What Is Empower Network?


what is empower network

What Is Empower Network?

What is Empower Network?   It’s an home based business training company that offers program and resources for education and business building.

It’s focus is on personal development and breakthroughs, empowerment and leadership development which is what people need the most for growth to step into their greatness and move forward building whatever business they want.

It’s flagship product is the exclusive WordPress blogging platform called the Kalatu Branding Station by which members are taught how to blog about passions and interests and make money doing that.

The other four products are:

  • Personal Development Inner Circle audios
  • Top Producer Formula course
  • Team Building course
  • Mass Influence course

Empower Network launched on October 31, 2011 and today remains the fastest growing and largest network marketing company in history.

What is Empower Network’s uniqueness?  

Many things.  But here’s a handful

1)  Leadership at the Helm.

It’s the top leadership and mission of the company.  It’s the people at the top who love the people down to the newest member.

2)  Well paying Affiliate program.

It’s an affiliate program that pays you 70% commissions rather than the standard 20-50% typically offered.

3)  Culture

It’s a positive culture of authenticity, acceptance and where everyone is welcome.

4)  Community and focus on personal growth

It’s a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are learning more about themselves than they ever knew.  This allows them to break through strongholds and belief systems about their abilities encompassing the things that have held them back most, if not all, of their life from going after what they want, pursuing their dreams and enjoying success.

Empower Network Review Mission Statement

Empower Network’s Mission Statement

I think to ask the question, What is Empower Network? and not share with you their mission statement would be a disservice.

As taken from the Empower Network website, here’s its mission statement:

The word “empower” means to give ability to; enable or permit. This is a key element to Empower Network’s mission, dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers.

Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the same time, Empower Network believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

Since Empower Network’s founding in 2011, the company has enabled more than 150,000 people to launch their dreams. People who have struggled for years in business are having success with the help of the opportunities Empower Network provides. Customers searching for simple and honest marketing systems and training programs are having breakthroughs and getting results with Empower Network’s products. Most importantly, Empower Network’s members are finding purpose in business and life through attending our events and interacting with the Empower Network community and leadership.

What Is Empower Network:  Empower Network Review

I have written an Empower Network Review that gives you information on the products and my personal experience with the company.  You can read that review here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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