The Value of an Education and Hard Work in Network Marketing

Value of network marketing training

The Value of an Education

and Hard Work in Internet Marketing

I can’t stress enough, the value of an education and hard work to become skilled in internet marketing.

When you take on this education, you are positioning yourself to never have to rely on the economy or a job for your financial security.

When I was in my young 20’s, I babysat 4 other children full time so I could be home with my two toddlers.  However, as my two started school, I wanted to go to work.

My choices were to get a job where no formal training was required or go toward a career where some training was necessary.

I opted for training and went to school to become a legal assistant.  I spent 8 months and a couple thousand dollars to be able to apply for a starting position at a law firm.

I was hired on at an entry level position and for the next year I worked hard, continuing my studies at night to become more efficient and confident in my career. There was an uncomfortable learning curve, I was nervous about goofing up and wanting to do things right.

After year 3 I had earned my way to the top of my pay scale.

At year 6, I realized I was in a dead end position if I wanted more income.

Dead Ends Suck

Can you relate to dead ends?  Does it ever seem you work harder the boss yet he/she’s the one driving home in the Mercedes and you hop into your old clunker?

That does NOT feel good.

I remember my boss taking off to Europe for a week for ‘just another little get away’ and all I could do was drive down to Long Beach and visit the Queen Mary.

I was working just as hard as my boss.

The difference was… the education.

At this point, I had a decision to make.

I could stay at a dead end job, go to law school plus get my undergraduate degree, or look for something where I would have no income cap yet was still qualified.

I choose real estate.

I invested the next four months with time and education as getting a real estate license required a whole new set of learning skills.  I paid money for the courses, licensing fees, testing fees, and didn’t get much sleep for those 4 months because I was still working full time.

But I wanted it bad enough so I paid the price. (Take note of that!)

I quit my legal career the week I received my real estate license.  I was now a fully fledged Realtor™ and was ready to conquer the world.

But in reality, it was dog hard work!

  • I had to learn to market myself.
  • I had to brand ME.
  • I had to find buyers and sellers myself.
  • Here I had to compete for buyers and sellers against long time and well know agents in my town.
  • I was a newbie and didn’t know much.

I worked my butt off!

Don’t you know that just because you have a piece of paper that says you have permission to practice a career doesn’t mean you know a whole lot about how to actually do that in real life?

Now it’s time to work and make some mistakes!

Failure is not failure.  Failure is feedback.  In fact, failure is the best teacher!

failure is feedback

I was up and showered and ready for work 6 days a week

  • I sat open houses every weekend
  • spent tons of money on magazine ads
  • mailed out postcards to specific neighborhoods
  • knocked door to door\
  • adopted a neighborhood and delivered goodie bags to everyone once a month
  • ran TV commercials
  • bought calendars and handed the out
  • had a website designed.  It used to be this one,
  • and the list goes on and on and on.

I spent thousands and thousands of dollars marketing.

I didn’t have tons of business the first 6 months of my career, but I was up and out the door every morning, determined that things would break for me.

By the end of the year, I had earned 6 figures.

Good thing I didn’t give up and kept a positive mental attitude.

I continued with a successful real estate career until the end 2006 when the market turned sour.

Value of Internet Marketing Education

Again, I had choices.

I could go work at a department store or find something else to replace the income.  But here’s the problem.

I was very independent and the idea of punching a clock made me ill so I went searching for how to make money online.

I mean, I am psychologically unemployable, truly.

My first online business was a disaster.  I look at it as a $35,000 learning experience in what not to do.  After that, I decided I better get some training.  New skillsets, new business, I needed new training.  So I spent probably $15K over the summer of 2007 to learn how to be a business person online.

My second business was a winner.  I made better decisions all the way around, but this time I knew more about what to do.

never stop learning

The value of an education is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes the lack of education costs us more than paying the price to get one in the first place. 

As you continue down your road of online marketing, you will want to purchase courses in areas you’re weak in, attend seminars, tune in to programs and continue to learn.

I’ve learned from so many people through the years.

I’ve invested in their programs and products.

I’m always in the learning mode.

At the same time, I’m an implementer.  Knowledge without implementing is just knowledge.


Get Your Internet Marketing Education

From Traditional Schools

If you were to call your local university and find out what a marketing degree would run you in terms of time and money, you’d find you’re much further ahead by simply investing into your business and training programs to become efficient in internet marketing.

You need to learn REAL LIFE internet marketing,

not classroom internet marketing.

Sadly, it is my own experience, there are two reasons people quit on themselves.

1)  They refuse to invest in training programs as I have and other successful online entrepreneurs.

2)  Never were serious about entrepreneurship.

You see, people who REALLY want to do something, DO IT and Learners will master their world.

  • Education costs money.
  • Education requires your time.
  • Education requires implementing what you learn.

But if you’ll do that, you will create skills that nobody can take away from you and you can literally write your own paycheck for the rest of your life!  Is it worth it?  Only you can make that decision for yourself.

Summary of the Value of Internet Marketing

I wanted to be a legal assistant.  It took time, money and a learning curve before I began generating the income I wanted.  But I stayed at it because I wanted it bad enough.

I accomplished my goal, but capped out at income and time freedom.

I wanted to be a Realtor.  It took another year, lots of money and a huge learning curve with heavy big hitter competition.  It was hard to conquer but I stayed at it because I wanted it bad enough.

I accomplished my goal but capped out at income and time freedom.

I wanted to be an internet marketer.  It took a year, several thousands of dollars, a failed business and lots of education, but I’m now generating income that replaced my real estate income and more.

I accomplished my goal and have unlimited income and time freedom.

Education, time, sweat equity, determination are all part of taking your business seriously.

The ones who do, make it.

The ones who don’t,  don’t.

What is it that you want?

Will you get the education, put in your time, money, sweat equity and bring a concrete determination that you will succeed come heck or high water?

Will you invest in your education, tools and resources required?

I think this is where the saying, “I paid my dues and now I’m successful” was coined.

I think you deserve to have the skills and create the life you dream about.

And… I believe in you.

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