The All Important Decision

Our lives encounter many crossroads to do one thing or another.  In fact, every day we have to make decisions, some bigger than others.  Life is one big decision after another, followed by the consequence of each.

If you’re at a place right now where you have a decision to make about starting a home based business, you’re probably also thinking about whether you’ll succeed or fail and wish you had a guarantee of achieving your goals.  That would surely make your decision easy.

But let’s talk about it because it’s important.

Now I’m no expert psychologist, but I’ve read dozens of books on the subject and I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Have you ever pondered about why one person becomes successful and another does not? 

Does it make you wonder when you take two siblings who grew up in the same household, had the same parental influence and had similar experiences their first 18 years and one excels and goes to the top and the other lives a life of struggle and defeat?

I’ve always found it interesting and have discovered something about why that happens.

Let’s start with our childhood.

Life deals us cards at birth that’s out of our control.  We were not apart of any decision making process surrounding our birth and the 18 years that followed.

So we can agree so far that:

  • We did not get to choose our parents or the family we have.
  • We did not get to choose the function or dysfunction of our family
  • We did not get to choose what morals and values would be instilled in us.
  • We did not get to choose whether or not positive belief systems would be embedded into our minds and thoughts.
  • We did not get to choose our race, color, and probably, even religion.
  • We did not get to choose where we lived, neither street, nor town or state or country.
  • We did not get to choose the financial circumstances under which we were brought up.
  • We did not get to choose how we would be disciplined.
  • We did not get to choose what they said about us, good or bad
  • We did not get to choose what education we would receive

There’s many, many more decisions we didn’t get to choose, but this will get my point across.   This means that for the majority of the population, we got what we got when it came to our birth and beginnings.  We had to go along with the program and be told what and how to think, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to be, how to not be, who to be and not to be, and the list goes on.


So then, what unlocks the mystery as to why one person becomes successful and another does not when two or more grow up under the same circumstances, in the same house, get the same education and have the same parents?

THEN you have THIS scenario…

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about the least likely person to succeed, you know, those whose life is riddled with problems, challenges and even tragedy, yet rose to the occasion and created tremendous success for themselves.  Our annals of history are filled with stories like this.

How does that happen?

The answer to this question comes down to one thing.

Making a Decision.


A decision means a conclusion.  It means as resolution has been reached after consideration.

The Power of a Decision

The decision to be successful in business is a new birth.  From there forward, the journey to success begins.  However, the journey can’t begin until the initial decision is made.

This isn’t a matter of putting the cart before the horse. The horse leads because the horse is the decision.   The decision effects change, regardless of the pain in order to have what you want.  After the decision is made, providing it’s a true decision, the rest follows.

And we have all made decisions from the moment we moved out from under our parents’ home to today.  The decisions and choices we’ve made has all led to consequences, whether good or bad.  We learn the lesson of positive and negative consequences based on our choices and decisions as children growing up.

Life is all about decisions.  We starting making them  as children in the most simplest way:

  • Do I sneak that cookie?
  • Do I talk when I shouldn’t?
  • Do I get into something I was warned not to?
  • Do I touch that?
  • Do I follow through what what mom and dad told me to do?
  • Do I share my toys and possessions lovingly with others?
  • Do I hit, bite, kick, scream?

As we continue to grow, we become more and more aware of the natural consequences during the high school years.

  • Do I study for my test or not?
  • Do I go out with this guy or this girl?
  • Do I go where I said I was going?
  • Do I value and keep my virginity?
  • Do I watch a movie or visit an online site that goes against the morals and values I believe?
  • Do I give in to peer pressure and follow or do I stand my ground for what I believe?
  • Do I take that first drink, drug or cigarette or do I not?
  • Do I cheat? 
  • Do I cut class and lie about it?
  • Do I respect others?
  • Do I honor my parents?
  • Do I talk behind others’ backs?

As adults we are faced with decisions every day.  

  • Do I apply for this job or that?
  • Do I respond to another person with hatred, violence and revenge?
  • Do I marry this man or woman?
  • Do I spend time with my kids?
  • Do I choose to put healthy food and exercise into my body?
  • Do I spend my time on selfish pursuits or do I give of myself freely to others?
  • Do I by this car or that one?
  • Do I buy this house or that one?
  • Do I buy this or that, what that is?
  • Do I move here or there?
  • Do I start a business?

Decisions. Choices. Consequences.

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God created us with a free will to choose our own paths and make our own decisions.  He created us with decision making abilities, thought processes, learning capabilities and a free will.  Too many people seek advice from those who have the same problems and struggles we have.

Listen to your common sense, your heart, your dreams and seek advice from those who have what you want.

Making a new decision requires change and change can bring temporary pain as we birth the NEW thing in our lives.

For example, several years ago I went to see an Amish alternative medicine doctor who was able to pinpoint illnesses and diseases by looking into the eyes.  Now I have to tell you, I just went for fun.  I had no symptoms and was feeling fine but I was incredibly curious and interested in what he would have to say after studying my eyes. There’s a name for this type of practice, and I can’t remember it off hand.

