What Does Attribution Mean in Marketing?


What Does Attribution Mean In Marketing?

What does attribution mean in marketing?  That was my question when I first started creating my website, blog and ebooks back in 2007.  I was a rookie, I was excited about my new business adventure and I didn’t give much thought about where to find images to use in my marketing.  Well, at least the legal aspect of it.

Websters defines attribution as:

 the ascribing of a work (as of literature or art) to a particular author or artist

In simple marketing terms, it means to not use any images without giving credit to the one who took the photo.

One time early on in my marketing career, I had used a picture of dancers and performers in Brazil on my travel blog as I was writing an article about a specific festival they participated in every year.

A few months later I received an email ….. all the way from Brazil ….. from the person who took the picture and was told me to remove it immediately.

I was shaken to the bone to say the least.  I was surprised they knew about it.

I removed it STAT!

That experience was a huge wake up call for me to never try and get away with using images that I don’t have permission to use.  I wasn’t trying to get away with anything, I just hadn’t given thought to the serious consequences of using others’ images without permission.

This person was nice about it in only telling me to remove the picture.  Probably most people would simply ask you to remove the image or to add attribution to it, but not always.  There are others who will simply go after you for the money and it will be a costly mistake.  Don’t play with fire.

I’m grateful for an early understanding of how important following the rules of copyrighting and attribution are and how easy it is to stay out of trouble just doing it the right way.Y

After all, the last thing you want to do is find yourself at your mailbox holding a love letter with a cease and desist from an attorney along with a fine of thousands of dollars for using an image you had no permission to use or you used it without attribution.

So, if you’re using a photo based on giving attribution, make sure you do that.

Easy enough, yes?

How Do You Give Attribution?

You give attribution by simply giving credit to the photographer on the same page as the picture is posted.  You can say,

“Photo by (name of photographer).

You want to read the permission usage for each photo.  Sometimes just acknowledging the name of the photographer is enough.  Other times, they want you to also link to the website where you got the photo from showing their gallery of images.  If they want you to link it, generally they will tell you how to word it and where to link it to.

Example of NO attribution permission looks like this:

http://Pixabay.com.  The image above, I got from there.  On this image, it’s a creative commons image which means I didn’t have to give any attribution. Here’s the link to the image so you can see how the permission usage it reads.  You’ll notice nowhere on this blog post do I mention “photo by____”

Example of MUST give attribution looks like this:

http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/  This site does not charge you if you give attribution.  They will tell you how to word your attribution and in fact, give you the copy and paste to get it done.  They also have an option if you want to buy the photo you can and in this case, no attribution is required.

Finding Databases of Free Downloadable Images To Use In Marketing

If you’re looking for how to find free images to use in your marketing, I put together a short list for reference.  But still, always read the terms and conditions for usage.

What Does Attribution Mean In Marketing Summary

Basically my friends, be careful to understand the permissions usage for any pictures you want to use in your marketing.  If it requires giving attribution, be sure and give credit where credit is due and state who the photographer is.  If required, link to the photo or website they are asking you to link to.  If you don’t want to do this, don’t use the picture.

Using images in your marketing is important.  Your readers will enjoy your content more because we as humans are visual beings.  Just do it the right way.  Here’s a few websites you can find images that I use often.

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