Tribes Challenge the Status Quo. That’s a Good Thing.

nagaland-tribes-300x186Tribes have leaders and followers.  Actually, they don’t have just any followers, they have enthusiastic followers.  Not everyone is called to be a leader and a tribe cannot be a tribe if it doesn’t have a leader AND followers.

Both the leader and the followers are today’s heretics also known as movers and shakers and not standing for the status quo any more.  Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable.

Organizations that destroy the status quo win.  Those who are willing to look at how things can be done more efficiently, more enjoyably and provide for a happier, creative and out of the box forum for all members to participate in will thrive.  The one to initiates the change is normally the leader and those who are passionate about what that leader is doing and saying are the loyal and committed followers.

Tribes that take initiative are the happiest.  Initiative is always changing the status quo.  The market place rewards innovative change.

The fastest growing churches are the newest ones.  The best-selling books are always the surprise hits that come out of nowhere.  The tax shelter that everyone is talking about is one based on the latest rulings.

The larger your tribe, the more leverage you have to change your company, your industry, your world.  It’s no secret that with a long enough teeter-totter, you can lift a sumo wrestler off the ground.  Well, in the same way, you can leverage your tribe to the ends of the earth with the invention of the web.  Together we all have more power to gather together and agree on a change that we are passionate about to change the status quo.

The question is then, are you a leader that wants to step out first to effect a change of the status quo?  Or, do you want to belong to a tribe and be a passionate, committed follower fighting for the same cause?  Either way, becoming a modern day heretic (which is a good thing, unlike the old days where it was shameful), and fighting for something you believe strongly in to effect change is worthwhile.

So what does tribes have to do with business?

1)  Working together to learn and share marketing strategies.

There are more and more tribe forming for the purpose of working together to share knowledge and syndication efforts.  They are popping up all over.  Again, what a handful of tribe members can do far outweights the effort of one.

For example, as a network marketer, isn’t it way more fun and educational to learn from each other in an intimate setting rather than just listening on a webinar?  Tribe members help each other learn concepts and marketing strategies.

2) Syndicating your content all over the internet.

Additionally, if you spent one hour a week syndicating your own content, how many backlinks would you have to your website?  If you spent that same hour syndicating the content of your tribe while they syndicated yours, at the end of that same hour how many backlinks would you have?  See the tremendous difference?

3)  Changing the status quo.

Old school marketing, buying leads and calling people, using just a website for marketing, handing out your business card to everyone you see…. is NOT effective.  The status quo must change.  And, even moreso now, because more and more people are utilizing social media marketing… so, the status quo has to change again for you to stand out.  Tribes can help give you that massive exposure.

That’s the power of tribes in network marketing.

I’ll be looking for you among the tribes of the world :)

As always, please leave me a comment about what you think about tribes and whether you’re in one or not?  How’s it working for you?


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    Belonging to a tribe that is passionate, committed and fighting for the same cause is a great tribe to be a part of. Excited for the new relationships that develop because of being a tribe member.


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