The Value of Just Getting Started



The Value of Just Getting Started

The first couple of weeks in January is under our belt!  How ya doing with the goals and commitments you set for yourself?

If you follow me, you know I decided to kick it up a notch this year in my home business and as I went to turn up the flame, I noticed that a lot of my marketing, capture pages, emails, social media profiles are a bit outdated.

I’ve been traveling and spending so much time with my family over the last year and half that things got a bit stale.  (No I don’t regret it!  It’s WHY I have a home business… so I can do life!).

The good news is that my home business still provided a great living.  This is why I recommend home base business owners put up a blog, build a list and at least stay somewhat connected.  Your blog and your email list will prove to be your greatest assets in your long term business plan.

I thought it may be helpful to you to actually see the goings on in my business because I had to take my own words of advice.  “Get Started!  Go!

I had made a list of things I needed to do to update.  Here was my list as of first of January.

  1. Create a free giveaway on my blog.
  2. Get an optin box back on my blog & collect emails to build my list for relationship.
  3. Update my first few emails in each campaign as my email has changed.
  4. Set up video hosting account.
  5. Decide what free & paid ways I want to market this year.
  6. Purchase a course on those ways to market, commit & follow through.
  7. Tweak ads running on Bing and Yahoo.
  8. Update capture pages.
  9. Update my resources page on this blog.
  10. Hire out help to update my travel blog.
  11. Unlink my personal Instagram account from this blog & LINK my new one.
  12. Create brand new email list for travel home business opportunity.
  13. Banners for my blog and brand.
  14. Update my social media images and links.
  15. Add new social media plugins to both my blogs
  16. Edit categories on this blog and make it more user friendly
  17. Update subdomains

In terms of the personal value of Just Getting Started for me, things were not perfect!

I could have easily delayed getting started, but that’s not moving toward my goals.

And even here well into January, only some of these are done.

But here’s the key.  I got started anyway.

I’ve been working on these things but in the meantime, I have ads running to outdated capture page of which people are still opting in and joining my list from those ads.   

See, you don’t have to do perfect, but you DO have to DO.

Thus… the value of just getting started.

value of getting started

I also thought it may be helpful for you to see what I’m thinking and doing about my game plan as I get started and kick things up a notch so you can see how common sense and easy it is to move along.

I decided my marketing strategies this year are going to be Free & Paid Instagram, Free & Paid Facebook, continue with blogging but create more meaningful and detailed blog posts and link everything over to Twitter by default.

That is my goal.  I do not however, have the skillsets to master Instagram or Facebook marketing.  So what would a smart thinking entrepreneur do? Learn how and be prepared to take massive action over a long period of time.

I found the mentor I wanted for Instagram and purchased her course which is a 4 week workshop.  I had my first class last Thursday.  Our homework was to create our business Instagram account for each featured product we want to market.  I created two.  One for my Debbie Turner brand and the other for my travel business.

I learned:

  • how to create a business IG account
  • how to name a featured account
  • how and why to bullet point my bio
  • how to use emojis
  • how to get emojis on my Galaxy5
  • how to add emojis to my IG bullet points
  • how to use various apps that create my pictures w/words and watermarks
  • how to create a watermark

Here you can see what I’ve done.  I’m not sure I like ‘coachdebbieturner’.  I may change it to ‘debbieturnermarketing’ or ‘workwithdebbie’ or something like that.

In the meantime, I’m doing two things.

1)  I’m going with that I’ve got regarding my name, I can change it later.
2)  Playing around with requesting friends.  I have 52 followers and I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m not afraid to experiment and play around with  it.

Here’s what it looks like.


So, I got that set up and can’t wait for my class on Thursday because my belief that Instagram will generate a bucket full and constant flow of fresh new leads into my list every day is exciting!

All marketing works.  I simply have a learning curve to go through which I enjoy because I’m learning how to cash flow through that platform.  THAT is fun!  When you keep your focus on the end goal rather then present learning, it’s really fun.

And, yes, I’m a bit slow in using my phone to type as my fingers feel too big to be using that little keyboard.  But it’s all good.  A little practice and I’ll be flying!

My friend April teaches this class.  Her workshop class is full and already started, but, she has a free training with 10 tips she gives you to build your Instagram account to 30,000 followers fairly quickly. Watch it here.

Learning new ways to generate leads and sales is so fantastic.  It’s all in the way you approach your business.

The point of this blog is to not wait until everything is perfect to start your business.  Get started and tweak, add, change up things, as you go.  If you want until everything is perfect, you’ll never get started.

The Value of Just Getting Started – Blocked Mindset


Whatever is on your ‘to do’ list to get your business back on track or to get started n the first place, just get going.  Don’t do perfect.  Just do!

Most Mindset Blocks are Overwhelm and Fear That Leads To Procrastination

You see, when you procrastinate getting started, there’s a big mindset block going on.   After coaching many people over the years, there’s a handful of common road blocks to getting started.  If you are procrastinating, could one of your road blocks be one of these?

Not knowing where to start and seeing too many people doing things differently.  Let me just say that there’s more than one way to do things.  So yeah, if you’re following lots of people, you will be getting lots of advice on which way to go in terms of marketing.  Pick a strategy or two like I did for this year and get the training.  Learn a skill.  Apply that skill.  I would also recommend you unsubscribe to a lot of people other than the mentors you relate to.  This will help with receiving so many directions.

Worried about what others will think of you.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you.  You are responsible for you and your decisions.  Just put your nose to the grind and do what you need to do to create the life you want.  Others are not paying your bills, paying for your vacations, paying for your kids’ college tuition, buying you groceries or the car you want.  Truth is, there are SO MANY people out in internet land who are searching for help getting started in a home based business.  And they are not finding anyone they can relate to.  They are waiting for YOU to show up.  Think about that.

Fear of failure and looking like a goof.  The only way you will fail is if you quit and that’s a personal guarantee.  Everything else my friend is simple an experiment.  You will take a course and learn a skill and as you begin to implement, heck, everything may go according to plan or things can fall flat.  Do you know that when you discover what doesn’t work is a greater lesson than what does work?  You’re the boss of you and your brand and your business and you are experimenting with marketing.

Here’s the thing.  All marketing works but you’ve got to test and tweak and it’s always changing.  So come to the table of entrepreneurship with that and you won’t ever look at fear in the same way.  Laugh at what doesn’t work.  YOU are not a mistake.  YOU didn’t fail in a marketing strategy.  The plan just needs tweaking.  No big deal.  Put your “boss” hat on, roll up your sleeves and go for it!

Not having enough time to really focus.  Here’s the truth my friends.  You will find the time to do what’s important.  If nothing changes, then nothing will change.  So if you want to get to a point where you DO have time to enjoy life, you’re going to have to say NO to some things.  Review your calendar and commitments and see what you can say NO to.

There’s other great time managements hacks like cooking for the week at one time.  Getting the kids involved in housekeeping and chores.  Using your lunch break at work to get your business work done.

Bottom line, if you want to create the life you want with a home based business, you’ll figure it out.

I hope this article helped you and inspired you to just get started.  Yep, you’re back in school with the things you will learn, but it’s so worth it if you want it.

I’ll keep you updated on my “just get it done UNperfectly” as I progress on my Instagram training and hey, if you are already on Instagram, connect with me over there and say hi!

Let’s rock out 2017!







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