The Reason People Will Join Your Business

fear and self-doubtI had a great conversation yesterday with a guy who's thinking about stepping into the making money online industry.

He raised a valid question and may you have thought about this too….

Have you ever asked yourself…

"Why would someone join me instead of Guru Leader?"

"Why would someone join me instead of XYZ Superstar who is offering a bonus?"

"Why would someone join me instead of Top Dog who has additional marketing systems?"

If you have entertained this "noise" in your head… this "negative" energy that's sabotaging you getting started in your business, let me assure you, this is a misconception and I hope to shed some light on it so you can put this behind you and make a decision to get started. 

I promise you, you are good enough, right now, right were you're at to get started. 

Looking back as I was pondering about this, I've had hundreds of conversations answering this very same question. 

And….truth be told, I myself felt this way in 2007 when I first experienced "sponsor shopping" as it happened to me.

It was weird at first.  People started calling me to 'check me out'.  At first I was rattled because i didn't understand it.  And if they didn't join me, I would take it personally.  I thought something was wrong with me. 

Then I talked to my mentor about it and he said it's the greatest compliment to have someone 'shop' you.

From then on… I appreciated it.  It was flattering.  And what I also discovered was that oftentimes the individual just can't resonate with the visible leaders out there.  It's really cool that people are so unique that we are attracted to different sytels of personalities and interests.

Being shopped was proof that my name was out there and I was making an impact.  My marketing was working.  And my marketing was just ME being ME.  And your marketing will YOU being YOU.

What is "sponsor shopping"? 

It's where people want to join a business, and then shop around for a sponsor.  They will contact the individuals to see…

1)  Will they take my calls?

2)  What's in it for me if I join?

3)  Will they help me one on one?

My answers respectfully were:

1)  Some will, some won't and… won't after you join unless you're a producer… or just to have a 5 minute mastermind session, not the technical application of set up or marketing.

2)  They are not the magic bullet… just another tool in your toolbox.  We all have extra resources.  I have extra resources.  My brand new business partners can instantly have resources.

3)  I've NOT seen any 'high visibility' leader do that without coaching fees because of the time involved. 

Think about it.  You have 100 people on your team and they all want one on one coaching.  Even if they each wanted just 10 minutes a day.  It's not possible. 

So they put together a coaching package where you pay for their time.  

What is normal with high visibility leaders, is group hangouts, coaching and mentorship.

Me, I take calls, sure… but it's to mastermind… that's what partnership is.

Understand the "Root" of Sponsor Shopping

People sponsor shop to find those who they resonate with which I share below.

However, there are many who have a different mindset.  Those who are looking for a "MAGIC BULLET". 

They are believing that if they could just join with the right sponsor, they would be successful. 

mindsetFact is, WHO they join with has NOTHING to do with their success. 

Success has EVERYTHING to do with their INNER GAME.

Why do you think you hear so much about personal development when you show up to trainings? 

Think about it. 

You get on company calls or team calls and what do they talk about?  

It's mindset,

… inspiration

… thinking patterns

… behavior modification

… the study of how to handle time management and discipline to being your own boss. 

… It's all about the MINDSET and ATTITUDE. 

Your Sponsor Cannot Do What Only You Can Do

Your sponsor cannot do your thinking for you.

Your sponsor cannot remove the habits, hangups and fears you have.

Your sponsor cannot get up in the morning and do YOUR personal development

Your sponsor cannot make your attitude decision to have a good, positive and productive day.

And success depends on those things.

Some Will Some Won't – It's OK

Regardless, some will join you and some won't.  You have to look at it for what it is. 

It's just another day at the office. 

Their decision to join you or not join you, has absolutely no bearing on your success, your work, your commitment or anything else. 

The Reason People Will Join Your Business

mlm successPeople will join your business… with you… for ONE reason. 

They RESONATE with you

People don't join a home based business.  They join people.  They join YOU. 

This is why sharing your story about why you joined a home business is important.  It's why you let people get to know you. 

Here's what will attract them to you.

1)  They see you are committed to your business. 

This means they see you marketing and are serious about building and sustaining a business. 

- They see you get to events.  They see your pictures and hear your stories.  They can see the fun you are having.  They can see the friendships you are developing through your businesses. 

- They read your emails and drink in your thoughts and experiences and ideas that help them figure out what they want to do.

- They see you on videos and can hear your voice, feel your energy, see your face – that says, "I'm a real person".

2) They have a commonality with you

This means there is something that you do, that they do also.  How do they know what you do?  Because you've shared it with them through the natural course of your marketing, your pictures, your emails, your videos. 

-  Maybe they ski and they saw your ski pictures

- Maybe you're a nurse and so are they.

- Maybe you go camping and hiking and so do they.

- Maybe you collect baseball cards and so do they.

- Maybe you're into karate and they are too.

- Maybe you work out and they do too.

- Maybe you're a family man and they value that too.

- Maybe you're an adoptive parent… or single parent… or have no kids… and that matches their life.

Do you see what I mean?  People like to enter into relationships with something in common.

3)  They see that you're authentic and genuine

People are not perfect.  We are flawed.  People want to join someone who is flawed, just like they are. 

When you can lay your ego at the door and enter business with a genuine spirit and just be who you are, you're business will be very attractive. 

Don't be afraid. 

There are millions of people who are are looking to connect with someone just like you… but they can't find you… because you're not there, YET. 

How do you show being authentic?

- Don't try to be someone you're not.  It doesn't work for them… it doesn't work for you.  Be YOU.

- Relax and let your quirkiness show.  It's who you are.

- Make mistakes?  so what… laugh at them..let others laugh with you.

- Fumble around with words… it's ok… so do millions of other people.

- Talk how you talk…. dress how you dress… walk how you walk.

- Have fears and hangups?  That's ok.. share them and share how you are overcoming… Be inspiring.

- share your story.  If you haven't read my story… do it here:

4)  Share value

Don't be a pitch fest.  Have more depth to your audience than that.

- As you learn something, share it.

- As you have breakthroughs, share it.

- As you come across resources, share them.


Short Summary

Be in the game of entrepreneurship.

Be yourself.

Always be learning and growing and sharing.

Love yourself and be okay with you are …. where you're at… and keep your vision on where you want to go. 

People will Join YOU because of YOU…

…They like you…

…they feel like they know you…

…they trust you.

YOU are EXACTLY who they are looking for.

I'd love to see your comments below!

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