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What Is Empower Network?

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what is empower network

"What is Empower Network?"

Empower Network is an affiliate program that pays you 100% commissions rather than the standard 20-50% typically offered. 

The products are tools and educational materials which I share with you below.  

Also is a video explaining what and how Empower Network is.

What is Empower Network Products? 

At the time of this writing, there are 4 products, and more scheduled for release in the future. 

The 4 Empower Network products are:

1)  A blogging platform which requires no set up and is already optimized for search engine optimization and has your banners linked to your affiliate page.  This runs $25/mo.   The benefits to blogging on this platform which includes your hosting, is that it's an aged blog (8 years old) which Google likes.  It's also got over 4,000 bloggers on it at the time of this writing and is viewed as an authority site.  This will help you to rank for your keywords and keyword phrases faster.  As people find your content through search engines, they will read your content and either read and leave, read and buy what you're offering or see the banners on top and on the side and click through to learn more and perhaps also purchase the EN products.

2)  Inner Circle audio trainings which are added to all the time.  These are leaders in the industry sharing what they do to be successful.  This runs $100/mo.  This serves anyone who wants to learn how to market online and the mindsets and strategies used.  Your business will only grow as you grow as a business person.  This means you must keep your thoughts, mindset and belief in yourself up where it needs to be.  If you miss this, you are staging your failure. 

3)  Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive which is 12 hours of video training recordings.  The trainings took place in Costa Rica summer of 2011 and 10 people spent $3,000 to attend.  Inside is training on how to build a business, both online and offline.   Empower Network members can purchase it for just $500.   Everything from personal branding, to outsourcing is included in this course.

4)  $15K a month course on how to accomplish that within 90 days.  Inside is training on various marketing strategies.  One time payment of $1,000. 

Watch this video where David Wood, co-founder of Empower Network shares what Empower Network is. 


I hope this answered your question, "What is Empower Network?"

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