The Cost of Giving Up On Yourself – You Can’t Imagine

jonathan budd

My friend Jonathan Budd, just returned from a pilgrimage through the Amazon in Ecuador. 

He's been sharing some photos and video footage and one in particular I knew I had to share with you. 


Jonathan's words are powerful and inspiring and speaks to the soul of every would-be entrepreneur who is struggling. 

I hope this feels your spirit to press on my friend.

Jonathan was reflecting on where he was in the physical place and the reality of what it actually costs someone when they give up on themselves.

What's it cost to give up on yourself?

Most of the time when someone gives up on themself, it's because of what it's costing them.  They think, "I feel like I just can't continue to do this. Because the cost of my time, my energy, my emotions, my insecurity, my pain, my money",  whatever the heck it is of trying something, of struggling and not being able to succeed… the cost is too much.

That may not be the exact conversation in someone's head but that's what's going on.  There's a cost-benefit analysis and they say, "well, this costs too much".  But actually it's just the opposite. 

Giving up costs you so much that you can't really even imagine it.  You are giving up on yourself, and that's what you're really giving up on, is yourself, if you're an entrepreneur.

The cost of your future is what you are paying when you give up on yourself.  You're paying the most amazing future you can image.  You're paying the most rewarding life when you realize
you've lived up to your full potential.

And that's a choice that each of us face as we are brought up to that when we struggle at anything, in business, in life… what that edge surfaces and you say it's too hard, I can't do it… think about what you're giving up.  Think about the amazing life you are sacrificing and walking away from just to end the pain of your struggle to succeed and have it all.

And when you decide to walk away because things are too hard, stop and think what it's actually costing you to give up on yourself.  What it's costing your children for you to give up on
yourself.  What it's costing all the people who you could have helped in the future that only could reach when you give up on yourself.

If you're short on time and you want to fast forward to hear this powerful message, it's around the 20:55 mark.  But I encourage you to watch it in it's entirety.

Journey into the Heart of Everywhere from Jonathan Budd on Vimeo.

Next time you feel like giving up because it's too hard, you've spent too much time figuring it out, you're maxed out frustration, think of the true cost of your decision.

I hope you'll hang in there, press through and do whatever you need to do for as long as necessary to have that extraordinary rich and purpose filled life.


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