Twitter – Why You Need to Know the ABC’s of Twitter

When Twitter first burst on the scene, it had many people questioning its value.  Does anyone really want to know when their neighbor heads out to the grocery store?  Who in their right mind would want to allow people so much access into the ins and outs of their daily lives? Well, since the Twitter […]

Twitter – Learn How to Utilize Your Twitter Account Effectively

So, you have set up your Twitter account, but now you are not sure how to proceed in this arena.  One the best ways to get some good ideas for how to handle your new account is to follow others.  Maybe you have been to a conference where several colleagues were talking about how they […]

Twitter – Fun Things You Can Do on Twitter

Even though have set up your Twitter account with the express purpose of promoting your home based business, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with your tweets.  There are many free applications that can add to your enjoyment of this form of social media. Here are just a few that you might want […]

Twitter: Keep Track of Your Twitter Groups with Hootsuite

For the longest time I could not get organized or understand how on earth to keep track of all the twitter dialogs going on.  When you have 1000 friends and they all have conversations going, how to do you know which ones are important? This is where an application called Hootsuite comes in.  I’ve used […]

Twitter: First Step To Start Tweeting


So, you have set up a Twitter account.  Now what? Start Tweeting. How do you do that? Well, from your home page, you will see you have a little box at the top to type in 140 characters.  It’s works just like texting.  So, text, or type, a short sentence about what you’re doing, something […]