Tribe Syndication Activities Check List


As you begin to meet with your tribe for syndication, you will want to have a checklist and your starting stats so you can watch your progress.

Take note of your stats such as:

How many facebook friends you have;
How many Twitter followers you have;
How many on visits to your blog each month (install google analytics to your blog)
Your Blog Page Rank (enter your blog site here for that:

HELPFUL TIP: Before you begin each syndication session, it’s a good idea to take a piece of scratch paper and write down each member you are syndicating for and then check off each item after you have done it.  I found that having a checklist of sorts is the easiest way for me to remember who I’ve done what for.  It’s easy to get lost and distracted when you’re on the line with a handful of friends, sharing, laughing, learning, and talking about what you’re doing. So, for example your paper may look like this:

Here’s what you will be doing when you meet with your tribe.  This is the list of activities (subject to change or grow as the tribe determines)

Log into your skype and connect with each other there so you are all in the same skype window.   One person can take charge and add the others.

Say hello…. this is a time to connect, love and support each other.

Start with your blog. Each put in the link to their blog post that they want syndicated.  Then be about syndicating. These are the places you want to go for sure and take care of.

1) Blog:
Join Google Connect (you’ll only do this once)
Leave a comment

2) Facebook:
Connect as Friends (you’ll only do this once)
Bring over content from their blog and post ( – shorten your link)
When you post mention their name with @ sign
i.e. @stevieknight or however they are listed on Facebook. If you can’t seem to find them and they are not coming up, ask them on Skype what they name is.

3) Twitter:
Post their blog post they want syndicated. Be sure and use #TribeTuesday at the end or somewhere in your tweet.

May want to use or to organize your tribe members (have that set up ahead of time)

4) Video:
Make sure you are subscribed to their channel (you’ll only do this once)
Leave a channel comment if you haven’t already (you’ll do this off and on)
Leave a comment on a video of their choice
Give a high rating

5) If they have an article, Squidoo lens, Hub page, comment and rate

Support them during the week as well as anyone else you see with #TribeTuesday. They are all fellow tribesmen out for the same purpose.

Be sure and help each other.
Pay it forward.
Practice your leadership.

It doesn’t mean you spend a bunch of time with someone, but a few minutes or 5 or 10 minutes to help someone understand something will be much appreciated.

If you want to be a part of a tribe but don’t know how to get connected, you can join our Ning community at http://TheTribeConnection.Ning.Com.  Leave a comment here on this blog and tell me a little about yourself.  I’m the admin for the community and I’ll watch for your info.

I appreciate your comments as always!  :)  Thanks!


  1. says


    This is a great idea for getting organized and preparing for the Tribe Syndication Power hours. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks with the hashtag of #TribeTuesday and it’s already showing up on Google!

    In fact I came to your post by way of Google. This growing phenomenon of syndicating others for mutual benefit will be the model of choice for anyone looking to leverage social media to branding yourself.

    Thanks for leading by example and being part of the tribe!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
    .-= Ken Pickard´s last blog ..How to Build a Tribe Page =-.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Ken, that’s good to know (that you found this post via Google) Awesome. Thanks back at you for being my inspiration to tribe.

  3. says

    Hey Debbie, Great Tips. You are so right. It is important to stay organized. Especially when everyone is connecting (another benefit to tribe syndication)…and having fun on skype through the syndication process.

    So powerful. I can’t even believe It!

    I definitely picked up a thing or two from this post.

  4. says

    Thanks Debbie for all your tips and inspiration. I’ve got some work to do to get my butt going…. I appreciate everything you share. Amirah
    Amirah’s last blog post: The Law of Attraction in 2010
    .-= Amirah´s last blog ..Law of Attraction in 2010 =-.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Enjoy the journey Amirah :) Your butt will be so happy when it can vacation anywhere, anytime it wants because it did a bunch of work early on… Let me know how I can be your biggest cheerleader my friend. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your footprint. Thanks.


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