The “Learners” Will Master Their World


Learners Will Master Their World

I’ve been doing a series on competency and confidence for which my purpose was to help my readers simply become aware of who they are ‘being’ and why there may be a struggle in their lives when it comes to their business.

You know, we live in an ever changing… fast changing… world when it comes to how to market our businesses, how we communicate with others and how we approach learning and adaptation to all the changes. We have no choice but to accept that changes are fast and it’s part of our society, or fall further and further back in the goals and dreams we have for ourselves.

Learning is a must in today’s society and there’s no doubt that the it’s those who embrace change and learning that will master their world.

Since learning is such a critical part of business success, how can we activate our drive and desire for competence with energy?


3 Ways To Activate Competency


#1)  Access your “Why” for Learning.

Did you know that most people will automatically say “no” to learning something without even thinking about it?

For example, if someone where to ask you if you’d like to learn a second language, you may say “no” without giving it a second thought or not really knowing why you don’t want to do that.  The auto-response of “no” is generally written off with a comment like “it’s too hard” or ” I don’t have time for that“.

And it doesn’t have to be learning a second language, that’s just an example.

A more relevant and better example would be this question:

“Do you want to learn how to market online which will allow you to quit your job at some point and create the life of your dreams just using your laptop and phone?”

Oftentimes people will say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Yes- they want the lifestyle…

No – they think it’s too hard or they don’t have time.

Truth is, we all know “too hard” is relevant to one’s own thinking.  It’s hard if you want it to be.  If you think it’s hard.. guess what?  It’s going to be hard.  If you think it’s not going to be hard, guess what?  It’s not.  Your thinking will be your truth.

And another truth… we all FIND the time to do the things we place a high value on.  I don’t care how busy someone is.  They will move heaven and earth to fit something else in if it has high value to them.

It’s amazing what people want… yet won’t do what’s necessary to get it.

Why do people go for the automatic NO in a time when we should want to increase our skillsets and be more valuable in the work place?

It’s not because people are lazy. 

It’s simply because people are of how they’re evaluating new learning opportunities.




There are key indicators that will determine whether you become successful in learning and seeking new to grow yourself as a person and to a others, whether it’s for job placement or to establish yourself as a home based business entrepreneur.

Consider these when making a decision to improve your competency:

#1 – WHY Do You Want To Learn?

If you can’t identify why you would want to learn something, then you won’t.  There are different values you can place on your learning challenge or opportunity.  Here’s a list to consider

Future Identity – They need to assess whether what they will learn be of value to their future?

Intrinsic Value – What types of things could someone challenge themselves to do in order to feel more excited and proud, regardless of an external reward?

Utilitarian Value – What would be useful to learn in the next twelve months?

Opportunity Cost – Any entrepreneurial endeavor takes a commitment of time, energy, effort, resources and willpower that could have gone into something else.  Most people however make an unconscious decision (remember that automatic “no” earlier?) based on fear of losing something if they focus on the opportunity without truly thinking about what they will lose if they don’t participate.  They go the negative, rather than to what would stand to gain.  Ask yourself, What new skill have I wanted to to learn but fooled myself into not learning by focusing on some imagined opportunity cost that may not be true?

Delay Time – What have you been delaying learning now because you don’t think you’ll get an immediate payoff?  How far along in the process would you be right now if you gone for it the first time you thought about it?

Personal Control/Agency – This is a term used by psychologists use when describing how confident someone feels in their ability to control their actions and shape the outcome of their life.  When looking at your own situation, you already know if you doubt taking the actions you need to take will not give you the desired results, we’ll guess what?  You probably won’t take the action, or if you do, it won’t last long.  Therefore, in thinking of any new challenge, it’s important for you to feel you’re in control of your future.  To do this, think back in your life to a time when your hard work paid off.  This will help your belief.

Social Support and Connection - Bottom line is we all want to feel our risk is going to be recognized and rewarded socially.  You will become the 5 people you hang out with.  This is important to understand so you can hangout with those who have what you want.  If you want to be a great painter, you hangout with great painters.  If you want to run a marathon, you hang out with others doing the same thing.  If you want to be a good online marketer, you hangout with others that want the same thing and those who already are.  Easy enough.

Bandwidth Belief - We only have so much time in the day and most people already have hectic schedules.  To accomplish the things we want to do will require us to find things that we go back and say no to… to make room for the learning and implementing for success.  In the long run, learning the new skills in your home based business will lead to the lifestyle you want.

Resource availability - What resources do you need to learn what you want to learn to accomplish your goal?

Autonomy – If someone is going to set out to do something, they don’t want to have to ask permission to take action.  They want to have the ability to make their own decisions and then take ownership of the project…or their business.

These above are all indicators and questions to help you think about how you’ve been approaching learning opportunities and challenges.  The next time you’re thinking of starting a home based business, or any endeavor for that matter, go through here and contemplate your WHY.


#2: A Challenge, A Plan, A Mentor


Here’s an excerpt from Brenden Burchard’s “The Charge“…

Are you at the same level of skill and mastery in any important area of your life that you were at three years ago?  In other words, are there any meaningful areas of your life where you don’t feel you’ve grown?

I believe that if you are committed to growth in your life, then you’ve got to truly focus on growth.  And that happens only by purposefully choosing new challenges that develop your competencies in the areas of your life that you care about.

In choosing your new challenge, you want to include these three components:

  a)  It must stretch you.  If you’re looking for easy, don’t bother.  Go back and the live the life you have and be happy with it.  If you want to grow and gain more competence and as a result more confidence, you have to choose challenges that stretch you.  You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone to growth.

  b)  It must be measurable.  Your learning challenge must be something you can measure.  For example, maybe you want to generate leads and when you start you have no leads.  By the end, let’s say you want to be generating 10 leads a day.

  c)  It must be time bound.  It will have a start and end date.  Most people can work inside of a 60-90 day sprint. This way you can see your results and feel empowered by your new and improved level of competency. Then set a new challenge and reset your time and GO again.

So what will be your challenge?  Go write some ideas down and then get planning.

Planning and Mentorship

You must have a plan to master what you want.  It makes learning more enjoyable and you’ll feel more confident through mastery.

You also want to find a mentor that you can model after.  It’s a good idea to find a coach, someone who can give you pointers and help you see what you can’t.  Take these into consideration as you set out to master what you’re trying to learn.

#3 Integrate Successes Into Your Identity


It’s important to acknowledge all of your accomplishments, great or small.  In fact, it’s small ones you may pay no attention to and then think you’re not learning or accomplishing anything.

To create an awareness of your learning process and things you’re accomplishing, it’s important to keep a journal or daily planner and at the end of each day, take note of all the things, even the littlest things, that you’ve learned and got done.  Pat yourself on the back.  Acknowledge that.

By doing so, you’ll be able to see that in fact you are progressing and will eventually get to where you want to be.

Want a Deeper Study on Competency?

To help you with more in-depth study on the very subject of competency, I recommend Brendon Burchard’s book, The Charge.  You can pick it up on Amazon or any bookstore.

Ready to step up to Competency?

Because my business is entrepreneurship, I speak with many people about fears they have before getting started.  Not all of course, as there are just as many that jump at opportunities to grow as a person and expand their knowledge for a better future.

But those of you who may be fearful of the learning challenge, should evaluate their WHY for wanting to learn.  Once you can grasp how learning a new competency can change your life, once you’ve reframed the learning opportunity to a key to MORE of whatever you want in your life, you’ll be ready to get started.  You’ll be excited.   You’ll see a world of possibilities for yourself.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have an awesome decision making day!

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