The Empower Network Blog: 5 Top Benefits


 The Empower Network Blog: 5 Top Benefits

The Empower Network blog is the the company’s flagship product called the Kalatu Branding Station.  It’s unique for a number of reasons which I share with you below.

Chris Record is responsible for much of the design of the WordPress blog and after having blogged on it for a couple of months now, I have to say, it’s really cool.  Fun is actually a better word.

Here’s 5 benefits to blogging on the Empower Network blog

Benefit #1 – The Empower Network blog sits on an 8 year old domain.

 In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google takes into consideration the age of the domain your content is on when deciding which sites to display for it’s customers when they search.   Google ranks an aged domain as an authority site so you’ll receive a little help with getting your content ranked with that benefit.

Benefit #2 -Amount of content being added daily.

There are thousands upon thousands of people blogging on the domain that the Empower Network blog sits on.  When new members join, a blog is created for them as a sub-domain under the domain of  Again, because of the vast amount of bloggers and content being placed on this site, Google again will see it an authority site.

In business, it’s important to get your content ranked and in front of people. A newer blog not seasoned with age and limited content will be much slower to rank than the aged one with thousands of pieces of content being added daily.

Benefit #3 –  The Empower Network blog comes completely set up. 

Your Empower Network blog comes already done for you.  The moment you join Empower Network, your blog is created as a sub-domain as I stated earlier.

All the technical stuff is done.  It’s SEO ready.  All the plugins are there.

Your FUN job is to customize it to your liking.

  • Choose from many theme (just click on them to see them and then select the one you want).
  • Choose your colors
  • Choose your fonts
  • Choose your social media buttons
  • Choose your banners
  • Choose your widgets

And so on and so forth.  You’ll have such a fun time seeing all your options and playing around with the features.  So many features to choose from.

You know, so many people quit their online opportunities because the technology is just too tough for them to grasp.  Even something as simple as setting up a blog.   Not everyone is wired to “get it” and they won’t be resourceful to outsource it.  I’ve learned that what is simple to one, is almost impossible for another when it comes to this stuff.



Benefit #4 –  The Empower Network blog comes with graphics, high converting sales funnels, upsells and retention

Here’s the problem with just starting from scratch and blogging, especially when you’re new to the make money online industry.

In order to be able to make money online and quicker than normal through blogging, you have to have your product, eye catching graphics, your blog set up correctly and optimized, a sales funnel put in place with follow up emails, create a good copywritten sales letter, upsells and a good retention program, just to name a few.

New marketers and bloggers encounter technical and learning curves on the process to get there and oftentimes they just give up.

Your optimization, your graphics, your sales funnel, products, everything is done and set in place.  All you need to do is just customize and then start blogging and learn and grow from there.  It’s a great place to earn while you learn.

Empower Network Blog

Exclusive Plugins and Features

There’s a couple of unique and exclusive plugins that come with the Empower Network blog.   They are really there to help you get your blog done fast and without fussing.

1)  21 Day Blog Challenge.  You can blog with the thousands of others in 21 day blitzes.

2)  A plugin to give you ideas about what you want to blog about.  When you see one you like you select it and then write.

3)  A plugin to give you suggested titles for your blog posts based on what you tell the plugin your content is about.

4)  Fill in the blanks and a blog post will be created for you.

5)  Built in banner selections and calls to action.  Simply select the ones you want to use.

6)  Your blogging is gamified.  Get achievement recognition in a fun way when you accomplish a milestone in your blogging.

Here’s what that panel looks like:


Benefit #5 –  You can refer the blog product and receive 70% commission

By being an affiliate of Empower Network, you can refer the Kalatu Branding Station Blog to others and when someone buys, you’ll receive 70% commissions each and every month recurring for as long as that person keeps his/her blog.  There is a passup feature in the Empower Network commission structure to be aware of.

So many great reasons to be a part of Empower Network and use this blog.


1)  Watch the Kalatu Interview HERE

2)  Get your Kalatu blog HERE

Let me know if you have any questions.  If you want to read my Empower Network Review, you can do that as well.

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  1. Debbie Turner says

    I’ve been blogging since… 2008ish. Love your site too and everyone can pick up organizing tips there. Awesome. Thanks for stopping by Susie. ~ Debbie

  2. says

    I joined the Empower Network Team and  it has been inspiring. I've had the opportunity to post information about my company website and poems written by me. I love it and I have to cut the slack, by posting at least two blogs daily! I love it : )

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Awesome…My team members are getting organic traffic and optins.. Thanks for stopping by Caldonia… go get a so we can see your beautiful YOU. ~ Debbie

  4. Jen says

    Hi! I just joined tonight and find this page very resourceful. I am just curious, and maybe sound ignorant when I ask but what exactly am I supposed to blog about? Anything??

  5. says

    Well explained. And yes no doubt Empower Network is real thing for making money flow positively and generating business opportunities too.

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Hello Alessandro,  You can visit the Empower Network website HERE where you can learn everything you want to know.  

    You can join my email list and watch a video about Empower Network HERE.  

    EN is a company that provides a blog, personal development and other products that helps people build their businesses.  If you have a specific question, please let me know.  Have a great day.  ~ Debbie  

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