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twitter1So, you have set up your Twitter account, but now you are not sure how to proceed in this arena.  One the best ways to get some good ideas for how to handle your new account is to follow others.  Maybe you have been to a conference where several colleagues were talking about how they use Twitter to promote their businesses.  These are the people you want to follow.

See what kinds of tweets they put out.
Check out how they interact with their followers.
Do they organize tweetups, otherwise known as gatherings in the real world?
How do they get information out about their services without being too aggressive and breaking etiquette?

Your best ideas for how to utilize your account are likely to come from those you want to emulate.

Once you’ve gotten some ideas from others with a good brand presence on Twitter, try them out for yourself.  When you use their ideas, give credit where credit is due.  You will find that when you send out positive comments about fellow tweeters, you are likely to receive positive comments back.  This will help to increase your credibility with followers.

When you start tweeting, be sure to have a good mix of personal and professional comments.  You want to focus on your brand, but you also don’t want to be too stuffy.  Add in some amusing commentary about your day to put a smile on your followers’ faces.  You want to keep your followers wanting to see more. You might want to add a fun daily feature that your followers can respond to and get involved.  Even something simple as asking what color socks you should wear each day could garner you an active group of interested Twitter followers.

As your Twitter following grows, you can begin to get some great feedback about your products and services.  When your followers/customers feel a part of your Twitter community, they will be more forthcoming with comments about your company.  If you have any negative feedback, you will need to address it immediately. Remember that this is a fast paced arena and you need to keep on top of conversations to stay relative.

TWITTER TIP: You can’t tweet regarding a comment that was made weeks ago or you will be seen as not being engaged with your followers. If you choose to use Twitter, make sure that you can devote the time to make it an effective marketing tool.

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