie, I have to say I love what you write about and your efforts and commitment shows in everything you do, I have been interested in the precious metals market for some time now, almost 3 years and I was interested to find out more about "Preservation of Wealth" I think there may be a problem with your link and possibly your enrolment as I was going to sign up but your name was not found when I entered it on the replicated site and then I clicked on your join here link here on your blog and the page was not found? Please do get in touch or comment here with an affiliate ID – Thanks Paul

  3. says

    Hi Debbie,
    I came across this post from a re-tweet on your "When-To-Quit" post. Any-who, I see a pic on the right for the free "Mini-Guide to Creating an e-Lifestyle for the Milionaire Mindset" but there is no link or form to opt-in. PS. I'm already a member at EmpowerNetwork, so I don't need your emails on that, lol.
    Thanks, Jerry

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    whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your articles.
    Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are looking around for this information, you
    can aid them greatly.


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