Web Prosperity – An Initial Disappointment For Many Internet Marketers


NO on WebProsperity

Many of you are waiting for my review of WebProspertity before the end of the month when the need to pay and sign up preserves your position in the company.  I tried to get this to you in a timely manner so you could make a decision.

I couldn’t hardly wait to get into my WebProsperty website and play with all the new tools.  I had been preparing to cancel many of the services I use a la carte with promises that everything I need is in the WebProsperity toolbox.

The launch opened on Tuesday at noon, I paid my fees and took my place.  I’ve spent the last couple of days looking over the program and the more I got into it, the more I was disappointed.

I knew that we had 14 days to determine whether we wanted the system or not so I felt comfortable offering it to my customers based on the people behind the system and even the big internet marketers who were endorsing it.  There was 100,000 internet marketers lined up for this service with big hopes that it would be everything we dreamed about.

However, that being said, at this point I cannot endorse it or recommend it.

To be frank with you, regardless of whether this offered a business opportunity behind it or not, I would have purchased it for use because of the monthly savings I was anticipating.

But I would have believed that David D’Arcangelo, would not have put his name to something of this quality.


Here’s my specific disappointments:

1)  My main concern was that WebProsperity MEETING would be equivalent to gotowebinar which I’m currently paying $100/month for.  I’ve not been able to figure it out but have heard from others that it didn’t function for many.  There were those that experienced bugs with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers and on computers running XP and Vista.  Supposedly these issues have been resolved, but I can’t be sure.

2)  Then, my growing disatisfaction was with the realization that the suite of tools was really only of use to promote WebProsperity as a business opportunity. It seemed in prelaunch that this was going to be a great internet marketing tool kit for use in whatever I choose to market. In so doing, that in itself, made the business opportunity appear to have REAL VALUE.

3)  WebProsperity CONTACT, is all about emailing ‘My Downline’ (WP downline). And campaign settings are only of use in relation to the capture widget on the Web Prosperity sales page. (Capture widgets can be set up on other websites but only for WP MLM and one other option). I would have expected be able to create as many independent capture pages and related autoresponder emails as I wanted.

I had expected a fully engaged autoresponder with tracking and web form creation. However, it turns out to be just a contact managment system with the ability to email my list.  Too basic.  Not functional for internet marketers.

4)  I have not played with it personally, but I’ve received feedback that WebProsperity MEDIA was good, although rather out of date in not matching up with the HD dimensions of YouTube.

5)  I did begin to enter contacts and set up my calendar because I did need a way to organize my prospects.  I found that the calendar was difficult to read at a glance and I had to toggle between windows when using my calendar and seeing the details of the person who had an appointment.  It is not cutting edge.  Old school and I would have expected something much better than that.

If WebProsperity steps up to the plate and delivers what over 100,000 internet marketers need and anticipated receiving, I’ll let you know.  Right now, it’s 2 thumbs down.

Luckily there is there a money-back guarantee. If you have signed up as a paid member I recommend you act quickly and claim your unconditional 15-days money back guarantee before the 15 days runs out.  If others are feeling cheated the same as I am, there’s going to be lots of refunds having to be issued so don’t put it off.

To ask for a refund you will need to log into your WP account and in the Dashboard page you will see HELP on the top menu. Select CONTACT US, enter your name, email and choose Billing Issues in the Select Category window. Type Refund in subject line, request refund and cancellation of account in the question area and MOST IMPORTANT, paste in your Transaction ID as copied from your email receipt of payment. That should do it. (And press send)

I will continue to monitor the product wesite and if I find that it becomes a valuable tool for business owners, I’ll be sure and let you know.

I understand all companies on startup have their bugs to work out, but this seems more like overall lack of promised services than bugs.

I hear that another office system is coming out in March and it’s already been confirmed that GoToMeeting has been retained as the webinar hosting company.  I’ll let you know more about that as I hear.



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    Hi Debbie,

    I’m really glad you posted this review, and I’ll tell you why it was important. I felt a bit ripped off After I paid my money and saw the tools available. They were very basic and, honestly, things I already had. I was having buyers remorse and wondering if I really felt strongly about going out and promoting this opportunity when I wasn’t excited about it myself. You validated that instinct I had, number one, and more importantly, you reminded me that I could get a refund. Even if this turns out to an amazing program, I am sure it’s not the right time for me and I’m going to concentrate on my main business that I am involved in currently. Thanks again…

  2. says

    Thanks for posting this review, Debbie. I am disappointed, because I was looking forward to a less-expensive alternative to GoToWebinar. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

  3. says

    Great information Debbie. It’s only a real savings if you are getting the same quality of service for the same amount of money or less. Hopefully, they will eventually be able to deliver what is promised!


  4. says

    Hello Debbie,

    Thanks for the reviews on both WebProsperity and PPC Domination and your candor. I had little doubt that the Dillard/Yaghi product would be great and I am glad you were one of those who tested it early on and got favorable results.

    There was so much early hype on WP (I almost hate using that acronym since it’s more often associated with WordPress) on the other hand, that I decided to let the dust settle before I got took anytime to check it out. Though I have seen a couple of people make short positive statements about it, your review is the second detailed appraisal and you both raised the same issues.

