The Joy Of Being Your Brand

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The Joy Of Being Your Brand

You were woven together by God with certain attributes, manerisizms, things you do and say and act, and your DNA is unique to YOU.  God says, you were perfectly made with a destiny and a purpose and He gave you everything you need to succeed and fulfull your lifes dreams.

So what happened?  

As we grow up and are teased and mocked and put down.  We are told to be a certain way and at a pretty early age we figure out that if we don't blend in and do what the popular kids do, well then we just don't measure up.  We have failed as a human being.  We failed in our looks.  We failed in our intelligences.  We failed if we have to wear glasses or braces.  You know the drill.  

After years of conditioning and listening and watching and experiencing all the lies and stuff thrown at us, we develop belief sytems.  As a result of that, I think as adults we loose our confidence in who we are.  We are STILL looking in the mirror and asking ourselves… 

  • Do we look right?
  • Are we wearing the right clothes?
  • Do we have the right words?
  • Is our hair style among the popular ones today?
  • Do we have the right body physique?
  • What will people think of me?

This is especially difficult when we want to start a home based business and need to put ourselves "out there" to share our value and show how our products can solve various problems.

you're awesome

Brush It Off And Be You

Let go of what others think of you.  

Let go of old beliefs that don't serve you.

Acknowledge that you are unique and perfect just the way you are.

Get empowered to show the world who you are.

I know it's not as easy as that though.  What you want to do start your hero's journey (yes, you are a hero that others are waiting for because you will inspire others to take action and change their lives.  You are a ripple effect!), is set a game plan for personal development.

   Read books on how to instantly make a new decision of your value, your greatness, your uniqueness.

   Study other successful people in terms of how they thought.

   Hang out in communities online and offline where you can be cheered on and supported in your brand, who you are and your business.

   Listen to audio tapes like the inner circle mastermind audios with Empower Network where you can be daily charged with positive inspiration for your life and success.

Commit to growing yourself and watch the world open up for you.

You can do it!


You Are A Brand People Want 


Can you image if all brands tried to look like each other?  We'd have terrible competition in the market place with customers unable to identify with what they really want!

The same is true in your home based business by you jjust being YOU, just the way you are, you are SET APART as different and in doing so, you will attract others who are just like you.  In fact there are people who are searching for YOU right now.  

others want to be with youWhat do I mean?  

I mean there are people who have your similar likes and dislikes, personality and values that want to start a home based business or are searching for a product you sell but they are not resonating with anyone out there.  


… if they came across you, THEN they would feel like they "know, like and trust" you because you're just like them and they would buy your products and/or join your business.

Think about your own life's experiences and who you resonated with.

If you're a 25 year old into rap, tatoos and purple hair, you are awesome how you are.  Others who share your style and interests will want to hang out with you and listen to what you have to offer.

If you're a conservative 35 year old raising junior high kids, love to camp, kids are sports and you have a passion for baking, you are awesome how you are.  Others who share your style and interests will want to hang out with you and listen to what you have to offer.

If you're a baby boomer who lost their 401K and are still trying to catch up, you love to travel, spend time with the grandkids, and go hot air ballooning and white water rafting every chance you get, you're awesome how you are.  Others who share your style and interests will want to hang out with you and listen to what you have to offer.

If you've been through stuff in your life and you share your story of how you overcame, you are awesome how you are.  Others who have been through stuff in their life will want to hang out with you and listen to what you have to offer.

Don't think for a second that you are not a unique brand… an AWESOME brand!  A brand that others will want to connect to!

So today, throw your shoulders back and hold your head high because you, my friend, are awesome.

You have everything you need inside of you to take your brand to the world and connect with others who desperately need you to show up in their lives.

I believe in you!  You rock my world!

Let's See Your Brand!

Debbie Turner



PS:  If you want to start your online home based business, I use a franchise like system that frees me up to own a business without having to micromanage it.  This way I can be out living life while my business grows and others are helping my customers make buying decisions.  Take the trial and see for yourself.  


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