Visionary Entrepreneurship

visionary entrepreneurship

Visionary Entrepreneurship is what makes each of us unique and powerful in our journey for business success.

You know, many people make resolutions every January 1st in hopes for a better year.  They seek changes for a better quality and a deeper purpose in their lives. 

With the first month of 2013 under our belts, how are we measuring up to our resolutions?

Most will have long fallen off the wagon, while a few have stuck to their guns and are creating the life they see for themselves.

The entrepreneur sets goals for the new year, both financially and productivity wise, however, without being a visionary, accomplishing those may never come to pass.

Here's why.

Establishing resolutions alone is no more than wishful thinking.  There's no 'power' behind them, thus, it's not  enough to simply make resolutions.  For example if you just resolve:

"I'm going to lose 30 lbs this year"

"I'm going to quit smoking."

"I'm going to run a 10K marathon."

"I'm going to start a home based business."

"I'm going to earn $30K a month through my entrepreneurial endeavor."

…that's all fine, but take it a step further. 

"WHY" do you want to do what you want to do?

And it can't be an off the cuff… "because I want to."

You MUST take it a step further.  I've discovered this myself this past year.  For example, last year I made resolutions with well intended plans.  However, during the year, my plans were glitched and because my vision wasn't strong enough, I gave no weight to my resolution commitment. 

This is the very reason why resolutions alone are not enough. 

Resolutions without visions and a strong enough WHY, will pull you off the wagon and not give you enough power to get back on and ride to your desired end result. 

What happens after that is you then get frustrated and wonder why you never seem to break through to the next level. 

However, if you have a clear vision, your plans cannot be thwarted, no matter what comes at you!


A Visionary Entrepreneur Is Crystal Clear


A visionary entrepreneur sees crystal clear, where they are going and what their future looks like.   It doesn't matter what happens along the way, what others think or say or do, what failures trip you up… you get back up and stay in the game. 

visionary entrepreneur

I've spent a significant amount of of time deep sea fishing off the coast of Cabo and I'd spend hours bringing in a 60 lb marlin.  The marlin's fight to survive and be let loose was unbelievable. 

It would not give up. 

It kept fighting. 

It stayed in the game. 

It refused it give in to captivity or worse.

Now I'm a 'catch and release' fisherman but the marlin didn't know that!  One thing the marlin did know for sure however, was it wanted freedom!  It was focused on getting out of the situation it was it in.   Nothing else mattered to it!

And that's the kind of resolve, focus and commitment you must have as a visionary entrepreneur

Know exactly what you want. 

See it.

Dream it.

Experience it.

Fight for it.


What is it that you REALLY WANT?  I'll share mine… and you can leave me a comment below and tell me yours.

For me…I've discovered that my purpose and passion is to be able to impact the lives of thousands of people in different ways.


1)  To inspire them through my story.  Inspiration goes a long way in helping people to stay in the game and not give up on what they want in life.  How wonderful it is to know that someone else didn't quit because they read my story and saw that I came out the other side of hard stuff and landed on my feet.

2)  To be able to financially intercede for my family in securing a comfortable lifestyle, helping my kids with their businesses and dreams and seeing my folks retire in style.

3)  To be able to provide food and water and medical for people who are dying in poverished countries.

4)  To be able to help women who find themselves divorced and starting over at 45, feeling alone and hopeless, find themselves again.

5)  To be able to provide an entrepreneurial platform for high school aged foster children who's parental rights have been terminated with no promise of adoption, be able discover and release their inner creativity and greatness for a bright future of freedom and choices other than the 9-5 gig.

It's THESE things that keep me moving forward NO MATTER WHAT.

  • No matter if others say I can't do something.
  • No matter if my friends make jokes about my business.
  • No matter what the odds are.
  • No matter if my ads aren't working.
  • No matter if my blogs are not ranking.
  • No matter if the last $2,000 I've spent on marketing has resulted in zero return
  • No matter if YouTube shuts down my channel.
  • No matter if Facebook closes me down.
  • No matter if my downline quits.
  • No matter if I have marketing dollars to spend or not.
  • No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT.

I know what my passion and purpose is and I must fulfill it.


Steve Jobs – A Visionary Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs had a vision.  He knew what he saw and he knew it was possible.

People scoffed at his vision.

They told him what he wanted to do could not be done.

He refused to listen and followed his heart to fulfill his vision.

Steve Jobs was a Visionary Entrepreneur.  Watch this trailer.


Becoming a Visionary Entrepreneur

It's possible if you're reading this, a couple of things may be going on….

1)  You are stuck in a rut and WANT to be a visionary entrepreneur but don't have the energy, the know how to get there, the clear vision needed and as a result, you simply stay stagnant.

2)  Because you are stagnant and can't seem to move forward, you're more likely to be depressed.

3)  You have hit a wall and have achieved some success but you're you can't move past it.


Here's THE strategy for forward movement from where you are which I received my from my 7 figure a year mentor.

1)  Take some time and focus on your dream.

2)  Step into that dream.  See it… feel it… smell it… be there.  Step into the future NOW.

3)  Stay there for awhile.  Go there often. 

4)  Believe in yourself and what's possible.

5)  Stay strong in personal development

6)  Hang out with those who have already arrived at where you want to be.



Visionary Entrepreneurship Training

Empower Network has been the most influential training I've received in personal development and leadership growth.  If you're looking to move forward in building any business, or just discovering your inner power, I recommend you join Empower Network

The sky's the limit with this company.  It's really more of a movement and culture… and definitely a breeding ground for you to learn how to become that visionary entrepreneur.  I'm truly grateful for having been involved and I know you will be too.  In fact, my guess, is it's exactly what you've been looking for.

Here's what to do next.

1)   Watch this 29 minute video on Empower Network.

2)  At the end of the movie, you'll want to join.  Do that.

3)  Login to your back office, get "ALL IN", meaning get all the products and don't hesitate.  Invest in yourself, in your future and watch yourself become that visionary entrepreneur come out. 

See you at the top!


What do you really want to do when money is no longer an obstacle?  Leave me a comment and share your visionary entrepreneurship result.

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