    Thanks for the insight,
    Jim Hickey

  5. says

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for the bad and the good news. I was hoping for better news on WebProsperity. It sounded like a cost savings that we all need this year.

    Mike Dillard’s programs have always been great. Thanks for sharing the good news.

    Debbie, I’ll be talking with you soon.

    Marcilyn (Marci) Johnson

  6. says


    I would have to agree with most everything you said in the post. We were very excited to eliminate many of the tools we were currently using but WP has not delivered as of yet on this platform.

    Thanks for the Post..

    Eric Green AKA
    The Digital Gangster

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    I have been thinking on this dilemma as well and your post made me realize that I need to get a post out to my list ASAP. Thanks for your honest review. I concur 100%.

    Though they did an incredible marketing campaign. I too was disappointed in the system and the supposed tools that just are not up to par with what I needed to replace.

  8. Cherie King says

    Hi Debbie,

    I do admit that I had some initial disappointments as well, but I just wanted to clarify one thing:

    In order to use the autoresponder for other campaigns, you have to click on “Contact” and then at the bottom, click the blue button that says, “Advanced” (or something like that). Then you can set up campaigns just like in Get Response. I have already created several campaigns in mine and created videos on YouTube of how to get your campaigns set up:

    As for the meeting tool, they said they are working on putting the online meeting tool in there.

    I have been writing to them and expressing things they need to bring attention to and it seems they are listening and making necessary changes and as you stated, working out bugs.

    Now MY main disappointments were:

    1. The fact that there is not a more generic webform. I mean, the ones they have are nice, but I’d prefer to not have it clash with the theme and color scheme of my web pages. I wrote them about that and they said they are going to consider a more generic form.

    2. The fact that they took as long as they did with the pre-launch and did not get all (or most) of this worked out.

    3. That I have to wait for the web meeting feature to be added…but they promised it WILL be added.

    So, I plan to give them at least 30 days and then go from there as to if I will continue on with them or not.

    Cherie King

  9. Cherie King says


    I also wanted to inquire as to if you, Debbie, or any other unsatisfied marketers have taken the approach to actually contact the people at Web Prosperity with these concerns as I have?

    I mean,how can we expect them to know and hear our concerns and demands if we blog about them to our lists but not say anything directly to THEM (and I don’t mean Mark Call’s blog either but the actual company)?

    I plan to send them links to this blog and others I’ve seen so they can KNOW that they are not dealing ONLY with new-to-Internet-marketing newbies…but a bunch of seasoned Internet Marketers who were expecting more…how about you all?

    I’m sure if they hear from enough of us, then they’ll get things taken care of.

    What do you think?


  10. Charles Graham says

    Thanks for the post on WP Debbie,

    I’m betting that some wise entrepreneurs see an opportunity to put together a real suite of tools and mop up the floor with Web Prosperity’s blunder. (if they get it right)

    Thanks again,

    Charles Graham

  11. says

    I had a bad feeling about this one. There was just too much hype. I am sorry that it was such a disappointment, Debbie. I will post a link to your blog in my Warning group.

    I hope the same does not go for me2everyone :(

    Thanks, Debbie.

    Lea Charlton

  12. Mary Potter says

    I am very pissed off for buying into this opportunity and spending a wasteful sum on PPC campaign for this. Furthermore, I have loads of explanation and an apology to my list, not to mention that my list is now with Webprosperity’s uplines. So, I do feel extremely cheated.

  13. says

    Mary, You are not alone. Hopefully you told your list that they have a 15 day free review and test is out. That’s what I did and most of my list as well. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

    What I found and have learned from these kinds of things is to just be honest with your list and tell them it’s not what it was suppose to be. I think this was the biggest in the history of network marketing as far as prelaunch which shows you how many network marketers and internet marketers were really counting on this. I saw big names endorse it, can you imagine how they feel!

    Anyway, I see that as an open door and good testing grounds for a guru internet marketer developer to give the network marketers what they want. Maybe someone will come out with something great we can all be proud of and save us tons of money each month.

  14. says

    Yes, we have Cherie, you bet we did! They are taking into consideration our concerns and disappointments but only time will tell and see if they step up to the plate.

  15. Mary Potter says

    It is alright, Debbie. Perhaps a lesson to learn is not to expose your list in an MLM-type opportunity. It did not cross my mind that my uplines will have access to my list but I do not have access to my uplines’ list.
    Another rip-off is that the uplines also do not have full access of the list either, which means they have access to send to the list but do not have the email addresses.

    This could most likely mean one thing. Webprosperity is holding on to all the email addresses, whether paid or unpaid members.

    Now, what could this mean? I wonder.

  16. says


    Thanks for the post.

    I was very disappointed with this over hyped junk.

    I cant believe I signed up.

    Still wiating for a refund 8 days after cancelling, hopefully it will come.

    Thanks for getting the word out, I am sure they have had multiple cancellations.

    Craig Allom

  17. says


    Well, remember, we all, 100,000 internet marketers thought it would be something different. To me, it wasn’t about hype, it was about trusting a name behind a product that it would be something really special to save us money and be more efficient in our businesses.

    Send another email to support to follow up on your refund.

    Craig, I appreciate your input and feelings here. Let me know if I can do anything for ya. Have a beautiful day.


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