Understanding Keywords Part 1



Understanding keywords and how to use them are simple. 

The research on knowing which keyword or keyword phrase to actually write content around is another story.  It's not that it's hard, it's just time consuming.

For the purpose of this blog however, let's just talk about keywords.

Keywords play a huge role in helping bloggers who want to make money, generate leads and sales.  If one can understand the concept of using keywords and why and how they work, that's half the battle!

I'll put it simply here, then watch the video below.

Keywords are 'search terms'

When you sit down, open your laptop and have a question or problem on your mind you want to research, you will pull up a search engine.  Maybe you like Google, or Yahoo, or Bing or even YouTube.  

And then you type in something, right?  You are typing a word or a series of words in hopes that the search engine will give you exactly what you're looking for.

The word or words you typed in are called keywords or keyword phrases.

Here's a short video I did on understanding keywords. I put this together for my Empower Network team who have the Empower Network blog.

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