Tribe Syndication Free Webinar Reveals Hidden Powerful Marketing Strategy

african-tribe-300x198SCHEDULED WEBINAR

I wanted to let you know of a FREE webinar that my friends are hosting this Thursday about tribe syndication.  I truly believe you will appreciate the content and value from it

You know I’ve been talking a lot about tribes and tribe syndication.  The results of connecting with a tribe for not only spreading your valuable content all over cyberspace, but to work hand in hand with a handful of marketers, all learning and sharing and growing has been remarkable.

Men and women are starting to see real results in their respective businesses.

You also know I’ve set up a Ning community for those of you who are entrepreneurs who already know the basics of social media marketing and want to connect with others for syndication of
your content.

However, many of my subscribers are struggling to understand many components to social media marketing, what tribes are about and syndication.   All three are important.

So, my good friends Ken, Mike, Eric, Nick, Kary and Jon (yep, that’s them in the picture), are going to help you connect the dots, and show you what it’s all about.  There’s no doubt they will over deliver and I’m excitedtribeof6_small for you to learn and explore these possibilities for your business.

Mark your calendar now for THIS Thursday for 2 hours… yes, 2 hours!  Jammed packed with gold nuggets for you to implement immediately in your business.

Here’s a message from Eric about what this is about and includes your webinar link.

I’ll be there and I hope you see you there to.


PS:  If you already know about tribes and are looking for entrepreneurs to syndicate with, you are more than welcome in my Ning community, here’s your invite and there’s
no charge.  Just entrepreneurs helping each other and having fun.

PSS:  If you search Twitter for #TribeTuesday you’ll see tonight syndicating.

Ok my friend, head over to register for the webinar… and arrive early!  I totally expect it to be jammed pack and I want to make sure you get to see the screen and not just have to listen in…

I appreciate you all very much!  Let me know if you’re coming!  Leave me a comment and tweet this out to all your friends and list.


  1. Robert Mergupis says


    Thanks for letting me in about this tribal syndication, it is an awesome way to help to not only your business but others for the fraction of the time it would take to do it for your self.


  2. says

    Hey Debbie, I am so excited about this webinar! These guys are absolute masters when it comes to social media and the tribe concept that they have developed is incredible. This is a definite must see for anyone wanting to use social media to grow their businesses.

  3. says

    Anyone on the fence about checking out Debbie’s tribe should just roll themselves over to this side already! Massive traffic increase aside, the whole tribe experience is great and its nice to have a web of support for yourself and your business… People who genuinely care about your well-being and success may be hard to come across, but Debbie has done a damn good job of getting some wonderful individuals into her tribal community.

    Thanks Debbie!

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