Time Mangement Tip: How to Repurpose Content

6 Ways To Re-purpose your content

Time Management Tip:

How to Re-purpose Content

One of the biggest challenges that active internet marketers and Network marketers have, is looking at their “to do” list and realizing that it’s a much bigger list than they have time for.   They know that content in various forms spread around the internet is critical to their exposure and growth of their business.

But there’s just not enough time for the average (still working 9-5) entrepreneur to knock out this very common “to do” list:

Not to mention syndication!  But that’s another subject called tribe syndication.

You may be thinking that not only should these be done every day, or at least 3 times a week, but you’re trying to come up with NEW content for each item above.


Do The Creative Work One Time

How would you feel, if you did the hard part (the creativity and coming up with your content)  just once, then the rest of the list could fly by without all the heavy thinking?  That can totally happen when you re-purpose your content.

 Here’s what I mean.

  • Write an original piece of content on your blog
  • Create an image for that content piece and use it in your blog
  • Re-write it for your articles if you do article marketing
  • Make videos and talk about the topic of your content
  • Build your email campaign by adding it to that
  • Re-write to create a  Hub Page
  • Re-write for your blog on Better Networker
  • Re-write for your press release on IBOToolbox

The important gold nugget to take away here is that it’s very beneficial to re-purpose your content so you’re not constantly fretting over what you will talk about.

You have ONE topic, ONE conversation on your mind and in your original piece of content, and then it’s just a matter of saying it a different way. That’s all.  And look at all the places you are leaving your footprint!

4-Hour Work Week Tip

In the 4-Hour Work Week book, Tim talks a lot about time management and outsourcing.  Here’s a good example of how you can implement this.

You create the original content piece and then have your outsourcer take that piece of content and do the rest.  BAM!  You’re free to spend time with the family.

If you have an experience with re-purposing your content for the purpose of time management, I’d love for you to share them here.  We can all use more tips and strategies on how we can get our content created, posted and syndicated in the fastest way.

Thanks much, I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Here’s to all the extra time you’re going to have through re-purposing your content!



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  1. says

    This is awesome information, Debbie!

    I learned something similar in a day workshop I took on social media ~ but it was before I even really knew what social media was so it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. But now hearing again it sounds BRILLIANT! I think for a newbie, this is a lot ~ I will start with 1 a week ~ mostly because I have yet to get in to article submission and don’t really understand Squidoo Lenses yet. So I know there will be a learning curve, but this post is VERY inspiring!

    I do have a question ~ would it work to switch Monday & Wed. ~ doing the blog before the articles? Or is there a reason the articles should submit first? I’m just thinking #tribetuesday and all….:)

    Thanks so much!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..Successful Weight Loss & Long Term Weight Management =-.

  2. Robert Mergupis says

    Debbie great tips for structuring your time which I found to be your most valuable asset in this industry and life. Thanks for this post.

  3. says

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for this great information. You are right I am one of the people who fret about “what to write?”

    This little schedule you shared is easy and practical.

    When I want to repurpose content I sometimes use the Auto summarize feature on Microsoft word, because it will highlight the key points in the article.

    Thanks again

    .-= Damayanthi´s last blog ..Weight Watchers Approved Meals Now At McDonald’s? =-.

  4. says

    Hello, Debbie.
    You continue to provide great value once again.
    I wouldn’t consider myself a newbie in the industry but I’m still trying to find my ground on the whole niche market (and may have very recently found one).
    The whole time, while searching for my niche, I was getting overwhelmed keeping up with all the processes you described above.
    With the guideline you provided, I now can continue to provide value to my readers but also be more effective with the amount of time I spend on all the different types of marketing tools available.

    Thanks again!

  5. says

    Great time management tips Debbie. I would have to say that time management is still the area of mine that most needs improvement. Repurposing content is great though, not only can it save tons of time but it can actually improve the perceived congruency of your marketing (blogs + videos for example), and congruency is sweet!

    Thanks for the post,

    .-= Garrett Miller´s last blog ..Network Marketing vs Internet Marketing vs Attraction Marketing: Rumble in the Home-Based Business Jungle =-.

  6. says

    What great tips spelled out clearly. I realize using a formula such as this is definitely necessary so as not to go bonkers! I will use these to get myself on track,
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..The Power of YOU! =-.

  7. Debbie Turner says

    You can do it in any order you are comfortable with. Just get a rythym (can’t spell :)) and do what works for you. Let me know how it goes… Even if you start with one article a week and work up from there. Most of the time it’s getting speedy and just getting it done. If you’re knew to a lot of this it’s going to take a bit longer.

  8. says

    Great post – thanks!

    I work with people to create e-news content and when they are stuck for ideas, I often suggest that they just ‘answer’ the question that comes up most when they meet people – or the question that most every customer asks when they come into their business, etc. We often have information or advice that we forget can be re-formulated to be valuable content.

    And then circulated as you mention here!

    Thank you again and have a great day!

  9. says

    Hey Debbie, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this information. I’ve heard of repurposing content and have tried it, but guess what? It wasn’t that easy.

    After reading how to do it from your perspective, I can’t believe I’ve been wasting so much time and missing so many opportunities.

    Thank you so much for great advice.
    .-= Melody Granger´s last blog ..Tips on Folding Tshirts =-.

  10. Debbie Turner says

    Awesome! Try it for a week and let me know how it goes. If 2 articles to start is too much, do one and go through the week process with the one piece. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. says

    Hi, I love the great ideas in the content. Another way to turn these articles into content is put them through an article spinner and post them in an ezine or somewhere similar.
    The Best Spinner is great, I use it, but it’s not free.
    Marty Ware

  12. says

    Debbie thanks for sharing. It’s funny how things work. Although you wrote this article a couple months ago it’s new to me. Just last night I promised my group a time management training series which will start shortly. I can share one thing with you right now. AUTOMATION and OUTSOURCING. The two keys to online marketing. I am not talking about the Black Hat stuff either. Give me a call Debbie and I will tell you about some things that helped me. (702)992-0825

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