Unstoppable Entrepreneur Film Documentary

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  I watched the first film documentary this last night before I went to bed and then couldn't sleep. 
What I saw and heard I not only related to but it stirred my own entrepreneurial spirit.  I laid awake for hours replaying it in my mind and understanding the unstoppable desire that keeps me pressing forward, regardless of my circumstances.
It awakened any part of that entrepreneurial spirit within me that was sleeping.  Sometimes when we are going along day to day and believing that we're on the right track, working hard, growing slowly but surely, something like this film comes along and wakes you up, kicks you in the butt, and puts your "get going" in overdrive. 
I suppose that's what happened to me.  It was 10:30 pm, I was tired, ready to hit the sack and thought, "I'll just check this out for a minute and head to bed".  Well, it captured me and jolted me to fully awake.
There's millions of people who attempt business in one way or the other and fails.  They try again and fail.  They try a third time and fail.  It's no surprise that that's when they quit, if they haven't already. 
Being an unstoppable entrepreneur is when one gets up more times than they fall.   Jonathan Budd had this to say early on in part 1 of the film documentary:
Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur is NOT about…..

>> What school you came from
>> It doesn't have anything to do with having rich parents
>> It's not about what you intellectually know
>> Or a good business idea that you have
>> Or listening to your favorite tapes all the time
>> Or getting your masters degree
>> Or even setting your goals

If you want to reach the state where absolutely NOTHING can stop you from creating your greatest visions in life, there's only ONE WAY to it. You must go DEEP within.

Budd went on to say:

>> Being a successful entrepreneur isn't about who you were.
>> It's not about where you came from in the past.
>> It's not about what you can get, what you have or even who you know.
>> The true power that moves through us is responsible for us manifesting our dreams, does not come from some THING OUTSIDE of ourselves it is completely within us.

"It is there, dormant, inside of all human beings waiting to be activated. It is the same power that was within Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa and it's within you and it's within me. All we need to do is wake up to it and discover how to utilize this innate power within us all and focusing clearly in the direction of our visions.

When you start to do this correctly, you will realize what it is that I now know; that all of us can be unstoppable."

If something has been "stopping" you in any way in your life…… if frustration, doubt, fatigue, worry, fear, insecurity, jealousy, or hopelessness has ever crept its way into your life, your business, & your VISIONS…
… Then you absolutely have to see this film.  There's so much more on the way as these documentaries are being released in timed intervals but this can be the start of a life transformative journey for you.
Watch it now…
Take action on becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur today by watching this film, and you will create a far "richer" tomorrow.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.   It's opened my eyes to whole new levels in which I can take my own life & business and the incredibly possibilities at all of our fingertips.   Seriously, there's more potential inside each & everyone of us then I think we'd ever even imagine…
Pass it on to ALL entrepreneurs or anyone you know that's struggling to get ahold of their life.  
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