I was astonished at what he told me about my past health issues including the heart stress I experienced at birth (I wasn’t suppose to live, nor my mom).  He went on with the examination and then backed up and looked at me and said, “if you don’t stop drinking coke you will be taking injections for diabetes.”

I looked at him in amazement because I hadn’t shared my diet with him at all.  However, I was addicted to Cocoa Cola™ and Pepsi™.  In fact, I drank  two 2-liter bottles every day, sometimes more.  Funny thing was while I was waiting for my appointment to see him, I was looking around for a coke machine but couldn’t find one.  I was craving one terribly and left the house without my trusty bottle that I carried with me around the clock.

Well, after hearing those piercing words, I knew I had to stop, cold turkey, no weaning… just quit consuming cokes and sodas.





The process of change for my soda addiction was painful and took a good couple three weeks before I felt I even had a handle on it.  I had withdrawals which included headaches, general feeling of “yuck”, I was terribly cranky and moody, tired and of course, more headaches.

In that situation, I was faced with two painful decisions.

  • 1) Go through the pain of changing my intake habits and reap the consequence of better health.
  • 2) Avoid the pain of change, develop full blown diabetes, take insulin shots and suffer the consequences with long term disease and be forced into changed circumstances.

Neither sounded good to me.

changeAnd here is the turning point for most of us…

When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, we change. It’s that simple.

For me, the pain of continuing to consume coke, even in smaller amounts and experiencing dramatic health consequences was enough of a wake up call. I was THEN willing to go through the pain of changing to rid myself of my addicting habit to avoid worse consequences.

This same philosophy applies to everything in our lives.

  • How’s your business? Are you making decisions that will cause your business to grow?
  • How are your relationships?  Are you giving and serving and not making it all about you?
  • How is your financial situation? Are you making good, sound money choices on what you can control?
  • How is your spiritual life? We get to choose whether we will pursue something unseen or not.

 So what choices will you make today?

  • Will you be swayed by the voices of negativity or will you embrace a positive attitude and give it all you’ve got?
  • Will you take time for your loved ones or will you be too busy to say “I love you”?
  • Will you decide that it is time to kick that habit and take steps to make it happen or will you stay dependent on drugs, alcohol, television, food, relationships or cigarettes?
  • Will you be the center of the the universe or will you use your gifts and talents to make a difference in the life of someone else?

I’m not saying it is easy.   That’s why we so desperately need each other. That is, if we aren’t too proud to reach out.  Even THAT is a choice.

In making a life change decision in terms of whether to start your business or keep the status quo and stay in the 9-5 for the next 20-30-40 years brings internal dialog and communication that sometimes we fear.






Many times making a new decision involves pain which is why a lot of people are not able to either make a decision or they choose not to follow their dreams in order to avoid the pain of change.

Change will be inevitable.

And change can be difficult.

But in a short period of time, can be amazing and wonderful and life giving.

Some of the changes and associated pain in business can be:

  • Staying up late or getting up early to work on your business.
  • Taking full responsibility for your success.  No more finger pointing or blaming others.
  • Having to say “no” to something so you can say “yes” to building your business.
  • Become efficient in organization and time management.
  • Becoming a study of marketing and personal development.
  • Shifting to a positive problem solver and tossing out any negative problem dwelling.
  • Developing into a leader and influencer.
  • Facing fears about rejection and moving forward in spite of fear.
  • Willingness to fail forward and becoming stronger as you grow.

There will be pain with these new disciplines and changes which are necessary to business development.  It will be easier for some than others because many professionals already bring much of these changes to the table.  But nonetheless, there’s still some change that will have to be effected.


It comes down to the lesser of the two evils…

1)  Stay where you’re at to avoid the pain of change and never reach your full potential.  Here you get to live with the consequence of letting yourself and your family down, living with regrets and kicking yourself at the end of your life when it’s too late.  You’re legacy is set.  It’s done.  It’s over.

2)  Change, grow,  develop and go through the pain of transformation for a short while.  Do what others won’t do so you can have what others will never have.  Do it so you can live the remainder of your life bigger and greater than you ever imagined, with more purpose and fulfillment.


The rewards of making a decision to work on your business will be:

  • Being able to quit your job if you want.
  • Getting up when you’re done sleeping to be fully rested.
  • No boss, No commute, No dress code, No co-workers
  • You get to plan your day & work your schedule
  • Vacation, Sick Days, Time Off, it’s all your choice
  • Spend time with those you want
  • Get back to your hobbies
  • Have time and/or income to volunteer in community service and programs
  • Take care of your health, stress, eating right
  • Live your purpose

It all starts with a decision.

What will you choose today?

Meet Lisa Nicols.  She’s an amazing woman with an amazing story of being on government assistance to creating a multi-million dollar company.  It was all about decisions she made on so many levels.  I believe it will inspire you and touch your heart.

More importantly, it’s a perfect story to share to show you the power of a decision.  Click to watch.


When you’re done with Lisa, here’s Mark Victor Hansen’s take on decision making

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have an awesome decision making day!

Much love!

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  1. Debbie Turner says

    Ohh, I like the way you phrase that… “it isn’t about fairness, just our decisions.” Thank you for that thought.

