What is Speed Blogging?

speed blogging

Speed Blogging

I first heard the term Speed Blogging during an Empower Network training inside the $15K Formula and I have to admit, I was intrigued by the term.

I enjoy blogging but there have been days I have found myself in front of the computer for hours trying to get content written and THEN getting everything 'just right'. 

Basically, I wasted the day and what should have taken me 30 minutes max… somehow I got lost in space, the time passed and 3 hours later or worse, I finally got my blog published.  

Note to self:  As my own boss, I should have fired me OR given me a warning!  

Ever done that?

When Chris was doing the training, I don't think he was coining the phrase speed blogging, but rather sharing with those on the webinar to conquer and still give value.  It was just a phrase he used.

Just for fun, I Googled 'Speed Blogging' to see if this was a trend or something for real and I didn't find much of anything pertaining to blog fast. 


So What is Speed Blogging?

Speed Blogging is sitting down at your computer and within 30 minutes you have turned out a value based and/or interesting and/or entertaining blog post worth reading, a photo or video tossed in, a call to action, and perhaps a bridge if necessary (I'll write another blog about what a bridge is).

Do you think you can do that?  I have tips below that will help you piece together your 30 minute and DONE, PUBLISHED blog post.



speed bloggingThe speed blogging challenge

1)  Write two blog posts a day for the next 7 days (to experience what it feels like and it's a short period of time to commit to).  

One blog will be for the public and one for your growing network marketing, affiliate or MLM team to help them in their business.  Now if you're reading this and are not interested in building a team, but rather you blog just to make money and not involve others, then you can still make two blog posts a day.  Write about anything you want.

2)  You have 30 minutes per blog at maximum… so this exercise will require no more than 1 hour a day.  It may challenge you at the beginning but if you train your mind to get it done and stay focused, you'll get quicker and it will become easier.  The goal here is to push yourself to get in and conquer so you can go about your day.

Note on my progress: since the challenge was put out to all members who have the $15K Formula to do that, I have been pretty successful.  It seems when I take longer than the 30 min. time limit we are working within, it's because I'm hunting around for a picture or video.  I will shore that up. 

On Sunday while on a mini vacation with family and friends and I was having to give up time to do something I really wanted to get my blog posts done.  That sucked, I can't lie.  So I only got one blog written.  And that was a choice I made to not meet the challenge.  I put my want above my commitment to the challenge. 

But…Here's how to fix that…

If you know you're going to be on vacation or maybe you work a job and you know it's not going to be possible to make two blogs a day and spend the hour because of a project you're working on, then plan ahead and take some extra time.. two or three hours ahead of time and get them written.  Put them in draft so all you have to do is login and publish.

Or, schedule them to auto publish.  You can do that you know!

(I could have done this had I had more than 24 hours to prepare.  I learned about the challenge the first day of my vacation.)

OH! SNAP!  Is that an excuse! 

uuhhh, yeah. Sure is!  And I don't buy it.  I COULD HAVE given up another 30 minutes to get it done. 

Oh the choices we make and what we call it in the name of saving our butt!  hahaha


Tips For Speed Blogging

#1  Forget perfection.  Most people can get their content written in 20 minutes but then they spend the next 2 hours trying to 'pretty it up'.  Let perfection go and focus on just getting out the value. 

#2  Know what you want to talk about and start writing from your heart.  Let it flow.  Let your true authentic self come out, like you're writing a letter to a friend.  It's this first flow of words that will be most heartfelt and what you really want to say.  Don't be afraid of it.

#3  As you write, write fast subtitles for your paragraphs and these can be your H2 tags.

#4  For your team training blogs, you can forget adding a picture, they need the content, not the pretty.

#5  Get your mindset focused before you start.  Turn off Facebook, your phone, and Skype.  Clear your mind and put your FOCUS hat on.  Know what you want to say, and say it.  Remind yourself this …

"You have 30 minutes to knock this out.  Focus… GO!"

#6  Have a pre-written call to action that you can copy and paste at the bottom of your blog posts.  For example, one of my closings you will see below because I'm going to give you a call to action for real.  I'm going to ask you to join Empower Network and tell you exactly how to do that. 

