Thinking of Coaching With Dani Johnson? Who She is and How She’ll Bring You Out of the Closet

Dani Johnson is a true success story and a source of inspiration. To see her today, you’d never guess she was born into a life of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and the tradegy doesn’t end there.  As a result of her life experiences, she is able to lead ordinary people to have extraordinary lives.  For anyone seeking success in business, she is a role model and mentor that can be trusted and has earned the respect.

Dani Johnson was surrounded by drug addicted parents growing up and a stepdad that told her she was trash. Dani was able survive through it all because she knew Jesus loved her and looked forward to her Sunday School every week. However when faced with a teenage pregnancy at the age of 17, and forced to give her baby up for adoption, she faced rejection, ridicule and lies from the people she most loved. She turned away from her faith seeking acceptance from new age beliefs and materialism.

Dani became successful in business by the time she was 19, however, her con-artist husband took her for every penny she had. This was the lowest point in her life, but it was also at this time Dani heard God’s voice again, urging her to rise past her circumstances and move forward.

Homeless and living out of her car with just $2.03 to her name, Dani Johnson utilized a phone booth and a prayer to start her business. She had no sales brochures, business cards, product, support systems, just a desire to get out of the hole she was in. Because of her desire and commitment, she made her first million just 24 months later.

Today Dani Johnson is a national trainer for all entrepreneurs, both home based business owners as well as those who own brick and mortar companies. She mentors stay at home moms and dads to doctors and lawyers to CEO’s of large corporations. Her reach is wide spread but her message is the same.

Dani Johnson is recognized for her “tell it like it is” coaching and uses several platforms to spread her message. Dani is an author, speaker, trainer, and most recently, has been a guest on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), a Christian TV station. She’s also added to her portfolio, expert insight on living debt free and how to raise up children to become all they can be. Dani continues to impact the lives of millions of people seeking a change.

Coaching with Dani Johnson is no walk in the park but the trade off is becoming a 6 and 7 figure earner. Before coaching with Dani, one may want to take a good look in the mirror and ask themself if they’re ready to face the music and become that which she says is necessary in order to achieve success.

Dani Johnson is authentically herself. She’s comfortable and straight forward about the ugly details and struggles she had to endure as a girl and young woman to have success and become who she is today. So guess what? She doesn’t accept excuses from anyone else. She knows what it takes and she will make one face the truth about their self starting with their belief system. What is it that they believe about their self?

Dani’s coaching is Bible based. She’ll be the first to tell you that God created you with all the parts you need to succeed and use any two year old as proof. Common characteristics at that age look like this: When they trip and fall down or fall off of a wall, a swing, a bike, whatever, they get up fast and brush themselves off only to keep going without looking back. They don’t take “no” for an answer and persistency usually wins. They forgive, they have no prejudices, they don’t know how to hold grudges. They believe they can be superman when they grow up and nobody can convince them otherwise. They are fearless, full of adventure and risk takers.

So what the heck happened now that they are grown?

They have developed someone elses belief system about themselves. Their parents, teachers, friends, people throughout their life have put limitations and doubts into their upbringing and as a result, grown-ups for the most part have lost all characteristics of their two year old mindset. The one that says I can succeed and be anything I want to be.

Most adults today live with tremendous fears of rejection and failure and because they can’t get past it mentally, they live from paycheck to paycheck, endure sleepless nights and debt collectors because they don’t see a way out.

Dani Johnson focuses on the internal self, the mindset, how to build strong business relationships and skillsets like prospecting, closing sales, time management, debt elimination, and so much more. Dani’s the total package in that she deals with all areas of one’s life, from spiritual, to business relationships and skillsets, to balancing family, to getting out of debt and creating wealth.

Dani Johnson offers extensive resources to anyone looking to succeed financially, spiritually and personally. Resources include seminars, CD’s, books and private one on one coaching. An invaluable resource she freely gives to everyone is her audio vault accessible through her website under in her Home Profit Zone section and conducts weekly free live training.

I recommend Dani’s teaching to my business partners and others who are seeking direction in personal and business growth but just know that she’s going to call you out of the closet to face your fears, your belief system and challenge you to get rid of that which holds you prisoner to your own success. She will accept no excuses and has no problem confronting you and calling you on the table about this. If your desire is truly to be a 6 and 7 figure earner, then looking in the mirror is a perfect start.

Everyone has tremendous value to offer to others. Anyone seeking to change their financial situation can do it if they will face their fears head on and make a decision that it’s time to embark on changing from the inside out, learn new skillsets for their business of choice and realize they need to get their own egos out of the way and really care about the dreams of others. When you help enough people get what they want, you will have everything you want. Make your business about fearlessly helping others. It’s a process and a journey and those who begin with the first steps and stay committed are in for life changing experiences they dream about.

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