This ONE Question Gives You Courage

How To Find The Courage  You Need

This ONE Question Gives You The Courage To Decide

What do you do when opportunity knocks at your door and that ole’ familiar knot in the pit of your stomach rears it’s head?

You want to say YES but you’re quick to say NO.

Why is that?

Don’t let those little voices and tummy knots influence you until you get your head and clear thinking involved so you can truly make the right decision.

The decision may be NO.

The decision may be YES.

You’ve got to put your CEO hat on and then ask yourself a question.

You see, that knot is probably the file of failures that instantly shows up reminding you of everything you’ve ever tried to do but failed.  So you say to yourself, “I doubt I can do that”.  Or, “those types of opportunities don’t work”.

Are those statements really true and they don’t work for anyone?

Or is that simply your opinion based on own past results, efforts, sweat equity, commitment and focus?

edison_quoteTHINK OF THIS GUY…

Think of Thomas Edison and how many tries it took to invent the lightbulb.

When he was asked how it felt to fail 1000 times before the lightbulb worked, he said, “I didn’t fail, it just took 1000 steps to invent it.”

Keep this in mind as you are pondering whether to pass on an opportunity that could be exactly the solution you’re looking for and an opportunity to grow your business.

You see, a lot of our fears are based on our attitude toward mistakes and failures.


I remember not too long ago, I had the opportunity to do something BIG which would have really helped my business go to the next level.  But my head wasn’t where it should have been and I said no.  In fact, I said no twice, within a month of each other!

Today, I regret that.  I shot myself in the foot and now I’m kicking myself in the butt.

Here’s The ONE Question You Need To Ask

“If I said YES to the opportunity presented, what’s the worse case scenario that can happen to me?”

Don’t answer this lightly.  Rather, take your time, grab a pen and paper and write down all the things that you believe are the worse case scenario.

Worse case!

Go ahead… make a list.

“I might fail.”

“I might find out I don’t like this.”

“My family may think I’m crazy.”

“My friends may call me names.”

“I spent a couple hundred bucks.”

Heck, go out on a limb and say, “I spent a couple thousand bucks, 3, 4, 5 thousand bucks”

What is it FOR YOU?

What’s YOUR worse case scenario?

NOW… is this worse case scenario the end of your life?

Does it mess you up so bad you need therapy?

Does it truly hurt you?

Probably not.  In fact, unless you are putting up everything you own and dissing everyone you know, your worse case scenario can probably be summed up as a great life experience and like Edison, it’s a step of what doesn’t work for you.  So what if it sets you back a little bit.


THEN… Ask Yourself THIS Bonus Question

“If I said NO to the opportunity presented, what’s the worse case scenario?”

Really think about it.

Dig deep.

Make that list.

“Nothing will change and I’ll still be in the same situation as I am now”

“I will regret not taking the chance presented to me.”

“I will always wonder if I could have really made a go with this.”

So this is the question you need to ask.  Think about the answers to your question and then once your heads in the game, and you know what’s stake, make your decision.

This works for any decision you have to make.  It’s a good process to take yourself through.

To Your Best Life and making the BEST decisions to move your life forward!


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