The 4 Hour Work Week. How You Can Get Started With Small Steps

6 Tips For Starting Your 4-Hour Workweek

The 4 Hour Work Week.

How You Can Get Started With Small Steps

There are many people who have read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week and have fantasized about the possibility of actually living this kind of lifestyle.

You don’t actually just work 4 hours for the week.  What the book teaches is how to outsource your life so that you can do more things you want to do and make more money doing it.

There are many sections in the book that take on specific subjects.

Here are a few simple steps to maximize and make the best use of your time.  It’s amazing how some of the little things suck hours of time instead of getting to the office, doing what we need to do, and getting out.

1) De-clutter and Clean Your Office

a)  Throw out papers and stuff you don’t need or will use
b)  Clean out any drawers and closets
c)  Organize folders, books, receipts, etc.
d)  Clean up floor space
e)  Straighten up book shelves
f)  Deep Clean
… Dust everything
… Wash your window
… Clean the gunk from your keyboard and computer
… Clean off or replace any artificial greenery
… Vacuumn and/or shampoo the carpet
… Replace burned out lightbulbs

Why do this?  What’s the purpose?  

When you enter your work environment, you should feel wealth.

If things are dirty, cluttered and disorganized around you, you will not be creative and productive.

Having a very clean and organized office will allow you to be productive and free your mind up to think, create, visualize.

You may do the same kind of cleaning to your car.

2.  Keep all your passwords in one place.

Don’t waste time looking for these.  It’s not unusual for people to spend 10 minutes or longer just looking for a password.  I use a program called last pass, it’s free and it works great.

If you don’t do this, as simple as it seems, you will spend hours every year hunting down passwords, requesting your password, waiting for it to arrive in your inbox, and waiting longer and finally it comes.  You know the drill.  So that times how many passwords do you have for all your programs?

Free up this time.

3.  Keep all your taxes in one spot.

Any hard copy receipts can go right into one bin for folder.  Anytime you make an online purchase, move the receipt into a folder you’ve set up in your email.  This way, you never lose a receipt.  There is software out on the market that lets you scan your receipts and automatically files them into the right category for tax purposes.

Look into those.  Talk to your accountant.  Get a game plan and stick to it.

4.  Do something to get out of breathe every day.

Studies have shown that if you don’t get exercise regularly to the point where you are out of breathe every day, you will feel mild and be in a constant human neurosis depression.

You will surf the internet, check email for 3 hours,  chat and text for another couple hours, and it not healthy or productive.

Do short mini bursts of activity, such as 20 jumping jacks, or running in place for 3 minutes, just something to physically engage our lungs to get oxygen to our brains.

This will perk up your brain.  When your brain is perked up and oxygenated, you’ll be more productive and creative and get done what you need to do.

5.  Forget the REACTIVE business activities

What are reactive business activities?  These are things you react you.

– things like checking email every 20 minutes to see if a new lead came in.

– checking your Adwords campaign every hour.

– checking texts, chats and Facebook constantly.

Have a PROACTIVE business.

Be focused so hard on moving forward that you don’t have time to check your emails and campaigns every hour.

Have a task, complete your task and go enjoy your day.

Crank out your blog, your video, your syndication, experiment with active marketing.

When you do that properly, some reactive activities becomes necessary because you have so many leads coming in and people joining you, you are checking your email more often.  This is where you outsource your email to an assistant who replies on your behalf.

Do high production things.  To not do high production activities is equivalent to the farmer standing there watching a barren field, waiting for growth instead of getting out there and planting seeds.

Let your prospects see you in your business.  The more they see you, the quicker they will want to join you in in business.  Do you want to join someone in a network marketing business who is not actively marketing or showing up themselves?  No.  You want to partner with someone who’s in the game.

6.  Take Vacations

The 4 hour work week shows you how to take several mini vacations.  The best way I found to get started on this was joining a travel club that allows me to stay in timeshare resorts around the world without having to buy the thing.  Hardly nobody knows about this little travel secret.

I can take my family for 7 nights in over 5000 locations worldwide and stay in these beautiful resorts with all the perks and benefit of being an owner, except I’m not an owner.

My cost for the week?  $398 to $698. Get one yourself HERE and start scheduling your vacations.  At this price, you have no excuse to not vacation.

SUMMARY of Simple Steps Toward a 4 Hour Work Week:

When you can into into your work space with a burst of good brain waves, surrounded by a clean environment and your dreams, you can be creative, get what you need done, and get out.

Always have a vacation on calendar.

Just doing these small things will increase your wealth and decrease the time it takes doing it and prevent you from burn out.

Live Your Life On Vacation!

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