WebProsperity Launches In Less Than 20 Hours…

Are you feeling the rush building up?…

The WebProsperity Founders’ Launch takes off in less than 20 hours.

Make sure you are in front of your computer and check your email tomorrow, Tuesday at 12 Noon EST (9 AM Pacific, 5 PM UK, 6 PM Europe). If you are in Asia or Australia, due to the time-zone difference it will effectively be January 14th for you (1 AM Hong Kong/Singapore, 2 AM Tokyo, 4 AM Sydney).

I’m more than excited to report to you that we’ve hit 92,500 members and it looks like we’ll sign up 100,000th member before the Launch.

Here’s what you can do to prepare yourself for the Launch:

  1. Make the final promotional push before the Launch, and send a mailing to your list. Promote your personal WebProsperity site. Get them warmed up. Get them excited. Get them to participate. Help us reach 100,000 people for the biggest launch in the history of Internet Marketing.
  2. Get the answers you need. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page posted on the WebProsperity blog. I’m sure it’ll get many of your questions answered.
  3. Watch my video interview “WebProsperity with Jeromy Stallings and David D’Arcangelo” on YouTube. (it was recorded a few days ago, so the 70,000 people number is outdated… we’re about to hit 100,000 people in the next couple of hours)
  4. Make sure you’re READY, focused and at your computer: Tuesday, January 13th at 12 Noon EST (9 AM Pacific, 5 PM UK, 6 PM Europe). If you’re in Australia/Asia, that’s January 14th (1 AM Hong Kong/Singapore, 2 AM Tokyo, 4 AM Sydney). This Launch is set in stone, and there will be no further extensions. Don’t miss it.
  5. Watch out for the email message announcing the commencement of the WebProsperity Founders’ Launch. IMPORTANT! The email will contain a link that you should follow in order to secure your position and lock-in your Membership. You may also go to your personal WebProsperity homepage where you sign people up, and hit the “Activate” button (this will not appear before the Launch).
  6. Enter your WebProsperity username (same as in your http://username.WebProsperity.com website) and choose your Builder Package:
    • The Elite Builder at $59.95/mo offers unlimited earnings potential, gives you commissions on up to 15 levels and gives you access to all 6 high-powered tools.
    • The Premium Builder at $29.95/mo locks your earnings in at a $10,000 per month maximum, gives you commissions on up to 10 levels and offers the basic tools.IMPORTANT! Have your VISA/Mastercard credit/debit card or AMEX card handy to proceed with your secure order form purchase. These are the only accepted payment methods. We do not accept PayPal or non-VISA / non-Mastercard debit cards like Maestro, Solo, Switch etc.
  7. Fill in the secure order form and ride the tidal wave…

Stay humble. Stay aggressive.

See you tomorrow!

Yours In Success,

David D’Arcangelo
Founder/Team Leader

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