Perhaps have a couple of call to actions handy and ready to go so each is appropriate for your content.  Know what action you want your readers to take before you write.  Write with the end result in mind.  There are many different action steps you may want your reader to take.  What is it?

  • To join your list?
  • To watch a video?
  • To leave a comment?
  • To buy a product or service?
  • To call you?
  • To read another article?

What is it you want your reader to do.  You may want to have a couple of the pre-written Calls To Action handy so for the most part, you can copy and paste one of them into your blog at the end.

#7  Using images and videos can shorten up your actual writing time because it takes up space on your blog post writing area.  It's fast and simple because gosh, its more copy and paste.  This also makes it visually appealing for your readers. My favorite place to grab a picture is freedigitalphotos.net.  They are free and you can usually find whatever you're looking for.

#8  Keep your blog posts short and sweet.  If you find your content is getting long and you still have stuff to say, continue it on Part 2 and finish up.  Then create your second blog.  

#9  Write about trending topics.  This removes the creative burden from you and allows you to fly through a blog post. 

For example…

 – Go to YouTube.com/charts and find trending videos.  These are videos that are going viral.  Watch one, copy and paste the embed code into a blog post, make a few comments about your opinion and publish.  Done.

 – Go to Mashable, Linked In, Facebook and see what everyone is talking about.  Write about that and copy and paste some great content already written with a link back to the author so you make sure you're giving credit appropriately.


Speed Blogging Summary

What you learned in this blog is that it's totally possible to crank out a blog post in less than 30 minutes a day through focusing on these tips:

* letting perfection go

* using videos and images to help make your point

* let your feelings and thoughts flow

*  keep your blog posts short and sweet

* have calls to actions pre-written for fast copy and paste

* Remove all distractions.

* Be aware of your time frame that you've set for yourself to conquer and focus, focus, focus!  You can do what you put your mind to!


Speed Blogging With Me

speed blogging

Join me on this speed blogging challenge and we can crank out more content in a shorter period of time and create stronger results while freeing up time to do others things beside sit and blog all day.  The idea is to get used to it, and then commit to it for the long run.


If you blog but are struggling to make money, I recommend you seriously take a look at Empower Network.  Empower Network is an internet marketing training and personal development company who happens to offer a "done for you blog" as their first core product. (You can see mine here)

One of the products inside the Empower Network is a 'how to' training course that took 3 months to put together hosted by top industry leaders on what's working to generate leads, traffic and sales, leadership, mindset and team building to name a few.   This is the $15K Formula (teaching how to make $15K a month online) I referred to earlier.

Join Empower Network and come join the community.

Here’s what to do next.

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After you watch it the video, you’ll be ready to join and have your blog already done and set up for you.  Login and just start blogging about whatever you’re passionate about.

I have lots of ideas we can kick around so be sure and hit me up after you get started.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having you a part of our team!


  1. says

    That is really a novel idea!!! I'm going to try it. I can't seem to churn them out lately – too many distractions lately. Thanks, Debbie. I'll give it a try – but not as many as you suggest.

  2. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Wow, I love the idea of Speed Blogging and boy have I struggled with this topic! The thought of doing a post in 30 minutes has never seemed possible, but your tips here make me think otherwise.
    Coming up with quality content and pictures always slows me down. Thanks for the great ideas on where to go for content and pictures. I wasn't aware of free digital photos. I am anxious to check them out and also to put your challenge into action!
    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Richard,  awesome!  I've loved speed blogging and although I've tripped up a few times, I'm getting better and better at 'just getting it done'.  It's really a mindset thing and being able to just flow from the heart, get it out on paper, pop a picture, give a call to action and DRAFT.,.. run through a check to make sure it's not super corny :) and then publish. 

    You can do it! 

    Glad you found the tips helpful and thanks for sharing. 


  4. Thomas Clark says

    Hi Debbie,
    Great challenge. It certainly is easier then we make it out to be isn't it. Am looking forward to sticking with the challenge and joining in on the fun. Have a wonder-filled and Happy New Year.


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