Twitter: First Step To Start Tweeting

twitter1So, you have set up a Twitter account.  Now what?

Start Tweeting.

How do you do that?

Well, from your home page, you will see you have a little box at the top to type in 140 characters.  It’s works just like texting.  So, text, or type, a short sentence about what you’re doing, something you found interesting, or something of value to help your fellow network marketers (perhaps you can across a great article about marketing or a tool or resource review, etc.)

Type your message in, again you’ll have 140 characters and it’s ok to shorten words just like texting.  Then hit submit.

Every follower of yours can now see your tweet, or what you posted.  They can reply if they want and you’ll be able to see what they said.   The only difference between tweeting and texting is that all your followers can see what you’re talking about, not just one.

Sure, you can direct message (aka DM) anyone if you want to send a private note.

Getting the most out of your Twitter experience.

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to join in on the conversation. Or start your own conversation. Ask questions. Answer questions. Comment and/or re-tweet other people’s tweets. Show an interest in others and they will show an interest in you.

Don’t know what to tweet about?

You can show off your expertise by posting tips that are relevant to your target market. Post quotes that are meaningful to you or helpful to others. You can share brief snippets of what you are doing for your clients during the day or link to websites that you find helpful or interesting. Attending or offering a great tele-seminar? Post about it. What you tweet about is only limited by your imagination.

Want to reply to someone who is not following you? All you have to do is simply put the @ sign before the person’s username.  If the person is following you, then you have the option to reply or direct message them.

For example, let’s say you wanted me to see your tweet.  My username is debbieturner.  So, in your tweet box you say “Great talking to you @debbieturner.  Let’s get together again soon”.   There’s no space between the @ and my username.  It must be up against it.

To direct message them, or send a private message that nobody can see but the person you’re reaching, just click the direct message link on the right side of your Twitter menu.

Do keep in mind that it is important to tweet regularly.  If you’re tweeting to establish relationships for business, you will want to hop on at least 5-10 minutes in the morning and again at night and if you can fit another 5 minutes in during mid day, you’ll hit yet another audience.

The more you tweet, the more you will be “seen.”

And finally, have fun! Twitter is, after all, just another social networking platform, allowing you to show off your talents and connect with others.

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