Twitter: Keep Track of Your Twitter Groups with Hootsuite

twitter1For the longest time I could not get organized or understand how on earth to keep track of all the twitter dialogs going on.  When you have 1000 friends and they all have conversations going, how to do you know which ones are important?

This is where an application called Hootsuite comes in.  I’ve used Tweetdeck before but there were always issues with it loading correctly.  Since using Hootsuite, it’s been a breeze.

Go to and set up a free account.  Then you can set up groups.  You can add tabs to identify your groups as well.  So, for instance…. let’s say you have a group of 7 friends that are just the best friends in the world and you want to focus in on them as one of your groups.  You can do two things….

You can set up a tab called Friends and include all your 7 friends into one column or you can set up a column for each friend under that tab.

This is a great way to organize your business associates, leaders you want to follow, those in your hobby you want to follow, old school friends, family, whatever.  You have many options to organize.

By setting up Hootsuite, you can now hop on and see what’s going on in the exact places you want to know about instead of sifting through thousands of tweets to find your buddies.


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