The Four F’s For Success

fear and treasure

The Four F’s

It’s the beginning of a new week, full of promises, new ideas, new opportunities and new chances!  Not sure where to start?

Start here…

So you can gain a little insight on overcoming the Four F’s this week.

The Four F’s keep us from making the changes we desire.   Manage and overcome them and you’re in the driver’s seat!


Humans crave certainty even though we know it limits us.  We fear stepping out of our known safe environment to venture into what we perceive as the abyss of uncertainty. But the abyss is a myth. It doesn’t exist! Most of us don’t like to try something new because it is uncomfortable.

When you step into the very thing you fear… The fear disappears!

You manage your fear by running towards it – because the fear you run away from chases you and may even haunt you.  Just do the things that frighten you most.  If you don’t own your fears – your fears will own you.

Know this: behind every wall of fear lies a precious treasure. Start exploring…


It’s sad to see so many people not even try because they think they’ll fail.  Most don’t take the first step towards their dream.  They think it’s too risky. Hah! I think the biggest risk you ever take is NOT taking risks!

Take a small step and do it fast.  The universe rewards action!  Failure is an essential part of achieving success.  As Michael Jordan puts it:

“There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?”

There can be no success without failure. Take your best shot!


Ever experience this?  You attend a inspirational seminar or workshop and leave ready to change the world – or at least, your world.  But then you get back home the next day or get to the office and “reality” sets in.  Unhappy customers to satisfy, demanding boss to appease, peer pressure from friends or team mates.  You know the drill.

You tell yourself there’s no time to take action on your commitments.  So you forget them.

Etch this in your mind:

Better Awareness = Better Choices Better Choices = Better Results

Recipe for Success:  Raise your awareness around your commitments.  Keep your promises to yourself front and center at all times.

Action Step:  Write your commitments on a 3 ½ x 5 card. Post it on your mirror in the bathroom so you can read it first thing every morning. Sounds silly? Who cares – it works!

You become what you talk about! Talk often about your commitments. Write about them each morning before working on “busy stuff”.


Too many people have no faith in anything.  Cynicism rules their life and you will hear them saying, ” This personal development stuff doesn’t work“. Or ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks“.


Cynicism was born from disappointment. Cynical and faithless folks weren’t always that way. As kids they were filled with dreams and possibilities. Perhaps they tried and failed.  And gave up. Didn’t stay in the game. They didn’t recognize failure precedes success. Then they shut down and became cynical to avoid getting hurt again. Sad but true.

Awareness precedes success – understand the four F’s so you can manage and overcome them. Start today.

And have some fun with it!

To Your Best Life My Friends!

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