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twitter1Even though have set up your Twitter account with the express purpose of promoting your home based business, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with your tweets.  There are many free applications that can add to your enjoyment of this form of social media. Here are just a few that you might want to check out and add to your daily feed.

Twitpic is one of the hottest applications on Twitter.  With this application you can share pictures. Use your camera phone to take shots of your events and share them instantly with your followers to generate buzz.

TwitLOL is a great way to add humor to your Twitter account.  It specializes in coming up with funny and clever quips in 140 characters or less.  You can post these to your account and add some amusement into your daily commentary.  You can even use TwitLOL to add these fun notes to your Facebook and MySpace pages.

Another humorous add on to your daily status is Twitter Nonsense, a comic strip type commentary on all things related to Twitter.  You might also want to find some of your favorite comedians on the site to recommend to your followers.  While not all of your followers will appreciate your comedic tastes, they will likely appreciate seeing that you do have a have a sense of humor.

FlipMyTweet can make your readers do a double take on your tweets.  This service takes your tweet and flips it upside down.  Yes, this is perfectly useless, but it does add a bit of fun to an otherwise ordinary comment.

Another mindless bit of Twitter fun is BeatMyTweet. Every hour this will send out a scrambled word for you to figure out.  You might want to add this to your status at time when many of your followers might be having some downtime, like the lunch hour or in the evenings.

Once you get started on Twitter you will find many fun and strange applications to enhance your followers’ enjoyment of your group.  The point here is to remember to keep your followers entertained as well as informed.

You can keep your main focus on your services and products, but you need to interject some life into what may otherwise be dry commentary. You want to grow your following and the best way to do that is to make people look forward to what you are going to do next and thus recommend you to fellow tweeters.

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