  2. Ronald Vaughn says

    Hey Debbie,  Thanks so much for this info.  It is so truthful of myself in some instances.  I want it, but how bad do I want it?  I have often used that word–Procrastination– instead of just doing it.  I can do it, I just have to restart myself again.  It is my decision this time and I have to make it for myself and my family.  Gotta go and GET STARTED………………THANKS

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Ron, I always appreciate hearing from you. I understand what you’re saying.. totally. Procrastination is a nasty little worm, isn’t it? I believe in you Ron…. :) Thanks for your valuable comments and sharing your heart.

  4. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Yet another very insightful blog post.  I can really relate to this.  My bad decisoin is spending to much time in my emial and letting it steer me away from my business.  And boy can you get lost in there! It's like crawling down a rabbit hole…one email leads to another and another and before you know it 2 hours of time has gone by and I've gotten nothing done.
    But I'm working on trying to balance that out with money making activities.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Debbie it really hit home.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Michelle,

    You’re singing my song… of past. I had so much fun (if you can imagine) going through and unsubscibing to just about everything. The I set my vacation mode reply and turned off my email except 2 times a day. What freedom! And, I found out that neither my life or those of who wanted to connect with me fell apart. LOL! Try it, you’ll love it! but you have to turn it off and slap your hand when you go to turn it on if it’s not time to check. It really is a habit to break but it’s awesome… try and today and tomorrow and see how it feels… liberating I bet!

    Love hearing from you and thank you so much for your time to reply.

  6. says

    As always Debbie, I appreciate your transparency in your teaching and mentoring.  What good information you consistantly give to all of us.  You never relent, in your coaching, that each and everyone of us must decide 'on our own initiative' to implement the things we learn.  That is the only way to then help those who look to us for guidance.  Patience, tenacity and a never give up attitude….you prove that over and over again.  Thank you for prodding us on!!   

  7. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Doug,

    Man it’s good to hear from you… prod…prod…prod… :) Connect with some of the team members in skype and say hi. Thanks for your notes and time to comment.

  8. says

    I like your train of thought here.  There are some things we have no choice over, but so much of our life is all about the choices we make.   We are in charge of the direction we travel.  Maybe not all the experiences we go through, but definitely how we perceive them.  Do we learn and grow or do we stay stuck and wallow.  
    Make the best of life!
    Val  ;)

  9. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Val, you hit the nail on the head. Too bad kids aren’t taught early, early in life great coping skills and different thinking about “when life deals you lemons, make lemonade.” Thanks for your valuable contribution Val, I appreciate you.

  10. Leroy says

    Thank you once again for providing  me with this wonderful insight.I believe that this change is going to be a great and  powerful stepping stone to all of our success.  You are awesome Debbie……take care  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Leroy

  11. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for this post "The All Important Decision". You have a real nice website and what you have to say on your post is very educational and informative. It all comes down to what you said at the end of the blog. "It all starts with a decision." "What will you choose today? I wish you great success in your travel business.
    Have a Blessed day,
    James Suggs

  12. says

    I dont know what to say Debbie. This blog site is wonderful. Thats not genuinely a actually enormous statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know a whole lot about this subject. A whole lot to ensure that you created me need to learn a lot more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, Debbie. Many thanks for your heads up on this issue.

  13. says

    Your post The All Important Decision was well done as always Debbie. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Debbie. Take care, Michael

  14. Deborah Morris says

    Since decisions, including our choices about how we react to our "deck of cards" we were dealt, we are all on an even playing field. Anything is possible for us if we are awake to the fact that we do have moment by moment decision.  The so-called dis-advantaged have the advantage of getting a better education and platform to help more people, because they have to get busy to study how to over-come their background or circumstances.  The choice is ours.

  15. Debbie Turner says

    Beautifully said Deborah. Thank you for your contribution. It’s amazing in life how the most difficult lesson in life to learn is how to manage our own belief system and thought process. Overcoming… humm… it’s something very personal that each individual can either do or not do. Like you said… choice is ours.

  16. Stanley says

    Since expieriencing open heart surgery August 13, 2008, and being unable to work until March of 2009, I expierienced, and continue to expierience ongoing financial challanges. I have also made many decisions, some unsuccessful, some successful, but the question of decision making is a question of "How big is my WHY?" I asked myself: "What is my vision for my future?" "How badly do I want financial freedom?"  "What am I willing to sacrifice for my goals?" "What is my timeline?" "What is my date certain for success?" For me my initial decision was first to take on the internet, and second to accept failure as part of my future success, while continuing to learn and grow, to embrace everything until I found that one path, that for me will free me from the chains of debt I. It has never been a question of failure as final, it has always been a question of when I will attain my goal of acquiring the e-lifestyle, and all that it implies.

  17. says

    Awesome, Debbie! I will be looking for you at our next event in Austin… I made a decision to do what it takes to succeed in this online business; yet I went broke, criticized and scoffed at by people I love the most, lots of pain in the process… Yet here I am, rising up from the ashes, and standing up for what I believe will work, not only for me, but for the people who DECIDE to join us on this awesome journey of self-development, success and prosperity… 

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