What Does Mindset Have To Do With Anything?

debbie turnerI did some thinking this morning as I was out getting in a little 2 mile run which is dinky… I know. 

Especially in light of the fact I used to be able to slam 10 miles a day, 6 days a week.  

I was addicted to the feeling of euphoria and of well being I had as I showered up after a good run. 

Remembering those feelings and the energy I had is part of the anticipation of my current journey, which is loosing 40 lbs and returning to a strong fitness ethic. 

FIRST WEEK RESULTS:  I'm down 6 pounds and 1 full pant size in just one week through the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge.

I'm well on the way to achieve my body restoration goals and fully expect to be where I want to be by Summer.  And I can't wait!  And I'm loving the journey. 

If you haven't heard my story, here's why I joined ViSalus.

Restoring my body to it's full health capacity requires me… not anyone else… but me, myself and I alone, to set my mindset to release the weight, stay committed to my goal, remain consistent and persistent and take daily actions to succeed. 

You know what's cool?  It's oddly easy once the decision is made. 

Thinking back, I remember the last mile of those daily 10 always being the most difficult but I think that's because my mindset was geared for "10 miles". 

If I had set my goal and mindset for 12 miles a day, then mile 10 would not have been a problem and it would come and gone just as easy as mile 4… and then mile 12 would have been the most difficult.  Not sure why that was for me, other than it seemed the longest mile and in my mind…. I was coming to the end which told my body "hey, we're gonna be stopping in a minute so you can prepare to relax". 

I remember talking myself through that last minute saying…

"this is the pay dirt baby!  Run hard and finish strong!" 

And I always did. 

And I would always try to beat my time so each day was a mini competition within myself to shave off a few seconds from the last run.

I also remember days when I didn't feel like running.  But I got started anyway.  And I said to myself,

"Girl… you are going to run because it's good for you.  And you can take your time and dilly dally jog and it's going to take you an hour, or, you can kick it in gear and be done and cooled down and showered up in that period of time.  What's it going to be?"

Our minds are powerful when it comes to controlling our bodies, our actions and belief systems. 

Our bodies, behaviors and actions will respond to what our mind tells it to do and what our mind gives us permission to do.  And, what not to do.  

If we want to get different results in our lives, we have to set our mind on the right temperature before we do anything if we want to reach that goal. 

And this is what I was thinking about on my morning jog.  You see, last year  I toyed with the idea of getting back that energy and drive and the addictiveness for well being last year but my mind wasn't fully in the game.  So I self-sabotaged. 

Simply put… The WORDS that came out of my mouth said "I want to loose weight and get back into shape" …

But my MIND said, "well, it's a great idea but really, it's gonna require you putting away those cheese and crackers and you love, love, love those especially late at night and you probably really don't want to give that up" AND… you are already busy so what are you going to give up to get your exercise time in?"

What I did was justified "why" I couldn't (or flat out wouldn't) do what I knew I needed to do… which was stop reaching for the breads and start reaching for life giving foods and get myself out and exercise.   Now I'm fully IN THE GAME to win and my weight and inches lost are the direct results that occur naturally when the mindset is property set and in control.

The same is true of your business.

If you want to achieve success, you have to FIRST set the mindset thermometer.  The mindset will be affirmed and committed something like this:

  • I am in the process of succeeding in my home based business.
  • I can and will press through any challenges no matter what, no matter who and I'll win this game.
  • I deserve to have all that I dream and desire.
  • I am not afraid to take risks to ensure a great life for myself.
  • I do not care what my family and friends think about me and what I'm doing.  I'm doing this for myself and my family and I will succeed
  • I am putting in the time and energy, setting aside old habits to accomplish my goals.
  • I have a "can do" attitude and am an aggressive problem solver.
  • I fill my head with positive reading and audios as I understand what goes in, comes out.

And you can finish this list….

The point is…

Whether it's a total restoration of your body and health…

Whether it's about starting a home based business and going all out for success this time…

Whether it's sitting down to finally write that book…

Whether it's putting a relationship back together…

Whether it's picking up a musical instrument…

Whether it's learning to play a new sport or the game of chess…

Once you set your mind to do something, you will accomplish it.

I believe in you even if you don't believe in yourself… YET.  I say yet because if you're willing to explore a successful entrepreneurial journey, it MUST start with your mindset.  And if you're committed to that, there's nothing that can stop you! 

As you begin to read and fill your mind with life giving words, thoughts and beliefs, your reality will come into existence through your actions and daily MO.


  1. Ramon says

    I totally agree with you.  Attitude is everything.  Just like what Tony Robbins said "You should be like a rubber ball".  You have to bounce back.  If you're down you should always get up.  If nothing is happening the way things you want it.  It only means one thing.  You are just a few millimeters away from making it happen.      

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